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Twitter, Tweetlead and building your list.

I love twitter.

Years ago, I started a networking group for women in business. I knew nothing about Social Media but it was suggested to me that I start using twitter. My first experience with twitter was a positive one. Shortly after joining Twitter I ended up filling a room with strangers on the launch of my networking group … people I had met and interacted with on Twitter.

Twitter has come a long way since then and is still going strong…

320 million people use Twitter today.

1.3 billion are registered on Twitter

500 million people visit twiter.com without logging in every month

66 million twiter users in the United States alone

When I started on Twitter, it was great with just engagement and content but imagine now with new tools what it can do.

As we leverage the internet to reach a wider audience and impact more people with our messages, we know the importance of collecting information from our audience so that we can build relationships with these people.

Enter Tweetleads and Twitter cards to help you get your message in front of large groups of targeted audience while also enabling you to collect their email address so you can bring them further value and market to them.
Here’s a brief overview of how Tweetlead works:

  • When you tweet your offer you can get one click signups to your list
  • Instead of the usual 140 characters, your tweet is automatically extended
  • No need for landing pages or forms. Prospects information is auto populated and they are added to your list
  • Integrates with Mailchimp, Get Response, Aweber, Constant Contact, Ontraport and Sendreach
  • Works with all devices
  • Official feature with Twitter Ads

To learn more about Tweetlead and to join and get started on collecting unlimited leads with just one click, check it out here.

To your success and outrageous goals,

Signature Tereza





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5 ways to work your online home business without really working during the holidays

Whether it is the Fourth of July, Christmas holidays, Spring Break or Summer Holidays,  it can be difficult to manage family fun and social activities while still building and keeping revenue flowing in your home business.

… but it isn’t impossible and can be done with just a few tweaks to your current daily activity. It is especially fun and easy to do in an online business. And if your business involves positive change for your clients, the holidays are a perfect time to continue marketing as people are ready for change in the new year and they are searching for you to provide them a solution. There is a huge opportunity to actually increase your business and clientelle during the holidays without losing your mind.

Here are 5 tips you can implement immediately to prepare for the holidays and be able to spend time with your family:

1. Create and schedule your blog posts well in advance. Imagine having 10 ready to go blog posts that get Screen-Shot-2015-12-10-at-4.03.46-PMpublished automatically every day during the holidays. Providing value to your clients and prospects during the holidays while you are sipping eggnog… It’s a win-win. Imagine how amazing and dedicated you appear to your readers. And truth be told, whether they know you are sipping egg nog or not, you are dedicated because you prepared it for them in advance! Most blogging platforms allow you to schedule posts in advance so there is no need to login and publish your drafts AT ALL during the holidays!

2. Have a a lead capture page in place. Whether  you are currently running an online business or not, you should and need to have something in place where you can capture the names and emails of people who are interested in your business. This is a key in automating any type of business. The ability to capture leads and make sales even while you are sleeping or out singing Christmas Carols is absolutely necessary.

Automate it even further by having a preset campaign of emails going to your prospects and you are set. I use MLSP for my capture page and Get Response for my autoresponder. You can also use a variety of different autoresponder services from free ones like Mailchimp to Aweber. . They key is to do this before the holidays so you are set to work without really working.

3. Schedule social media posts. I don’t wait for  upcoming holidays to implement this. I use Hootesuite to schedule posts on all my Social media platforms well in advance. You can manage up to 5 Social Media accounts for free on Hootesuite. I personally prefer to set a certain time aside once or twice a week to schedule posts. Then I return every so often to engage with others and post something relevant .

holiday-pic-e14497813313014. Take pictures! Take advantage of the “social” part of the Holidays and implement it in your marketing. Some refer to this as lifestyle marketing. It does not take any more time to take some quick photos during the holidays of you having fun. These can easily be added or implemented in your marketing during or after the holidays. People love happiness. Post some ‘happy’ pictures during the holidays.

5. Put it all together. To be truly successful during the holidays without losing your mind, you will learn to put all the above steps together. Create your blog posts, schedule them to be published and emailed via your autoresponder. Schedule those blog posts to be posted on all your Social Media platforms as well and make sure all of this content going out has a way of collecting the leads via a Lead capture page so that you can continue to market to them and make sales while you are having fun!

It might sound complicated but it isn’t. Once done, there is very little to do to maintain. The point is leveraging the automation ability of these tools and the fact that the internet never sleeps so that your business isn’t barely surviving during the holidays but thriving.

