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The Importance Of Having Systems In Place

Grasp the importance of this and you will achieve extraordinary results in your business:

Have a marketing system in place that will work for you even when you are not working.

Yesterday I was at a very important family and cultural event celebrating  St. Anthony. I have been going to this celebration/pilgramage for as long as I can remember (since I was a young child) and have never missed it except when I was out of the country once or twice. Bottom line is… it’s important to me.

Interestingly though, I still have prospects interested in my business and product offerings and have the ability to make sales even though I am nowhere near my computer and did not pick up the phone yesterday because I had a system in place to take care of these interested prospects for me.

Collecting leads

Presenting my product offering/convering sales and accepting credit cards

Following up with my leads to aid them in the buying decision

We can’t be everywhere and working all the time. The whole point for me is having more time freedom with my family and loved ones. 

No matter what business you are in, if you are online and want to maximize your profitability you should be doing the following to automate your business as much as possible:

Create a compelling lead capture page 

Have a way of presenting your product to your prospects and a way to convert them to sales even when you are not available.

Have a means of following up with these prospects automatically via an autoresponder.  

This does not need to replace personal interaction. If you love being on the phone all day and presenting and if it is working for you, go ahead but add this element and automate your business online and you just found a way to make money while you sleep. 

To your success, 


P.S Here’s a pic of the kids having some fun in the sand before we got rained out of our picnic yesterday.

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Blogging · EN_MIGRATE · List Building and Email Marketing

Why Many Network Marketers Fail…

Now, before I dive into this, let me say that I am not against Network Marketing. Quite the contrary, I think that Direct Sales and  Network Marketing are an extremely lucrative means of ordinary people achieving extraordinary results and success. 

Why then do so many of them fail or give up?

Aside from the belief that this is “easy street” and overnight riches, (which it clearly is not, no matter how great your product is) I think people are sometimes given the wrong tools and given a false sense of what their ‘warm’ market can do.

They are told to make a list of friends and family and start recruiting. Many of them are sold on the idea that if they just get two and they get two and so on and so on.. the residuals will just start pouring in …and this is so far from the truth.

Truth is, this is not a sustainable model for a variety of reasons. 

First off, friends and family are not necessarily your target market and won’t duplicate what you are doing.  Yes, I “get” that you shouldn’t prequalify your prospective team members  and that “ you never know” who might be a great leader in your organization but targeting your family and friends and expecting them to duplicate is hit and miss and you are limiting yourself and setting yourself up for failure. 

That’s where leveraging the internet comes in and came make the world of difference. Leverage the internet, brand yourself and be the hunted rather than the hunter, hunted by tons of like minded individuals searching for what you have to offer because they are attracted by you, your story and what you have to offer. 

Having  a system market for  you 24/7 is key so you don’t run out of leads and prospects . The internet never turns off. 

I do it by blogging.  Add Social Media, and provide value that people are looking for and you can create an endless stream of customers for any business.

Now keep in mind, the internet is not meant to replace what you are currently doing but add to it. If meetings and one-on-one interaction is working and helping you build your business, I encourage you to continue but if you have a way of reaching a limitless amount of people who are actually interested in what you have to offer  and able to have  your offer in front of them even while you sleep, I think it is worth your while to explore it as well.  Add to that, a very duplicable model, where your new team is able to follow in your steps, brand themselves and attract like-minded individuals into their organization and you have created something phenomenal. 

To Your Success,


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