Tereza Recommends

I get questions all the time asking what I use for email, what tools I use for my blog, books I recommend or events I attend to help build my business…. And so, I put together this page where I tell all!

It took me a lot of trial and error to find the perfect tools that fit my business best and resources that I feel comfortable recommending to others. Below are my recommendations:

(FYI, some of these links are affiliate links. I have partnered with some of the vendors of the products I love and get paid a small commission when I refer customers to them. I always recommend products that I love and that I would use myself)

My Must Have Online Marketing Tools

If you are running a business online – you should be building an email list and you should have an effective way to email thousands of people with a click of a button. Get Response is an Autoresponder that does this and a lot more.  You can automate your emails, send out broadcast emails, separate your lists, create landing pages… and much more. There are a ton of email autoresponders out there, including Mailchimp, Aweber  to name a few,  but I have been using Get Response for years and it is by far, my favorite. You can start your free trial and test the product here. 

If you are doing any type of marketing online, you will at some point need to create visuals, pictures, Pdf’s Posters etc and Canva is the perfect tool. You can use Canva for free. There is a paid version that gives you more options but the free tool is a great way to start.


When it comes to building a business online, mindset and personal development is everything! In a nutshell, The Deep Abyss is a Private VIP,  Inner-Circle, Top-Secret, High-Level Mastermind Guaranteed to Get You the Life of YOUR Dreams!. Learn more about this monthly mastermind here.

Social Media and Marketing Training


Build your brand, build your list and build your business. This is GOLD and this training is FREE. I use this training and these tools every single day and have increased my twitter following and got leads and sales practically on autopilot. I highly, highly recommend this training.  Get your SIMPLE 3-STEP TWITTER FORMULAGenerate 31+ Fresh Leads Per Day (with valid phone numbers) to Grow ANY Home Business.  You can access the Free training here. 



Top Instagram Marketer exposes her simple ‘10 Secrets to 30K Instagram Followers‘ right before your eyes. Click here for access to this awesome training.


Twist your List – The best email marketing course out there.

Phenomenal Email marketing course by one of my favorite online mentors. 7 figure earner Diane Hochman dives into her list building secrets. You don’t need a huge e-mail list to create wealth with your business fast. Transform Even the Tiniest List into a Cash-Flow Residual Machine with my Simple 6-Step Formula ANYONE Can Apply Today! Check it out here.