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What is Inner Power?

Inner power – another buzz word that’s going around these days like… transformation. Those of you who know me know that I don’t take those words lightly. Recently, I have been around some pretty powerful women entrepreneurs that don’t take it lightly either.

What is Inner Power really?

I believe that we were all born with amazing gifts and talents. Growing up, we, especially women often have big dreams that are often suppressed because of … well … life. Life happens. The good, the bad and the ugly creates experiences that often lead to fear, anxiety and hopelessness… or sometimes we are just a little stuck and know there is something more for us. But it does not need to end right there.

I believe that by facing our fears and taking the time for personal development and growth, we have the ability to find out who we are, what makes us tick, our value, our gifts. It is these events and experiences in life whether they are bad or good, whether they are empowering, educational or even traumatizing that shape us.

The key however is getting in touch with that God-given power inside of us that is there for a reason. It’s realizing our value, our gifts and realizing who we are meant to be. And while it may seem cliche, overcoming adversities does make us stronger and gives us an undeniable, amazing power … the power to help others in similar situations overcome adversities.

I want to tell you a story….

It’s a story about a women who never dreamed she would be able to influence other people. In fact, she was a college drop-out living in the basement of a bar. Layla found her inner power.She went on to become a mom, a mentor, an internet marketer… a Superwoman. Layla went on to make 7 figures and inspire women all around the world. I stood in an audience and watched Layla inspire and motivate entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

Now that’s power.

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To your success and outrageous goals,

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Walking your way to success

“What does walking have to do with business?” , you may ask. The benefits of walking are more than just physical. Walking benefits my life – physically, mentally, spiritually and professionally.

I make walking a daily part of my life but admittedly there are some days when I skipped it simply because of time. I am constantly reminded that those walks, even though they are a pleasant break in the day are much more than that. They rejuvenate and need to be a regular daily part of my life.

Today when I found myself staring at my computer, stuck and frustrated, rather than waste another moment frustrated in inactivity, or worse – rather than ‘giving up’, I picked up and went for a walk.

Here’s what happened:

I regrouped, got inspired and got unstuck!

I got some well needed exercise, fresh air and sun on a beautiful day.

I took the time to pray and be grateful.

I created 4 blog posts in my head that I proceeded to write as soon as I came in the house for both my blog and some blogs I guest blog for.

I came up with a plan for a video for a sales funnel.

I got clarity, focus and I got excited again.

I made some important decisions.

Who would have thought that my best marketing ideas and decisions were inspired by short walks?


I do have some rules I set for myself during these particular walks:

No phone (unless I am out taking pictures or recording a video)

No kids. This is ‘me’ time (I go on separate family walks with them!)

No negative thinking or telling myself stories and excuses while I walk. I make a conscious effort to change this if I see these things popping into my head!

Walk with your head high, looking far into the distance. (This tip was shared with me and although at the time I was not 100% clear on the reason, it seems to reason that looking up and far away creates different, more ‘positive’ emotions, feelings and energy  than looking down )

Truth be told, you don’t need rules to walk and enjoy walking and to reap the benefits. The movement, the outdoors and the change might just be enough to get you unstuck, inspired and moving forward in your business.


To your success,

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My “Dream Big” Manifesto has been upgraded

A few years ago, I created a Manifesto. It was a time in my life when I made a huge decision, when I had the realization that if I played small and mediocre, I was teaching my children to do the same. I chose instead to dream big and play big! Here’s what I came up with:

I Dream Big Manifesto

I declare that I will dream big. No goal is too big. No dream too outrageous.
I am a positive fabulous being put on this earth to live, create, contribute, serve and influence and I will use my talents, my gifts to be everything that I am capable of being. 
I choose to take action every day to move forward towards achieving those goals, towards greatness.  
I choose to live a life beyond mediocrity.
I will surround myself with positive, amazing people whom I will support in their dreams, as well.  
I  recognize that there will be obstacles, there will be fear, there will be some failures but I choose and promise that I will learn from this and do what it takes to overcome and move forward. 
I’m ready to play big!

