What Exactly Is A Digital Franchise Style Business?

Traditionally, when you think of a franchise, we think Subway, McDonald’s, Dairy Queen, Starbucks, Remax, UPS….

All of these, come with a system and involve distributing goods and services through a licensing relationship. A person, or company obtains a license to distribute under a trademarked name using an operating system and branding that has already been created. The beauty of franchises is that it is a done for you system with support included that a business owner can leverage and profit from without “re-inventing the wheel”.

Unfortunately franchises like this come at a cost… to the tune of hundreds of thousands and even millions for some of the more popular and  successful franchise brands…. And when you are investing that kind of money, you are likely to wait years before you see a return on investment.

Enter digital franchise style businesses that are similar to this franchise model but also very very different.

Essentially what this refers to is a much more affordable option for people who want to start a business with a lot of the same perks as a traditional franchise but for less money and a faster way to get into large profits.

Digital refers to digital products marketed and sold online like e-books, video trainings, lead packages, internet marketing tools and/or educational products where you do not need to carry inventory. Almost everything is sold online… sometimes over the phone, but essentially without a traditional retail store-front.

The ‘franchise-like” part of the equation means you have the license to sell products that have already been created for you and earn commission, through a “done for you” proven system,  a ready to go website, sales funnel and with ongoing support.

Benefits of this online, digital  franchise style business:

No inventory to carry.

Low start up costs – Fraction of the cost of a regular franchise, just a few hundred to a few thousand depending on your individual goals and budget.

Low overhead. Completely online. No rent. No mortgages. No employees.  

International. Your market reach is huge. You are not limited to your local market as you might be in a traditional franchise.

Automation – Systems are in place to handle most of the sales process for you on autopilot starting with a way to capture your leads, an automated sales presentation, email follow-up.

Minimal understanding of technology required.

Done for you sales funnels

Low risk. Turn key system. Support and coaching available.

The average person can start quickly and be in profit quickly.

Ability to scale up and quickly but at your own pace and on your budget.

Huge profit margin as the products are digital – just a download away.

Digital business is growing increasingly in the home business arena and for good reason. Home businesses  and Network Marketing opportunities  in the past were  the less expensive option for people who wanted to start their own business. The problem, however was that their promise of freedom was flawed. Most people who started a “home businesses’ ended up on the phone all day or hosting home parties to peddle products. There is no freedom in that.

Digital style franchises on the contrary have the  ability to help average people succeed without home parties or  bothering friends and family. Systems, trainings and coaches offer the possibility of real success for the average person and true freedom.

To learn more about a digital business and how you can start one within minutes  take a tour here.

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