Why Seasons Are Critical for Home Business Owners

If you are reading this in the summer months, you are just in time!  Summer is the most important time for your business and the reason is linked to the natural ebb and flow of sales and … human nature.

Look at the retail space… in the heart of the summer … in July… fall merchandise is coming out soon. I haven’t even been to the beach yet  and the boots and fall jackets are out on the shelves. School has just ended but back to school supplies are on the shelves.

Why is this?

Part of the reason  is linked to an innate “survival’ instinct… the need for people to prepare for the future.  Look back to the time of cavemen. They had to be very aware of climates and plan their lives, hunting seasons, shelter around the seasons. 

Today, summer traditionally is a time of rest for those in an employee mindset but for business owners, especially in the home business / direct sales arena, things are very different. You need to be preparing for September. You want to be set up for success. 

There are critical windows of time where individuals are looking for what you have to offer. … September to Christmas is one of those critical windows…. You want to be prepared for this. Here’s why:

Kids go back to school. People want to change. They are looking for something.

If you, as a home business owner are not prepared for this fall, you will lose momentum going into the fall… and then going into New Year. This is because, business runs in 90 day cycles. Whatever you are experiencing right now is a direct result of what you did 90 days ago.

Business building suggestions for the summer months:

Be everywhere

Think about it, most of your competition is on the beach. If you are all over social media, all over their inbox… who are they going to remember in September?

Build your list

If there was ever a time to really concentrate on building your list, it is now. (although I personally believe you should be doing this ALL the time).

If you are taking the time to provide value, via blog, or  social media…

If you are taking time  to build your list now

If you are taking the time now to  Capture an audience, Collect leads, and Communicate to them (See my post on this here)  , then Closing when your prospect is ready in the fall, will be a piece of cake!

Sharpen your axe

sharpenSummer is the time to sharpen the axe.

Educate yourself. Become a professional in the game. Attend trainings and apply your knowledge.

Sharpen that axe so that when the times comes in the fall, you are prepared and ready in just a few swings to achieve your goals.

( I am personally part of a Facebook Summer School group, learning from a leader in the home business industry. Comment below or send me a message if you want free access)

The bottom line is: Create the momentum NOW so that in September you are ready to move. Be prepared for the fall buying cycle.

When you move before the average person, you are setting yourself up for success.

In the words of my mentor: People are moving – you need to move before them.When everyone is zigging, you zag.

To your success and outrageous goals,

Signature Tereza



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There Are Only 4 Things You Do In A Home Business

There are only 4 things only you do in a home business…

When one of the trainings I attended introduced this concept to me, I was all over it. 4 key things to focus on in business… and you are golden! Sounds simple? That’s because it is.

Yes, there are a lot of moving parts within these 4 things but they all fall into these 4 basic things.

The truth is, people tend to over-complicate things in business… always looking for more complex things to add to the equation, hoping that this other tool or that other opportunity will fix what is wrong but really if you just take a moment and focus on these 4 basic things to determine where there might be a gap, you may just alter your results in a profound way.

Learn those 4 things, focus on those 4 things… and everything will change.  Some have dubbed these the 4 C’s of business, I call them the Fundamental Four:


Simply put, you need to have a way to “collect” viewers, eyeballs, visitors.  In an online business, this could include Facebook lives, blogging, banner advertising and social media, to name a few methods. In any other business, it could include anything like print advertising, radio, television, signs… anything that gets people to see you and gets them through the door whether it be onto a website page, or literally through the doors of your place of business.

There could be thousands of ways. You should have a few that you focus on with consistency.

Ask yourself every day… what are you doing to get those “eyeballs”? 


So, you have got them onto you site, in your store, at your open house… whatever the case may be for your business. Don’t fool yourself, they can be gone in an instant, never to be seen again. All that effort to get them there … wasted! But, it doesn’t need to be that way. The secondgoes hand in hand with the first. Don’t bring them there, only to lose them. Instead, “Capture” them, get their info!

On the internet, in the home business arena,  we us what we call  a capture page, opt-in page or lead capture page – a way to have prospects, potential customers give you their information willingly, usually in exchange for something of value, basically giving you permission to market to them!

Other ways to do this, perhaps in an offline business would be to collect business cards, add visitors info to your phone, offer contests or discounts in exchange for their information.

Got an event going on… ask people to sign in!

Bottom line: How are you capturing people’s information so that you can speak to them over and over again?  How are you generating leads? How are you maximizing the value of the “eyeballs” you are collecting ?