 So that was several years ago. I’ve written this on my vision board. I have sent this on greeting cards and postcards to my fellow entrepreneurial friends too so that they could embrace it as their vision . I have had it on blog posts and websites. I really loved it and lived it.

… and then a few weeks ago I came across something written by David Wood and my old Manifesto sounded… well.. weak.

Here it is:

Adopted Manifesto from David Wood

My magic is, and always has been in my consistency, persistence, and unmovable vision.

I don’t care what obstacles I face – I will step into my vision.

It doesn’t matter who comes and goes.

It doesn’t matter how much it costs.

Or how much energy it takes to create it.

Or what distractions appear along the way.

I am Terezija Susak Kumric and I build dreams.

I crush obstacles in the face.

And I – along with those who are with me – will step into the greatest victory of them all.

Realization of the vision that’s on the inside.

Giving birth to a new YOU.

You see, I have grown and with it my dreams, my vision and who I am and what I believe I am capable of a doing has grown too. So my “old” Manifesto is still alive and well but kind of “wimpy” compared to what I saw on David Wood’s wall and what spoke to me and started a fire in me that got me beyond excited.

Care to join me on this journey?

To your success,

Signature Tereza

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Lessons from US Open Tennis Championships 2014

I watched exciting tennis finals today as Marin Cilic defeated  Kei Nishikori.  Being of Croatian heritage myself, Marin Cilic’s win held a special place in my heart, Marin being the first Croatian to win a U.S Open.

Dedicated to personal development , I am generally very impressed by athletes who dedicate their lives to peak performance. They train relentlessly day in and day out, mastering plays through practice and repetition. You don’t just hit aces just like that, it takes practice and mistakes and more practice. The skill on that court was impressive to say the least. Hats off to both of them.

“For all the other players working hard, this is a big sign, a big hope,” Cilic said, “that if you’re working hard, things are going to pay off.”

After the game as I listened to interviews, it was not surprising what Marin Cilic said to reporterss with respect to the advice and encouragement he received from his coach, Goran Ivanisevic. He said (paraphrased a little) that Goran encouraged him to “believe” that he could win. He also emphasized the joy in tennis and always having fun.

I take this as a reminder of the importance of mindset in anyone’s journey to success. Belief and passion are instrumental when working towards achieving any goal. Not to take away from hard work and dedication or mastering skills, the missing ingredient, however is often mindset.  It is the mindset, the belief, the joy and passion that creates laser focus and results. It fuels courage and determination and erases fear.  It’s the difference between a superbly played game & loss, or a Grand Slam Title.

“What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”~ Napoleon Hill

To your success,

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The Secret Weapon of Great Leaders

There’s a secret weapon of Great leaders and it is much simpler and much more available to the average person than you may think. It’s reading.

Leaders are readers.

By reading you are feeding your mind.It is an amazing source of wisdom, It is an opportunity to be mentored by great leaders and an opportunity for growth and development.

Dedicating yourself to learning and development by reading allows us to cultivate and develop what God has blessed you with.

Elevate yourself to the next level. Read.

My challenge to you… Read daily. Read a quality book every month … finance, health or personal development. Just read.

Here’s what I am reading now:

The New Psychocybernetics by Maxwell Maltz
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon HIll
The Holy Bible
The Leader Who Had No Title by Robin Sharma 

To your success,


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Are you ” All In” in your business?

No matter what business you are in, whether you are a Network Marketer (Isagenix, G.I.N. , Melaleuca, Arbonne, Nerium) or whether you are a Real Estate agent, Contractor or own a traditional Brick and Mortar business, for true results you need to be ” All In” in your business.

“All in” means truly being committed to doing what it takes, following the core commitments of your company and not hiding behind excuses. 

You know that Linked In page you won’t update because you don’t want people to see what you are doing? You know when you won’t post an update on your Facebook page because a friend might see it what you are doing? That’s NOT being “All in”. You know when you won’t go to a company event, read the recommended readings, do the trainings or even open up a company bank account? That’s NOT being ” All in”. That’s not committing or making a decision or believing you will success. That’s playing it safe or ‘trying’ not DOING. 