Keep in mind though that the most important thing is taking time for you and your family. That’s why we do what we do, isn’t it?

To your success,

Signature Tereza




P.S If you are interested in learning more about creating income online, send me a PM on Facebook .

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21 Day Blogging Challenge · Personal Development

The Importance of a Sit Spot for Your Wellbeing and Your Business

Ghandi once said, “All  of man’s problems, stem from his inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”

In this fast paced world and this high tech age of convenience and 24, hour “everything”, it is no wonder that we have become stressed, overwhelmed, overly connected to “things” and disconnected from nature.

For this reason, I was more than just intrigued  when a concept or practice was introduced to me called the “Sit Spot”

The Sit Spot is described as an age-old practice of going to one spot in nature on a regular basis over a long period of time and just being still and observing your surroundings

How can the Sit Spot benefit you, your well-being and perhaps even your business?

First, one can’t deny that there is something special about finding a magical personal spot to just be. I often speak about going for walks when you get stuck in life or in your business just to disconnect from everything and be alone with your thoughts and feelings. I often use the walk to visualize, to pray and get some much needed fresh air and exercise. The “sit spot” has its similarities to my walking in nature but I believe it takes it a step further…

It slows things down in a very fast paced world. It allows you to embrace the importance of taking time for onself. It is a major opportunity for personal growth and it let’s nature  just… “happen”.

In our interactive push-botton world, when was the last time you took the time to just “let nature happen”. When was the last time you lived in the present moment and observed what was around you outdoors instead of being in constant action and interaction. It’s amazing and powerful when you just “be”. You will be amazed at what you discover.

So how does this exposure to nature help you in your business and in your life? Exposure to nature helps:

– promote good health
– It is known to reduce stress
– Provides a peaceful calming environment and effect
– Has been connected with higher test scores and graduation rates
– It helps promote creativity
– It increases self confidence

Sit spots, having just been introduced to me are becoming a daily habit. I intend to share my experiences with the “sit spot” practice when I am well into it and I invite you to do the same.

For the next 30 days, take at least a few minutes a day, pick an outdoor spot that you will return to every day and just …stop and be still.

The results can be amazing. I look forward to hearing from you about how it has helped you.

To your success,


Signature Tereza




P.S I was just part of a 4 week private Inner Power Intensive for women, that was designed to help you take your life to the next level, get unstuck and finally get the results you deserve. The intensive has introduced the Sit Spot and various breakthrough activities to me and a group of superwomen ready to conqueur the world. I’ve learned that Personal Development is key to having any success in any business. Click here to learn more about a monthly Personal Development Mastermind designed to take you to the next level. 


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6 Reasons why you need to take a vacation and why I finally did!

I just got back from a much needed vacation and it wasn’t just any ‘ol vacation either. I took a full month with my family and recharged in Croatia.

 It was much needed and I don’t regret a single dollar spent or a single missed day of work.

 I was with my family. I didn’t have my kids spend their summer bored and under someone else’s care while mom and dad worked and I am a much happier, productive mom and entrepreneur because of it.

 I look around me and I hear it all the time… “ I never take vacation” or “ I don’t have time for vacation” … as if it is some badge of honour people wear. And while I don’t propose we all take 1 month vacations (go ahead if you can and want to!), we should all take a day, a weekend or a week to recharge our batteries and connect with those we love. We will be better for it. Here’s why:

 1. Your office is not a place of inspiration. Generally it just isn’t. Day in, day out at a desk or in an office doesn’t really stimulate the mind. Diverse cultures, interesting new surroundings and scenery (like my amazing view from my balcony in Zadar, Croatia  below) prompt great ideas.

My balcony view in Zadar, Croatia
My balcony view in Zadar, Croatia

 2. Time off is medicine.

 Your stress and anxiety levels are lower – not just because you are not working but because you are away from your usual day to day grind and responsibilities – at least for a brief moment. You get to disconnect and turn off panic mode just for a bit.

In a study at State University of New York at Oswego, 12000 men between 35 and 37 were surveyed. Men who went on vacation regularly reduce their overall risk of death by 20% (Source; Home and Garden)

3. You get some much needed sleep. Better sleep equals more energy.

4. You can get some much needed sunlight. We all know that too much sun is bad for you but did you know that too little sunlight is bad for you too. Sunlight is a natural way to reduce stress. Natural sunlight provides much needed Vitamin D, is essential for absorption of Calcium, boosts serotonin and staves off depression. A day at the beach (within reason and with the right protection, of course) can do wonders for your mental and physical health.

