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Best Free Opportunities to Make Money Online

Can you make money online for Free?

Had you asked me this question a month ago, I probably would have told you to stay clear of anything for free home business opportunities if you want to make any life-changing income.

The truth is, I believed that any opportunity that could provide a good income required some investment and that most of the free opportunities to make money online were not worth the time, be it referral sites, “Get Paid to” opportunities, surveys etc. Fast forward to today, I kept seeing people asking about Free home business opportunities and decided to get off my high horse and research it and find solutions for those people..

Why I changed my opinion about Free Make Money Online Opportunities

The truth is, I get it.

I understand that not everyone has the money to get started in some high-ticket programs and business opportunities that, although very lucrative, can appear to be a stretch for some people. My stance on that is that when you are ready and willing to do what it takes to make life-changing income online, then you will find a way and sometimes, the free online business opportunity might be the way.

We all have to start somewhere and doing something is better than doing nothing.

The way  I see these opportunities is as a starting point…as a stepping stone. The goal should not be to do small tasks on a “GPT” or “get paid to” site, for pennies. The goal should be to make your first $100- $250 – $500 dollars so that you can eventually join a higher ticket program that you can market and have that opportunity to earn a life changing income.

Having said that, I want this to be a guide – a guide that will eventually get you to a 6 figure income if you want to.

I don’t want this post to be a guide to a few free opportunities that you will join and do nothing with so get this straight – you are not going to make 6 figures watching videos, playing games, doing surveys or referring people at $1 -$5 per referral, but…. let’s get you started.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Bookmark this post. I don’t want this to end here. I want you to prove my initial theory wrong and that people can start with these free sites.
  2. Friend me on Facebook: at and let’s connect. Tell me you are participating in the “free opportunity challenge” with me. Again, I want this to be start to something bigger and I would be happy to chat and collaborate on how we can make that happen for you.
  3. Check out the list below and join the free opportunities. I have researched the ones that apparently have the best return and have joined them myself. Don’t just join one. Join several so that you can increase your income potential and referral potential ( you can earn more when you refer people) I will be participating myself to prove my initial theory about free home business opportunities, wrong. I hope I am onto something.

Join these free “Get Paid To” sites


Swagbucks paid out over $275 million to its users…. that’s got to count for something right? users. The way it works is that you are rewarded for everyday tasks that you may already be doing online. You can earn by watching videos, completing offers, completing surveys, searching on the internet and much more! Join Swagbucks here.


Similar to Swagbucks, you can earn money through surveys, completing offers, watching videos, playing games. This one allows you to earn a few bucks fairly quickly. You can join here. 

Treasure Trooper 

TreasureTrooper is a free service that provides you with several money-making opportunities.  They have paid over 7.5 million out to their members. You can earn a $1 just by signing up and have a member forum and chat room where you learn how to maximize your earning potential. You can sign up here.


So, this one is kind of cool. You get questions sent to your phone. You answer them and 50 cents goes to your paypal account. I have yet to receive a lot of questions… but I imagine as it grows there will be more polls/questions to answer and an opportunity to earn more. Worth a shot? Join here for free.

Check out the similar ones listed below as well. Join by clicking on the program name and entering your details.


Similar to other rewards sites, with Clicksense pays you do refer people, do surveys, play games, complete offers. You can join here.

With over $2 million paid out to its members and tons of testimonials,  was added to my list without hesitation. You can join here.

There are tons of these sites including cash-back sites which I will explore at a later date but this is enough to get you started towards your first earnings.

Good luck!

Remember to send me a Facebook friend request here so that we can connect and work towards the ultimate goal of moving from free home business opportunities to earning with high ticket affiliate programs where you can earn life-changing income . Once you message me make sure to let me know you are participating in the free opportunity challenge.

Challenge yourself.  Dream Big.

Start Small if you absolutely need to but Act Now.

To your success and outrageous goals,

Home business Ideas · Money Making Ideas

Laptop Lifestyle Creation and How to Make EVERY Day feel like Saturday


How many times do we spend during the week – just dreaming about what life could be like if we just had more money?

I had this number in my head, that if  I could just make that amount in one lump sum – all my problems would  instantly go away.

Less stress.

Less worrying about how I was gonna pay my bills.

Get outta debt.

You know the drill.

And funny enough, there was one dayp er week, that even though I was in a mountains worth of debt, that all my troubles seemed to float away, for about 24  hours.

It was Saturday.

And not just ONE Saturday – but every Saturday.

I used to LOVE Saturday’s like a fat kid loves candy.

I still do.

I’m sure you know the feeling.

Not a care in the World.

Nobody to report to.

No job to go to.

Nothing to stress about.

I hardly worried about a thing.

I was more focused on how I could have that EVERY day, than what I didn’t have.

I was focused on my dreams.

The ability to work when I want with whom I want, and for whatever reasons I want.

All while money keeps flowing into my bank account.

Do you dream about this too?

Bills are paid.

Got a wad of cash in your purse, or pocket.

Bank account is filled.

Life is gooood.

Well let me tell you my friend.

You could have that right now.

You are so close to getting on the path to your dreams.

Thousands of our students, many of whom are my personal friends – all live the way I just described above.

I call it the Laptop Lifestyle.

And it is by FAR, the most liberating feeling in the World.

So here’s the deal:

You obviously went online looking for a new way to make money.

And you landed at my site – this one.

Trust me, it was by no accident.

You are obviously looking for something that can help you.

And… you’ve found it – if you are willing to set your ego aside, think like a winner,  and invest in yourself and your future, starting today.

All you need to do in order to get the ball rolling here, and get on the path to your dreams, is submit an application.

Now don’t just submit an application.

Know WHY you want to submit an application.Know WHY you want to be your own  boss, work from home (or wherever you have an Internet connection), have your own income streams, and be free in every sense of the word.

Imagine what life could be like if you’d just get going already.

In other words, stop pussyfooting around.

Stop with all the procrastination in your life.

And just do this <—

Trust me, it’s not hard work.  We are not digging ditches in frozen ground here.

We have a completely “Done for You Marketing System”.


You are going to learn as you earn, if you can follow some simple step by step  instructions.

Everything is explained here.

Thousands of our friends & members of the Community we are a part of, have already done it.

Why not you?

Why not now?

To get on this path with my Team & me,  and have the chance to bank 1K-6K Commissions daily, like my Team is doing…

… watch this and submit an application.

We will  personally show you how to make  every day a Saturday, and teach you everything we know – if  you’ll let us.

To your success and outrageous goals,

Signature Tereza

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