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There Are Only 4 Things You Do In A Home Business

There are only 4 things only you do in a home business... When one of the trainings I attended introduced this concept to me, I was all over it. 4 key things to focus on in business... and you are golden! Sounds simple? That's because it is. Yes, there are a lot of moving parts… Continue reading There Are Only 4 Things You Do In A Home Business

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My Love/Hate Relationship with Automation

We live in an era of automation - push-button this and automatic that. The home-based business industry changed abruptly in the last decade introducing lead capture pages, funnels, autoresponders … and a whole lot of other stuff we were told we needed. So, I got my autoresponder. I learned how to  build a funnel. I… Continue reading My Love/Hate Relationship with Automation

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Combining Value and Leverage in Your Life

Years ago someone shared with me a valuable tip about creating and providing value. It was so obvious, but so often neglected. I wrote about it in my previous blog post here.  Your earnings are directly related to the amount of value your business provides, I was told. There are many ways employees and entrepreneurs… Continue reading Combining Value and Leverage in Your Life

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How Any Business Can Incorporate a Blog in Their Marketing Efforts

It's no secret that blogging great content and updating a blog regularly is a phenomenal way of attracting potential customers, getting leads and eventually are some real examples that illustrate HOW a business can use a blog to grow business, increase their reach and their bottom line.