5. It can be a perfect time to reconnect with your family. I am with my family whenever I can but it is just not the same when you are in the midst of your daily grind – driving to school, doing homework etc. It’s when you are away from the every day chaos that you have a chance to get to know each other again, learn what makes them tick, see what makes them smile. Those moments of silliness this summer when we were away from computers and phones were priceless.

6. You get to know you. When was the last time you had a moment to yourself – not worrying about the next meeting, what you were going to cook, who was going to go to the bank, when you were going to go grocery shopping, clean the furnace, call the insurance guy… etc.. … you get my drift? When was the last time you emptied your mind and focused on you. A break in your routine away from it all may be just what you need to let go, find out what makes you tick and discover yourself, where you are and where you want to go. You can’t do that when you have a million things on the go.

Avoid burnout…

 To be more productive, to unleash your creativity and to rejuvenate, I suggest everyone takes a break every so often. It does not need to be a full out vacation.

 Take a break mid-week. A “mental health day”, perhaps. A day off – just to clear your mind and rejuvenate.

 Plan long weekend getaways by yourself or with your loved ones. Changing your surroundings can make a huge difference.

 If you don’t go away, treat your weekend like an actual break. Do what you love. Turn off your phone and computer – read a book, get a massage,  or have some “play time” where you actually have some fun with family and friends without work interruptions.

 If you are employer, know that time off for your employees can make your employees much more productive and happier. It can reduce the number of sick days and poor decision making. Too much accrued vacation time is a red flag for burnout.

 My vacation this summer was a different kind of vacation. We returned to our roots, we visited family, my husband and I went back to where we were married and began our lives together. I rediscovered the beauty, the people, the food, and the amazing culture in one of my favourite countries in the world… Croatia. Most of all… we took a break. We lived. We enjoyed. We realized that we should be working to live and not living to work.

My kids experiencing farm life while on Vacation
My kids experiencing farm life while on Vacation
Hard at work at the farm
Hard at work at the farm









Lunch by the river
Lunch by the river










I can’t wait for my next vacation!

Don’t forget to book yours.

To your success and outrageous goals,


Signature Tereza




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How Any Business Can Incorporate a Blog in Their Marketing Efforts

It’s no secret that blogging great content and updating a blog regularly is a phenomenal way of attracting potential customers, getting leads and eventually sales. Every time a business creates a quality blog post and shares it, they are creating more incoming links to their blog, strengthening their brand and increasing customer loyalty.

Every time a blog is updated, it’s another opportunity for Google and other search engines to pick up activity on your blog. It increases your “findability” on-line.

With all the craze around blogging though, I often get asked “How can a business like mine incorporate a blog?” So, I thought it valuable to provide some specific examples of how specific industries and niches could use a blog to grow a business, aside from just creating an on-line presence. Small businesses don’t always have big budgets for marketing but they don’t necessarily need to either.

Below are some real examples that illustrate HOW a business can use a blog to grow business, increase their reach and their bottom line.

Local Restaurant/Pizzeria

Blogging could be an especially lucrative way for a local business like a restaurant to increase their reach.

Imagine for a moment, a restaurant blogging about their specials, local activities and contests. Imagine them blogging about their specific events at the restaurant, sharing those posts on Social Media, as well.

For this type of business, I would suggest an opt-in to a freebie/ a coupon for a discount or a give-away that would allow the local business to 1) Collect potential customers info for future marketing and promotion and 2) Encourage the customer to visit the restaurant to collect their freebie or discount.

Contests and freebies are extremely shareable. People absolutely love to spread the word about freebies and contests and since they are location specific, it is very easy for a business to reach a very targeted local market fairly quickly using these means.

The “opting-in” or collecting of emails in exchange for something of value, is not to be taken lightly. It’s powerful and it is KEY to long-term marketing efforts. A local restaurant would be wise to combine off-line and on-line marketing efforts via newspapers, postcards and flyers encouraging customers to visit the blog, enter their email address and in turn proving the business with a way to continuously build a relationship with their subscribers.

Pretty cool isn’t it?

Network Marketing/ Direct Sales

Most network marketers are still being taught to make a list of friends and family and target anyone with a heartbeat.