Leads are useless unless you have a plan to communicate with them. You must have a method of communicating with people regularly until they are ready to make a buying decision.


Mail/Post cards

Facebook message

Social Media/ Facebook Groups/

Phone/ text and calls



Once you have  collected them, captured them …you absolutely need to have a plan to communicate with these people repeatedly and do it in a way that they want to receive the ongoing communication from you.

Send content and provide value via email or mail (an email autoresponder like Get Response or Aweber is essential). Send them something relevant to them and what had their eyeballs on you in the first place. Send them your blog posts, links to valuable videos. Let them know what’s new, when you have an upcoming event, a webinar … get them to love you and expect you in their inbox, their mailbox, their phone. 


You must also have a  plan to get them in front of your offer so they can make a buying decision when they are ready.  The key here is when they are ready.

They may not be ready when  you first ” Collect” them. When you ” Capture” their info, they are just beginning to trust you… getting to know you enough to give you permission to market to them. 

Communicating with them on a regular basis is where they are getting to really know you and decide if they like you and if what you are about is what they are really looking for. After these 3 are in place, and only then make sure your you have a way to present your offer.

It is essential that you  learn to mass communicate and get your offer in front of a lot of people. Sometimes this is in the form of an email to your list, telling them about your offer. Sometimes, it is a webinar, tele-seminar, or event you invite your list to where you will present them your offer….

The point is… you need all 4 of these to be working in order to make sales…. and if you are not getting the results you want, there is a gap somewhere in the Fundamental Four that you need to evaluate and fill.

To your success and outrageous goals,

Signature Tereza





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Make Your Mess Your Message

If you are building any kind of business online or offline, I am sure you have heard the phrase, “Make your mess your message”. Leaders in the home business industry tell you all the time to tell your story. The truth is, telling your story is much more than just a  marketing technique. It is a way to transform someone’s life and that’s what I am all about!

Storytelling as a Transformational Tool

In the online business arena, I have often been told, “when you  tell your story, you are  ‘getting personal with your prospects so they like you and buy from you”. …but I believe  it is so much more than that.

It is about getting real and personal .

It’s about telling someone about the mess you were in and how you transformed so that they too can transform.

It’s about providing a solution, not just selling -Yes, telling people about your mess and how you got out of it can help you with sales but the reason is not because you used a cool sales and marketing technique but because you had a real problem that was solved. You exposed this vulnerability to the world and the world listened .

Someone out there heard your story and took action because of it.

Marketing Using Your Story

As far as being a marketing tool… YES, your story is a powerful targeting tool to attract your ideal clients. People are attracted to people with similarities in values and beliefs.  If you tell your story in a way that shows the world who you are and what you stand for, that story acts as a magnet to repel or attract clients.

Not everyone is going to be attracted or inspired by your story. And that’s O.K. The people who need to connect with you, the people who you can help and that you don’t need to chase or sell to – those are the people who will come to you eagerly asking for what you have to offer because of your mess and your message.

How to tell Your Story:

  • Sit down and get clear on where you were, what your pains and struggles were… spiritually, mentally, financially . What did that look like? What did that feel like? Get into this with your emotions. Emotions speak to emotions.
  • Think about the exact moment when you made the decision to stop, to stop struggling, stop doing what you were doing and create change. What happened? It’s uncomfortable sometimes but this is what will connect with people.
  • Where are you now, where are you headed? Bring out the fire and the passion that is within you now. Let your audience understand where you were, where you are and where you are going. This way they can see that they can do it too.
  • Use blog posts, Facebook posts, Webinars, Videos etc. to share your story.

Make sure your audience has a way to get a hold of you and connect with you. Yes, I know you are online and you likely want to automate everything you do but trust me … when you get close and personal, that’s when you attract the people who really need you, need to be involved in business with you and aren’t just another prospect who will be gone tomorrow with no real intention to change.

Your story has the ability to impart strength, confidence and hope. When this is your intention, that’s magic. That’s the full circle moment that causes change in both the story teller and the listener. Tell your story!

Signature Tereza




P.S If you want to connect with me and work with me, hit the contact me button and let me know! Ready to get busy in 2017?



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Combining Value and Leverage in Your Life

Years ago someone shared with me a valuable tip about creating and providing value. It was so obvious, but so often neglected. I wrote about it in my previous blog post here. 

