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What Those FREE Trainings Are Really Costing You

First off, to be clear, I am a huge fan of constant learning, attending events and  training webinars. I love free trainings and give away tons of free training too ( Check it out on my free training tab on this site). But I find a lot of people attending these trainings falling into a trap, one that is unhealthy for their business and their personal growth.

It’s o.k to attend trainings … In fact,  I highly recommend it. But your motive behind attending the training will have an enormous effect on whether or not they will be beneficial to you. If you are attending yet another webinar and not having any success, it may be time to do some self reflection to see what is really going on.

Here are some things to consider and ask yourself before you attend your next training:

Are you looking for a magic pill?

Is this your 4th webinar this month on Instagram, yet you haven’t consistently implemented anything from the first three trainings? Are you looking for the magic button you press and leads and sales pour in? 

Truth is, there is no magic pill. You need to go through the process and you need to do the work. Try it, master a skill. Stick to the method for at least 90 days before you add anything new.

You don’t need to know everything.

You really don’t. You can be a leader without having all the answers. It’s much better to be great at one thing and sharing that knowledge with the world rather than trying to perfect everything but never really doing anything with the knowledge you acquired.

Truth is, that one thing you learned can really help someone if you use the skill.

Are you procrastinating?

Are you not willing to take action on that which you already know ? Perhaps it is out of fear . Perhaps it is because of lack of confidence or unwillingness to get out of your comfort zone, using more training as an excuse not to implement what you already know.

If that’s the case, it is time to get unstuck and take some action to get out of this cycle. Start small but take some action on something you have learned in your training rather than becoming an expert at attending training.

There is nothing that activity can’t solve.

Does that mean you need to  skip the next training? Absolutely not! Whatever it is you are mastering in your home business, learn everything you can about it, but implement your learning.

Stop looking for that magic pill, don’t think you need to know everything about everything and stop procrastinating.

It’s costing you. It’s costing the people that need your expertise.

There are people waiting for you to step up. There’s someone out there waiting for you to write that email, make that video or write the blog post just like someone needed to read this blog post. They want to hear from you! Go show them what ‘ya got!

To your success and outrageous goals,

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What This Big Gulp Container Taught Me About Team Culture and Leadership

I’ve been part of some teams – past and present. I’ve seen some thrive and I have seen some dwindle away and I have seen a team like no other, grow and take on an almost magical, contagious, positive personality.

Team culture – that’s what it is and it’s more important than you think.

Some time in 2016  I was blessed to be added to a mastermind group with an amazing group of  Internet marketers and heart-centred entrepreneurs led by Laura Parrish. She called her group #TNS (Team No Sleep- and often she doesn’t as the name suggests). What happened in the last few sessions of a regular team mastermind online was interesting, to say the least and it got me really thinking about Team Culture and Leadership. 

You see, Laura has this huge jug… nothing fancy … just a huge “Big Gulp” jug that she fills with her drink of choice, Diet Pepsi, that is by her side while she works and during the masterminds.

Laura simply mentioned her jug and  showed it to us on a mastermind. She didn’t tell anyone to buy it. She didn’t say that this was a prerequisite to being in the group. She smiled, told us how she fills her jug everyday…jokingly calling it her “crackbucket” … and then… what happened next was crazy.

Pictures showed up on Facebook with her team members buying the infamous 711 Big Gulp jug.blog711culture


Members messaging each other on where to get one in the U.S and in Canada.

Members offering to ship them out to each other.

Hmmm? What was happening here?

Was buying one of these going to make us better Internet marketers? (don’t think so)

Laura never told anyone to buy one.

Many of us professed  that we aren’t fans of pop anyway. (And frankly, the jug is a little tacky.)

What happened is that a leader created something called Team Culture and she did it by way of great leadership.


Why is team culture and great leadership so important? 

Truth is, people want to be part of something. Plain and simple. Inside jokes, team t-shirts, inner circles create a sort of unity, camaraderie amongst people. When a good leader makes a team atmosphere appealing and worth sticking around for, team culture is created.

Creating culture means creating an experience. Individuals feel like they have something in common – a special bond, something similar that they can identify with.

The team t-shirts or the “Big Gulp” containers are more than just merchandise. They are part of strengthening an identity and spirit. They inspire creativity.

Great leaders do a great job at being supportive and accessible. They motivate and they inspire. They keep you accountable and they keep you coming back for more.  By doing this they create  comfort, trust, communication, improved morale. People have fun and they  enjoy work more!

Not just in Network Marketing.. Team Culture is important in any business

Similarly, I am also lucky to be a part of an amazing team at a Mortgage Brokerage.  I and my colleagues also  have a team culture that was created by a committed leader.

As mortgage agents, we have our own personal goals we work towards, yet as a team, even though we do not benefit from another mortgage agent reaching their goals, we are constantly cheering each other.

It’s not about the money.

We are excited when someone  else does well. We are excited when we are able to help clients. We help each other. We give each other ideas. We learn from each other. Negativity has no place in our office. We have fun and we get things done. We are certainly more productive because of it. This was created because of teamwork and culture created by the Broker, our friend and leader.

Do you want to become a leader or be part of an amazing team?  Here’s what leaders do that you need to keep in mind:

1. Leaders are accessible and approachable. They don’t disappear after they have made money off you. They are interested in supporting You and you feel it.. By doing so, they are not only helping you succeed but growing their team, appearing more desireable as a team to join and growing as leaders.

2. Leaders motivate and inspire. They use words to build people up and not bring them down. They know what to say. They are positive and will keep the morale up.

3. Leaders don’t do all the work. They involve you and keep you accountable. They show you the way and then let you take over.

4. Leaders edify and encourage. It’s important to recognize your team for their wins big and small both privately  and publicly. In Network Marketing and Internet Marketing, leaders post pictures and descriptions of their team members’ accomplishments all over Social Media!

 5. Leaders are ethical and honest. They communicate and are open not secretive and unscrupulous.

 6. Leaders walk the walk. They lead by example. They don’t just tell you what to do. They show you what they are doing.. by doing it.

 7. Leaders continue to grow and educate themselves. When you are in a position of a leader, you haven’t reached some magical destination where you know everything and never and never need to learn anything again. True leaders know that they are more valuable to their team when they are constantly learning and passing on that knowledge.

By doing this, leaders create team culture.… and when you have a leader like that, I bet if she has a Big Gulp sitting in front of her desk, you’ll want one too… commissions included or not. 

To your success and outrageous goals,

Signature Tereza




P.S Learn more about creating a team like this or join me on my team. Watch the video here.



“To run fast, run by yourself. To run far, run with others”

-African proverb


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