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There Are Only 4 Things You Do In A Home Business

There are only 4 things only you do in a home business…

When one of the trainings I attended introduced this concept to me, I was all over it. 4 key things to focus on in business… and you are golden! Sounds simple? That’s because it is.

Yes, there are a lot of moving parts within these 4 things but they all fall into these 4 basic things.

The truth is, people tend to over-complicate things in business… always looking for more complex things to add to the equation, hoping that this other tool or that other opportunity will fix what is wrong but really if you just take a moment and focus on these 4 basic things to determine where there might be a gap, you may just alter your results in a profound way.

Learn those 4 things, focus on those 4 things… and everything will change.  Some have dubbed these the 4 C’s of business, I call them the Fundamental Four:


Simply put, you need to have a way to “collect” viewers, eyeballs, visitors.  In an online business, this could include Facebook lives, blogging, banner advertising and social media, to name a few methods. In any other business, it could include anything like print advertising, radio, television, signs… anything that gets people to see you and gets them through the door whether it be onto a website page, or literally through the doors of your place of business.

There could be thousands of ways. You should have a few that you focus on with consistency.

Ask yourself every day… what are you doing to get those “eyeballs”? 


So, you have got them onto you site, in your store, at your open house… whatever the case may be for your business. Don’t fool yourself, they can be gone in an instant, never to be seen again. All that effort to get them there … wasted! But, it doesn’t need to be that way. The secondgoes hand in hand with the first. Don’t bring them there, only to lose them. Instead, “Capture” them, get their info!

On the internet, in the home business arena,  we us what we call  a capture page, opt-in page or lead capture page – a way to have prospects, potential customers give you their information willingly, usually in exchange for something of value, basically giving you permission to market to them!

Other ways to do this, perhaps in an offline business would be to collect business cards, add visitors info to your phone, offer contests or discounts in exchange for their information.

Got an event going on… ask people to sign in!

Bottom line: How are you capturing people’s information so that you can speak to them over and over again?  How are you generating leads? How are you maximizing the value of the “eyeballs” you are collecting ?


Leads are useless unless you have a plan to communicate with them. You must have a method of communicating with people regularly until they are ready to make a buying decision.


Mail/Post cards

Facebook message

Social Media/ Facebook Groups/

Phone/ text and calls



Once you have  collected them, captured them …you absolutely need to have a plan to communicate with these people repeatedly and do it in a way that they want to receive the ongoing communication from you.

Send content and provide value via email or mail (an email autoresponder like Get Response or Aweber is essential). Send them something relevant to them and what had their eyeballs on you in the first place. Send them your blog posts, links to valuable videos. Let them know what’s new, when you have an upcoming event, a webinar … get them to love you and expect you in their inbox, their mailbox, their phone. 


You must also have a  plan to get them in front of your offer so they can make a buying decision when they are ready.  The key here is when they are ready.

They may not be ready when  you first ” Collect” them. When you ” Capture” their info, they are just beginning to trust you… getting to know you enough to give you permission to market to them. 

Communicating with them on a regular basis is where they are getting to really know you and decide if they like you and if what you are about is what they are really looking for. After these 3 are in place, and only then make sure your you have a way to present your offer.

It is essential that you  learn to mass communicate and get your offer in front of a lot of people. Sometimes this is in the form of an email to your list, telling them about your offer. Sometimes, it is a webinar, tele-seminar, or event you invite your list to where you will present them your offer….

The point is… you need all 4 of these to be working in order to make sales…. and if you are not getting the results you want, there is a gap somewhere in the Fundamental Four that you need to evaluate and fill.

To your success and outrageous goals,

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Over-complicating your online business

It can be so overwhelming starting online. Where do I market? How do I market? Who do I market to? What’s HTML? Do I need to know HTML? Lead capture – what’s that?

I think we overcomplicate things really. It does not need to be difficult and it is not. It isn’t “get rich quick” …but,  leveraging the internet for any business can be extremely lucartive and speed things up considerably as you have the ability to reach more people, in less time, and often when you sleep!

Here are a few tips and tricks:

– Find one marketing technique to drive traffic that you do well, master it and do it regularly. Don’t try to do everything at once. If you are great at Social Media, stick to it and only add another marketing/advertising method once you have mastered or automated that. If paid ads are your thing, do that.

– Don’t overcomplicate a website or blog. Unless, you are in the business of web development or web design, don’t re-invent the wheel. Find something that is either ready to go (like my blog. This is the system and blogging platform I use.) or outsource. Outsourcing is the more expensive route but ask yourself this – Am I in the business of X (selling widgets, marketing digital products etc) or am I a web designer/developer? Focus on what makes you money and what your business is and leave the technical stuff to the techies.

– Don’t forget to capture leads and have an automated way to correspond with your list and a way to connect with them personally as well.

In my business, when someone enters their information, they are directed to a presentation and have the option to join my team right away. I am set up so I make sales while I sleep. If they don’t join, they are on my list and I can continue to provide them value and build a relationship with them.