Your earnings are directly related to the amount of value your business provides, I was told.

There are many ways employees and entrepreneurs can provide more value:

They can increase their value by educating themselves, learning more skills and thus being more valuable simply because their skillset has improved and are able to offer their employer or customers more.

They can always work harder and longer. They can put in more hours, show up early and work late… There is nothing wrong with this by the way. Working hard, putting in long hours is the way a lot of people make a living and are able to pay their bills, put the kids through school, save for retirement and live very fulfilling lives. …

It has it’s limitations, however.

The problem with the latter,  is that many people are already working as much as they can work. They simply can’t give any more of their time but have hit a ceiling in their income. There’s nothing more to give.

That’s where leverage comes in.

Combining value and the power of leverage in your life can not only increase your income but your time freedom too.

Business owners know about leverage. They know that when they increase their productivity with employees, with more tools or machinery, they are leveraging these tools to create more without sacrificing more time. They know the importance of having the means of  scaling their production, distribution and their customer base via tools, employees, teams, the internet, automated systems.

Real Estate brokerages, insurance brokerages and mortgage brokerages use leverage by hiring agents. They generate income from the efforts of the agents, while the agents bring in the customers and build the brand.

Network Marketers build teams. They continue to provide value to the customers but by building and training their teams, they increase the value they are bringing to the world, without compromising their time freedom.

Franchises are another way that businesses can grow by leveraging systems that have been created to save them time, both on the learning curve of running a new business as well as the time frame it would normally take to build a new brand and customer base.

BUT Here is my favourite example of combining leverage and value …

Internet Marketers, bloggers and digital franchise owners understand the power of combining value and leverage very well. Constantly providing value, via trainings, blog posts, youtube videos but leveraging the internet ( so that their content is available 24-7) as well as systems  (lead capture pages, sales videos working day and night, and often coaches and sales teams working on their behalf).

The result is more than just increased earnings. The result is a message, a product a vision that needs to be seen, heard and utilized reaching more people with less effort.

Here are some of the ways I create value and use leverage to increase my reach:

  • I blog. I write content and I leverage the internet so that my content is available anytime, anywhere there is an internet connection.
  • I use automation. Auto-responders and software help me get my message out.
  • I use Social Media and leverage the power of my connections, my friends and the ability for my content to go viral.
  • I outsource things that aren’t my strength or do not produce income for me. Not only does this speed things up for me but it allows me to focus on productive activities that don’t take up too much of my time.
  • I use systems. My business has a system in place that I did not create. It’s filled with valuable trainings. Coaches speak to new members and prospective clients. Payment processing is in place. The system works for me while I sleep. The system allows me to spend my time, blogging, creating videos and my free time with my family while it works for me.

Ask yourself if there are ways you leverage your efforts and the value you bring to the world. How can you scale things so that your efforts are more productive and profitable without compromising your time. How can you reach more people? How can you stop trading hours for dollars?

To your success and outrageous goals,

P.S There’s an unusual new  business model that allows you to earn huge commissions while the huge lifting is “done for you” in the back end. Learn more about this “digital style franchise” here. 


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What is Inner Power?

Inner power – another buzz word that’s going around these days like… transformation. Those of you who know me know that I don’t take those words lightly. Recently, I have been around some pretty powerful women entrepreneurs that don’t take it lightly either.

What is Inner Power really?

I believe that we were all born with amazing gifts and talents. Growing up, we, especially women often have big dreams that are often suppressed because of … well … life. Life happens. The good, the bad and the ugly creates experiences that often lead to fear, anxiety and hopelessness… or sometimes we are just a little stuck and know there is something more for us. But it does not need to end right there.

I believe that by facing our fears and taking the time for personal development and growth, we have the ability to find out who we are, what makes us tick, our value, our gifts. It is these events and experiences in life whether they are bad or good, whether they are empowering, educational or even traumatizing that shape us.

The key however is getting in touch with that God-given power inside of us that is there for a reason. It’s realizing our value, our gifts and realizing who we are meant to be. And while it may seem cliche, overcoming adversities does make us stronger and gives us an undeniable, amazing power … the power to help others in similar situations overcome adversities.

I want to tell you a story….

It’s a story about a women who never dreamed she would be able to influence other people. In fact, she was a college drop-out living in the basement of a bar. Layla found her inner power.She went on to become a mom, a mentor, an internet marketer… a Superwoman. Layla went on to make 7 figures and inspire women all around the world. I stood in an audience and watched Layla inspire and motivate entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

Now that’s power.

