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Embracing Transformation | A journey into Personal Development

Personal development Home business

Many years ago , when I first got a taste of the " Home business " Industry, I received an invitation to attend a tele-seminar on wealth. I was super excited as I envisioned learning about compensation structures, perhaps crafting a 'fast track plan' complete with numbers and figures, or even delving into topics like investments and taxes. Essentially, I was geared up for a very practical wealth seminar.

Imagine my surprise when the moderator introduced a guest speaker from Australia who began discussing the need to alter our behaviour to "attract" wealth. The seminar veered into discussions on attitude, the power of language, our responses to various situations, and our relationship with money. To my further surprise, the conversation turned to  happiness, desire, passion, gratitude, and the concept of giving.

Initially taken aback by what seemed like mere "fluff" and "woo-woo," I soon realized it was an introduction to Personal Development—a pivotal moment in my life. From then on, my journey took an upward trajectory, reshaping my life in profound ways.

What initially appeared as “fluff” and “woo-woo” turned out to be the gateway to personal growth, a practice echoed in the lives of countless successful individuals.

Personal Development - what is it and why does it matter so much?

So, the truth is, personal development isn't something you just do once. It's a journey that spans a lifetime. Personal development involves  continuously improving yourself through daily habits and reflecting on who you are and who you want to become.

While it's challenging to explain personal development in a single explanation, it essentially revolves around transformation, heightened self-awareness, and evolving beyond your current self. It's about embracing change, striving for improvement, and realizing your potential.

Why is Personal Development so important in business?

Money is a good place to start when explaining the importance of Personal Development in business because it is something tangible… quantifiable.

Think of it this way: We get paid to bringing value to the marketplace, right?

Is it possible to become twice as valuable, or even 3 times more valuable and make 3 times as much money in the same time? YES!

All you need to do is become more valuable.

The reality is that if you are not very valuable, or if you, the service or product you provide is not valuable, you don’t make much money.

The famous Jim Rohn, American entrepreneur, motivational speaker and author said it best:

Personal development home business Jim Rohn

“If you want to be wealthy and happy, learn to work harder on yourself than you do at your job”. He stressed that what and who you are becoming is much more important than what you are getting. He further notes that no matter how much you make, your income almost never surpasses the personal development required to get there.

Think of it this way… Most of what you have today, monetary or otherwise is a direct result of becoming the person you are right now. Does it not then make logical sense that by improving who you become, you will also improve what you have?

Personal development taught me to take personal responsibility. It taught me that I can’t change outside circumstances but I can change what I do, how I react and what I change in my life .

If you change, everything changes for you.

“ Work harder on yourself than you do at your job”, says Jim Rohn. “If you work hard on your job, you can make a living, but if you work on yourself, you can make a fortune.”

Where do you start?

Truthfully, a lot of us already know what we need to do to change and improve ourselves but we aren't doing it. Start there.

Stuck? Not sure where to start? Google has a ton of free resources that can help you (audios, videos etc). Read. Listen to audios. Go to seminars. Check out my list of favourite podcasts. Be teachable. The important thing is that you don't stay where you are. Lack of movement is death. You want to grow, and improve. Do this and you will become invincible!

Here’s to all the “woo woo”. It’s life changing.

To your success and outrageous goals,


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Feb 21

Fantastic post! The quote from Jim Rohn really resinated with me. It can be so easy to get caught up in working on the business, that we overlook taking care of and investing in the person (yourself) running it.


Nice post! I’ve found that personal growth occurs over a lifetime. The more you grow, the more you succeed.

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Yes! Still growing...


Feb 21

Amazing post! This quote is soo true!“If you want to be wealthy and happy, learn to work harder on yourself than you do at your job”. Sometimes I think we focus & put too much emphasis on other things that we fail to work on the things we need to change within ourselves.


Feb 21

It's funny how personal development makes its way into our lives. I didn't realize how important it was until I started my entrepreneurial journey. I love the quotes from Jim Rohn.


Feb 21

I agree that personal development does span a lifetime. The growth never stops. Becoming valuable is an asset because people do not buy your products, they buy you.

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