Again, this does not need to be overcomplicated. If you are new and just looking for something to do online, you can join a business opportunity that has this already in place or have it set up for a minimal cost. Once set up, the formula is easy:

Drive trafic  > Capture leads > Get Sales and build relationships/customers

Keep it simple. The point is leveraging the internet to live a better life and help with your success, not to overburden and stress yourself out.

To your success and outrageous goals,

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P.S. Not all home businesses involve recruiting and building teams. If you have not had success with that model and that’s of no interest to you, click on the Orange image below and learn about the e-commerce business I started that had me making sales in 24 hours with no recruiting!

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Features versus Benefits

Are you a verbal brochure spewing feature after feature? Make more sales, convert more leads and build more relationships by sharing the benefits not  just the features!

No one cares how long your company has been in business. No one cares where you are located, about the history of the company or how long it takes to manufacture a product. No one cares how many countries you are in.

They care about what the product will do for them. That’s it period.

Let’s say for example that you are a distributor for a company like Arbonne (just an example). Truth be told, Arbonne has phenomenal products but what do you think would really convert a prospect to a customer? The year and name of the person who founded Arbonne? Their credentials and the number of products the company has? The list of ingredients? Or a before and after shot of someone who has used the product and taken years off their face? An acne prone teenager with a now clear face? A young child no longer suffering from the irritation of eczema?

I say the latter… the BENEFITS will far outweigh any of the features of the company no matter how great and relevant they are.

The same goes for any business whether it is in direct sales, real estate, or any brick and mortar business.

Show your clients what the product will do for them. Sell them the dream. Show them the feeling. It truly is what they are looking for and what will make the difference between a bored and confused prospect and an excited and future loyal customer, credit card in hand.

And if you are trouble finding the benefits of your offering, maybe it is time you revisit what you are doing /selling.

To your success,


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P.S … I have no trouble finding and sharing the benefits in what I do. I could share the many features that are truly phenomenal or  I could tell you that it has changed the lives of many former “wanna be solopreneurs”, regular working moms and dads, who have been trying to earn a living online and escape the rat race. For the first time ever people are success with an easy system and living the dream.

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So You Think You Can’t Sell

You are trying to get your kid to eat her vegetables. You are telling someone about the movie you saw last night. You are praising someone else’s work. You asked your friend for a favour. You are trying to convince yourself that today’s a good day to start your diet. What do these scenarios have in common? You guessed it. You are actively trying to sell someone or something. “That’s not selling!” you say? Then what the heck is selling? Well, technically speaking selling is a form of influence to reach a desired outcome. We are so used to describing selling as the used car salesman’s pitch but it’s more than that. It is also an essential life skill that goes back to the Stone Age and something that everybody does everyday all day. The reality is that some people are just better at it than others. And that sucks if you aren’t good at it.

Try this on for size: change the word sell to help. Instead of selling, you are helping. Zig Ziglar taught us: ” You can have everything you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want. ” Shifting your mindset from selling to helping will change your behaviour and your sales results. Giving and helping activates the power or reciprocity.

The greatest competitve advantage to you and your business is the art of selling or helping. Master it! Blow it up! Milk it! Do it like your life depends on it! Selling is the #1 skill you need to have in your business and in your lfe. Sales = Income. 95% of businesses fail because the proprietor believes the product or service will sell itself. That’s craziness. That’s laziness. That’s failure in the making.

Picture the IBM sales person: why is it that you can have two people doing exactly the same business in the exact same environment with the exact same tools and one does better than the other? Selling is a learned skill, not an innate way of being. The bottom line is this; if you aren’t good at sales, life will be more difficult for you. Period. So what do you do about it? Listen and learn and practice, practice, practice!

You don’t need a fancy ar or fancy shoes to be a sales person. You do not need a ‘sales force’ in your business. You don’t even need money or education to sell your business. The bottom line is this; If there is a cash flow problem in your business, then you don’t know how to, refuse to or think it is not important enough to know how to sell.

Here are more than 30 ways to be more successful at selling. Implement the easy ones first then tackle the rest one at a time. There are a ton more tips, so create your own list.

– Work hard on sales, but work harder on yourself

– Dress like you don’t need the Sale

– You’ve got two ears and one mouth.Listen twice as much as you talk.

– Change the word Selling to Helping

– Change the way you think about selling vs. helping

– Have a positive attitude

– Be willing to learn

– Don’t lie

– Be prepared

– Develop a team

– Talk to anybody about your business

– Write down all the people you know, whether you like them or not

– Do not pre-qualify your list

– Follow up

– Don’t be shy

– Fake it

– Do not assume anything

– Do it everyday

– Read lots of good business books

– Be coachable or teachable

– Hold yourself personally accountable

– Don’t make excuses

– Don’t blame-

– Squash your fear of what others think or don’t think about you

– Show gratitude for what you have

– Barter

– Ask for referrals

– Ask for the sale

– Stop thinking and start doing

– Don’t quit

– Hire a coach

– Have positive affirmations that over ride your little voice

– invest in yourself

– Be consistent, diligent and persistent

– Never underestimate how big you really are

– Be the person you know you can be

The bottom line is this: Results cannot exceed your self- concept. People love to be right. If you think you can’t do it, you’re right, you won’t. Good luck with that!