 Discover your inner power. Click here to learn more about a monthly Personal Development Mastermind designed to take you to the next level. 

To your success and outrageous goals,

Signature Tereza




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Knowledge is Power… or is it?

This is a phrase that that is often misused. I hear people all the time speaking about how Knowledge is Power, selling you the newest and latest, the next workshop or the next course that promises you the world.

I am a huge proponent of constant learning. I think that lack of growth is… to be blunt, like death. We should always be looking to improve ourselves and to learn more but…

The truth is that knowledge can be very powerful … if used.  The problem is that so many of us fall into the trap of wanting to learn new things knowing that it is important to educate ourselves but fail to take into consideration these 3 things.

There are 3 things I recommend to make sure that you are getting the most of the education.

1. Repeat, reread, re-listen to … just keep repeating and getting what you have learned ingrained into  your mind. Don’t think that by going to an event once, you are an expert. Don’t think that by reading a book, you have actually retained that information and are now an expert. You must be constantly going back to the basics until you have mastered it. And then… master it some more.

2. Practice and implement.

Knowing and not doing, is like not knowing.

Remember that. Regardless of how many events you have been to, how many courses you took, how much you ‘know’ about exercise and diet, finance, internet marketing …if you don’t implement what you learn, what’s the point?

3. Share and teach. Once you know your stuff and are using it in your business or life, share it with the world. This is not only a great way to retain the information even more but gives that knowledge purpose and power.

Take this post for example. Truth be told, this is pretty basic and obvious stuff but I am sure it hit home for many. So… if you want to get the most of this post:

Reread the post. Let it sink in. Really learn and understand what I am trying to say here.

Put it to practice. Think about how this information is affecting you in real life. Do you take courses, go to online webinars and not use the information you are being taught. Decide right now that you will implement something you learned. Go re-read a book. Put some knowledge to practice whether it is from this post or something else you learned that you haven’t implemented.

Share this information. I am sure you know someone that falls into this trap. By sharing this information you are not only retaining the information further and growing your expertise in the area but helping someone else.

To your success,

Signature Tereza




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6 Reasons why you need to take a vacation and why I finally did!

I just got back from a much needed vacation and it wasn’t just any ‘ol vacation either. I took a full month with my family and recharged in Croatia.

 It was much needed and I don’t regret a single dollar spent or a single missed day of work.

 I was with my family. I didn’t have my kids spend their summer bored and under someone else’s care while mom and dad worked and I am a much happier, productive mom and entrepreneur because of it.

 I look around me and I hear it all the time… “ I never take vacation” or “ I don’t have time for vacation” … as if it is some badge of honour people wear. And while I don’t propose we all take 1 month vacations (go ahead if you can and want to!), we should all take a day, a weekend or a week to recharge our batteries and connect with those we love. We will be better for it. Here’s why:

 1. Your office is not a place of inspiration. Generally it just isn’t. Day in, day out at a desk or in an office doesn’t really stimulate the mind. Diverse cultures, interesting new surroundings and scenery (like my amazing view from my balcony in Zadar, Croatia  below) prompt great ideas.

My balcony view in Zadar, Croatia
My balcony view in Zadar, Croatia

 2. Time off is medicine.

 Your stress and anxiety levels are lower – not just because you are not working but because you are away from your usual day to day grind and responsibilities – at least for a brief moment. You get to disconnect and turn off panic mode just for a bit.

In a study at State University of New York at Oswego, 12000 men between 35 and 37 were surveyed. Men who went on vacation regularly reduce their overall risk of death by 20% (Source; Home and Garden)

3. You get some much needed sleep. Better sleep equals more energy.

4. You can get some much needed sunlight. We all know that too much sun is bad for you but did you know that too little sunlight is bad for you too. Sunlight is a natural way to reduce stress. Natural sunlight provides much needed Vitamin D, is essential for absorption of Calcium, boosts serotonin and staves off depression. A day at the beach (within reason and with the right protection, of course) can do wonders for your mental and physical health.

5. It can be a perfect time to reconnect with your family. I am with my family whenever I can but it is just not the same when you are in the midst of your daily grind – driving to school, doing homework etc. It’s when you are away from the every day chaos that you have a chance to get to know each other again, learn what makes them tick, see what makes them smile. Those moments of silliness this summer when we were away from computers and phones were priceless.