With the company I am partnered with , aside from commitment, hardwork and never looking back, ‘All in” means owning  all the company core products to use and build any business with. 

When you want to go for the jackpot and have a great hand, you go “All in”. You can’t pull your cards back and say, “Just Kidding”. You are taking a chance, making a decision and going for it! And the rewards can be sweet.

To your success, 


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1) Get In

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How to wake up early – Tips and Tricks

Extraordinary results means doing extraordinary things. Lack of time is just an excuse and so when I say I don’t have time to exercise, read, meditate, pray, write or do any of things I should be doing, I know that it is time to up the game, stay up late, wake up early and do what it takes.

Waking up early, to me, means waking up extra early, before the rest of the family to do the ‘me’ tasks that will up my producticity and make it an unbelievable day.

I have a confession to make. While I have always considered myself to be a “morning’ person, ( I used to wake up early on vacation so I wouldn’t waste any of my day!) after 4 kids, a lot of responsibility and sleepless nights, waking up earlier than usual is not an easy task.

… and so I found a method that helps me conquer the snooze button. In fact I don’t even need an alarm clock, and although it may sound a little ‘woo woo’ it works every time.

First, I decide on a time… let’s say 5:30am.

Next, I literally say out loud ” I direct my subconcious mind to wake at 5:30am”

(Yes, I know it sounds a little silly but I choose silly and successful over stuck and going no where anyday!)

Last, I picture myself getting up at that time in the morning, happy and energized and ready to conquer all.

The first time I attempted this, it did take a few days but now it works every time.

Care to join me and the other 5-a.m -ers?

To your success,

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The Secret.. is you.

Kung Fu Panda is one of my kids’ favourite movies and as far as I am concerned they can watch it all they want. I have personally found that there are some great take-aways and lessons from this movie – reminders that I use in my business, specifically in the area of personal responsibility and looking inside yourself. 

Often times in business and in life, when things don’t quite go our way, when we are “stuck” or looking for a solution to take us to the next level, we tend to look for those solutions outside of ourselves. We tend to go from training to training, coach to coach, opportunity to opportunity looking for the “secret’ that will change everything.

I love the scene in Kung fu Panda where Po after earning the right to the Secret Scroll that is supposed to contain the “secret” to limitless power feels defeated as the scroll in fact contained “nothing”. His “father” sees his pain and decides to tell him about the Secret Ingredient to his secret ingredient soup – nothing! He further explains that in order for something to be special, you need to believe it is special. Po re-opens the scroll with his reflection staring back at him.

There is no secret ingredient. I remind myself this all the time. Everything you search for is within you. Reach inside, don’t give up, be consistent in your efforts. The power is in you.

To your success,


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Lacking Confidence in your business?

“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.’ You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” 

― Eleanor Roosevelt, You Learn by Living: Eleven Keys for a More Fulfilling Life

I had a discussion today with a colleague which inspired me to write this post. It’s an all too familiar topic that keeps coming up and can be paralyzing if we let it be. We have all been there at one time or another, unable to make the sale, confront a difficult client or negotiate a deal. Perhaps   we second guess our decisions so much that it prevents us from making the decisions that can propel us forward. Bottom line is that what you are doing when you lack confidence to move forward is giving power to your fears.

Along those lines, I am a believer that confidence is a choice.

Eleanor Roosevelt also once said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” 

My best tip for dealing with fear and confidence issues is to face that which you fear. If it is public speaking, get in front of an audience. If it’s cold calling, pick up the phone. If it is an overbearing boss, speak up. When we do that which we fear, it gets easier until we don’t fear it any more. We gain confidence. None of us were born on stage but we all have it in us to be on stage, if that’s what we want.

And when it is really tough to take the first step and try…

Do some soul searching,  get some help, deal with the past, get a coach, or talk to a friend. Just don’t ignore it because you will get stuck (trust me, I’ve been there) and stuck will keep you right where you are spinning your wheels.

To your success,


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