6. You get to know you. When was the last time you had a moment to yourself – not worrying about the next meeting, what you were going to cook, who was going to go to the bank, when you were going to go grocery shopping, clean the furnace, call the insurance guy… etc.. … you get my drift? When was the last time you emptied your mind and focused on you. A break in your routine away from it all may be just what you need to let go, find out what makes you tick and discover yourself, where you are and where you want to go. You can’t do that when you have a million things on the go.

Avoid burnout…

 To be more productive, to unleash your creativity and to rejuvenate, I suggest everyone takes a break every so often. It does not need to be a full out vacation.

 Take a break mid-week. A “mental health day”, perhaps. A day off – just to clear your mind and rejuvenate.

 Plan long weekend getaways by yourself or with your loved ones. Changing your surroundings can make a huge difference.

 If you don’t go away, treat your weekend like an actual break. Do what you love. Turn off your phone and computer – read a book, get a massage,  or have some “play time” where you actually have some fun with family and friends without work interruptions.

 If you are employer, know that time off for your employees can make your employees much more productive and happier. It can reduce the number of sick days and poor decision making. Too much accrued vacation time is a red flag for burnout.

 My vacation this summer was a different kind of vacation. We returned to our roots, we visited family, my husband and I went back to where we were married and began our lives together. I rediscovered the beauty, the people, the food, and the amazing culture in one of my favourite countries in the world… Croatia. Most of all… we took a break. We lived. We enjoyed. We realized that we should be working to live and not living to work.

My kids experiencing farm life while on Vacation
My kids experiencing farm life while on Vacation
Hard at work at the farm
Hard at work at the farm









Lunch by the river
Lunch by the river










I can’t wait for my next vacation!

Don’t forget to book yours.

To your success and outrageous goals,


Signature Tereza




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12 Funny quotes about moms and motherhood

Motherhood is serious business… but not without a funny side as well. Love my mom and I love being a mom. Most of the time, it’s no laughing matter but sometimes some humour gets us through the tough stuff and helps us smile about some of the tough stuff too. Here are 12 quotes about moms and momhood. Enjoy!

“If evolution really works, how come mothers have only two hands” ~ Milton Berle


“People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one.” ~Leo J. Burke


“When my kids become wild and unruly, I use a nice, safe playpen. When they’re finished, I climb out.” ~ Erma Bombeck


“Working mothers are guinea pigs in a scientific experiment to show that sleep is not necessary to human life.” ~Author unknown


“It’s not easy being a mother these days. Texting in all caps just doesn’t have the same impact as good old fashioned  YELLING”


“Whoever said “there’s no use crying over spilled milk” obviously never pumped six ounces then accidentally dumped it.”


“Don’t worry, you are not the first mom who’s ever thrown a towel over the peed on sheets and gone back to bed.”


“I am convinced that there is a sensor in my ass that alerts my husband and kids in my home of the exact moment I sit down.”


“All these moms are on Pinterest making their own soap and reindeer-shaped treats, and I ‘m all like ” I took a shower and kept the kids alive”


“My mother’s day gift to you is not deleting the embarrassing comments you make on my Facebook wall.”


“Call your mother and say something nice and remember that it’s your fault she pees a little every time she sneezes.”


” I wish my kids would leave me alone while I repeatedly refresh Facebook to see who liked my post about my kids”


Enjoy and Happy Mother’s Day!

To your success,

Signature Tereza



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How Any Business Can Incorporate a Blog in Their Marketing Efforts

It’s no secret that blogging great content and updating a blog regularly is a phenomenal way of attracting potential customers, getting leads and eventually sales. Every time a business creates a quality blog post and shares it, they are creating more incoming links to their blog, strengthening their brand and increasing customer loyalty.

Every time a blog is updated, it’s another opportunity for Google and other search engines to pick up activity on your blog. It increases your “findability” on-line.

With all the craze around blogging though, I often get asked “How can a business like mine incorporate a blog?” So, I thought it valuable to provide some specific examples of how specific industries and niches could use a blog to grow a business, aside from just creating an on-line presence. Small businesses don’t always have big budgets for marketing but they don’t necessarily need to either.

Below are some real examples that illustrate HOW a business can use a blog to grow business, increase their reach and their bottom line.

Local Restaurant/Pizzeria

Blogging could be an especially lucrative way for a local business like a restaurant to increase their reach.

Imagine for a moment, a restaurant blogging about their specials, local activities and contests. Imagine them blogging about their specific events at the restaurant, sharing those posts on Social Media, as well.

For this type of business, I would suggest an opt-in to a freebie/ a coupon for a discount or a give-away that would allow the local business to 1) Collect potential customers info for future marketing and promotion and 2) Encourage the customer to visit the restaurant to collect their freebie or discount.

Contests and freebies are extremely shareable. People absolutely love to spread the word about freebies and contests and since they are location specific, it is very easy for a business to reach a very targeted local market fairly quickly using these means.

The “opting-in” or collecting of emails in exchange for something of value, is not to be taken lightly. It’s powerful and it is KEY to long-term marketing efforts. A local restaurant would be wise to combine off-line and on-line marketing efforts via newspapers, postcards and flyers encouraging customers to visit the blog, enter their email address and in turn proving the business with a way to continuously build a relationship with their subscribers.

Pretty cool isn’t it?

Network Marketing/ Direct Sales

Most network marketers are still being taught to make a list of friends and family and target anyone with a heartbeat.

I am certainly not discouraging traditional off-line efforts, especially if you enjoy it and are having success with it. However, I truly believe that by providing valuable content on a blog about your Network Marketing/Direct Sales niche, you could increase your reach, become the hunted, not the hunter and potentially make money while you sleep. I have included two specific Direct Sales niches below and specific ways those businesses could grow exponentially via blogging.

Skin Care Direct Sales company

If you want to attract people interested in skin care, does it not make sense to provide incredible value and education on skin care that people are actively looking for?

Give. Give. Give.

The people on-line who will find you are looking for what you are selling. The Network Marketing rep of XYZ company is no longer chasing, you see, but is being hunted by people who are actually interested all because they are actively and consistently providing content and solutions for the people looking for answers in the skin care niche.

Here’s a tip for this type of company: I would personally capture those leads by collecting an email address in exchange for a “how to” on skin care. For example ” 20 steps to radiant skin without harsh chemicals” or ” 10 Ingredients you should avoid at all cost in your cosmetics”.

Building your Direct Sales team? Why not direct the to watch the video explaining how they too can earn an income sharing  your product?

Are you beginning to see the trend here?” Get targeted traffic by creating and sharing valuable, niche specific content, collect prospect information by providing valuable information in exchange for their personal information and then follow up by building a relationship with them via email, continuously providing them value until they are ready to buy. This is where a powerful system using a blog, a Lead capture page, and an auto-responder (more on that later) can truly work for you 24-7, making you sales while you sleep!



 Weight loss Direct Sales Company

While this is a very popular niche, if approached correctly, with the use of a blog you can truly differentiate yourself from the competition and dominate this niche.  Similarly to the skin care example, there are many create things a weight loss blog can do to attract visitors and buyers and it could be a lot of fun too: Exercise videos, recipes, 30 Day Weight Loss challenges (everyone loves a good before and after story! and an opportunity to be part of it!)

Here’s my take on using a 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge on your blog: Share your own journey and your challenge. Blog about it. Have a Call to Action inviting others to partake in your challenge…and as part of your challenge, they buy your product. Offer support. Add them to a private Facebook group where challengers can support each other, be part of something, stay excited, motivate and refer others. You’ve just created a loyal tribe!

These are just a couple of examples of Network Marketing niches using a blog as part of their system. You can use a blog to compliment your Home Party Jewellery business (there’s only so many hours in the day to host home parties), your non-toxic home care products, herbal supplements… whatever niche you are in. Just be creative, give value and be consistent and the leads can start pouring in.

Real Estate and Mortgage Industry blogs

This is an industry I am fairly familiar with and all too often I see agents promoting their generic company website, and just posting their listings or, in the mortgage industry,-posting rates …on the off chance that their target market may come across a listing. How can blogging help with your mortgage business or your real estate business? While I can say with certainty that these are industries where you can’t exactly sell a home or close a mortgage while you sleep, there is no reason why you can’t collect leads while you sleep and have a blog working for you while you sleep.

Mortgage Brokers and Real Estate agents are busy. They don’t have time to spend a lot of time blogging. I get that. But, having a well planned strategy around a blog and using it correctly can differentiate them from all the rest and does not need to take a lot of time. Incorporating that blog with Social Media and an email marketing campaign can do far more than just sharing new listings on a generic site. Imagine sharing listings and rates with an list of 1000’s that opted in to your list and LIKE you because of who you are and the value you provide!

Here are just a few quick ways an agent can blog without spending too much time:

– Share financial tips

– Share credit tips

– Share short personal stories or case studies related to your niche

– Share a variety of tips regarding preparing your home for sale

– Re-purpose content by sharing it via video post or written post

– Share other people’s videos

– Share excerpts to industry articles with just a paragraph with your take on the article

… and again, you should have something of value that your target market will give you their email in exchange for, such as :

– a video series on how” xyz City” citizens can be mortgage free faster or

– Secrets to selling your home in “xyz city” at over asking price quickly and easily.

Set it up so that an autoresponder will send them regular emails. That is a time saver in itself. Set it up once and have the system do the work for you while you are out getting listings. Then, occasionally send a broadcast email to your entire list regarding a hot new listing or the crazy great mortgage rates we are seeing.

 Non-profit/ Charities / Organizations / Churches and Ministries.

Can you see how following a similar strategy to the ones in the examples above can help various organizations and causes spread the word? In the advent of “internet-everything”, non-profits have an opportunity to have a voice on the internet and reach the masses, as well. A church can share sermons and words of wisdom on a blog and provide daily bible quotes, prayers, and keep local residents in the loop when it comes to local church events. It can be a powerful way to fund-raise and accept donations beyond just local reach.

Tools referenced

I referenced a few tools I use and recommend when you are getting started with your blog, namely a Lead Capture page and an auto-responder. If you are just starting out, adding tools to your blog does not need to be complicated or expensive. You can start with a  free newsletter like Mailchimp (it has its limitations) you can use a relatively inexpensive option but with many more features. The auto-responder I use for most of my lists and email campaigns is Get Response. (tip: Get response also now has unlimited lead pages included in one of their packages). I use MLSP for my Lead Capture page and a built in CRM

Cashing in on your passion

The above examples reference  just some of the ways any business can use a blog. Most recently, I have seen bloggers blogging about their passions… yoga, cross fit, gardening, personal development.. and then they market and sell products that are completely unrelated to their niche. Their reasoning? They blog about something they love and provide such unbelievably great value, regularly and consistently  that they attract tons of traffic . The more eyeballs they have reading their passion based blog leads to a greater number of people viewing the products they are selling. More views… more interest… more leads and sales and happy customers.

Cool way to make a living isn’t it?

To your success,

Signature Tereza




P.S You can learn more about getting more authority, more leads, more sales, and more income with blogging here.


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Blogging | An easy way to share your passion and make money on-line too

I love what I do… Today I am helping a close family friend set up a blog. She will be blogging about something she is very passionate about and sharing it with the world and I have the privilege of helping her do it… how cool is that?

Why should you blog for your business?

Blogging is essentially a “web log”. It’s like an on-line journal. It is not static like a website. Every time you update your blog, you are creating one more indexed page on your site and an opportunity for google and other search engines to see that your website is in fact active. This in turn is one more opportunity for your blog to appear in search engines, creating more traffic, more visitors to your site, more leads and more sales.

Blogging allows the average business to build a relationship with their potential customer and differentiate themselves from their competitor. Take an average pizzeria for instance. They could advertise, use flyers or rely on walk-in customers OR they could add a blog, increase their local reach. This could potentially allow them to differentiate themselves from their competitors and create a following of loyal customers. It gives them a personality. It strengthens their brand.

This is true for any industry and any type of business! Whether you are a network marketer, a mortgage broker or real estate agent, a blog is an essential tool. It’s your on-line real estate.

Blogging allows the average person to take a passion and make a profitable business from it. They could write about their passion and monetize in numerous ways.. their own product offering, affiliate products, coaching about their passion… The sky is the limit.

It’s not all about the money either


ChangingTheWorld… and for those that simply want to reach out to the world and share their passions, a blog might be just what’s needed.

It’s for the pastor that wants to share his insights with the world, the mother that cured her child through natural means, the artist that wants the world to see his or her work, the addict who is recovering and helping others get the help they need…

By sharing their knowledge, their lives and the lessons they have learned on a blog, they are in fact changing the world… one story at a time.

In this sometimes over-complicated on-line world, blogging is simple, easy, does not take take a lot of time and is affordable. It truly allows the average person to have a voice.

Today, I have the privilege of helping people use that voice. Happy blogging!

To your success,

Signature Tereza




Looking for a laptop lifestyle- (1)