I am certainly not discouraging traditional off-line efforts, especially if you enjoy it and are having success with it. However, I truly believe that by providing valuable content on a blog about your Network Marketing/Direct Sales niche, you could increase your reach, become the hunted, not the hunter and potentially make money while you sleep. I have included two specific Direct Sales niches below and specific ways those businesses could grow exponentially via blogging.

Skin Care Direct Sales company

If you want to attract people interested in skin care, does it not make sense to provide incredible value and education on skin care that people are actively looking for?

Give. Give. Give.

The people on-line who will find you are looking for what you are selling. The Network Marketing rep of XYZ company is no longer chasing, you see, but is being hunted by people who are actually interested all because they are actively and consistently providing content and solutions for the people looking for answers in the skin care niche.

Here’s a tip for this type of company: I would personally capture those leads by collecting an email address in exchange for a “how to” on skin care. For example ” 20 steps to radiant skin without harsh chemicals” or ” 10 Ingredients you should avoid at all cost in your cosmetics”.

Building your Direct Sales team? Why not direct the to watch the video explaining how they too can earn an income sharing  your product?

Are you beginning to see the trend here?” Get targeted traffic by creating and sharing valuable, niche specific content, collect prospect information by providing valuable information in exchange for their personal information and then follow up by building a relationship with them via email, continuously providing them value until they are ready to buy. This is where a powerful system using a blog, a Lead capture page, and an auto-responder (more on that later) can truly work for you 24-7, making you sales while you sleep!



 Weight loss Direct Sales Company

While this is a very popular niche, if approached correctly, with the use of a blog you can truly differentiate yourself from the competition and dominate this niche.  Similarly to the skin care example, there are many create things a weight loss blog can do to attract visitors and buyers and it could be a lot of fun too: Exercise videos, recipes, 30 Day Weight Loss challenges (everyone loves a good before and after story! and an opportunity to be part of it!)

Here’s my take on using a 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge on your blog: Share your own journey and your challenge. Blog about it. Have a Call to Action inviting others to partake in your challenge…and as part of your challenge, they buy your product. Offer support. Add them to a private Facebook group where challengers can support each other, be part of something, stay excited, motivate and refer others. You’ve just created a loyal tribe!

These are just a couple of examples of Network Marketing niches using a blog as part of their system. You can use a blog to compliment your Home Party Jewellery business (there’s only so many hours in the day to host home parties), your non-toxic home care products, herbal supplements… whatever niche you are in. Just be creative, give value and be consistent and the leads can start pouring in.

Real Estate and Mortgage Industry blogs

This is an industry I am fairly familiar with and all too often I see agents promoting their generic company website, and just posting their listings or, in the mortgage industry,-posting rates …on the off chance that their target market may come across a listing. How can blogging help with your mortgage business or your real estate business? While I can say with certainty that these are industries where you can’t exactly sell a home or close a mortgage while you sleep, there is no reason why you can’t collect leads while you sleep and have a blog working for you while you sleep.

Mortgage Brokers and Real Estate agents are busy. They don’t have time to spend a lot of time blogging. I get that. But, having a well planned strategy around a blog and using it correctly can differentiate them from all the rest and does not need to take a lot of time. Incorporating that blog with Social Media and an email marketing campaign can do far more than just sharing new listings on a generic site. Imagine sharing listings and rates with an list of 1000’s that opted in to your list and LIKE you because of who you are and the value you provide!

Here are just a few quick ways an agent can blog without spending too much time:

– Share financial tips

– Share credit tips

– Share short personal stories or case studies related to your niche

– Share a variety of tips regarding preparing your home for sale

– Re-purpose content by sharing it via video post or written post

– Share other people’s videos

– Share excerpts to industry articles with just a paragraph with your take on the article

… and again, you should have something of value that your target market will give you their email in exchange for, such as :

– a video series on how” xyz City” citizens can be mortgage free faster or

– Secrets to selling your home in “xyz city” at over asking price quickly and easily.

Set it up so that an autoresponder will send them regular emails. That is a time saver in itself. Set it up once and have the system do the work for you while you are out getting listings. Then, occasionally send a broadcast email to your entire list regarding a hot new listing or the crazy great mortgage rates we are seeing.

 Non-profit/ Charities / Organizations / Churches and Ministries.

Can you see how following a similar strategy to the ones in the examples above can help various organizations and causes spread the word? In the advent of “internet-everything”, non-profits have an opportunity to have a voice on the internet and reach the masses, as well. A church can share sermons and words of wisdom on a blog and provide daily bible quotes, prayers, and keep local residents in the loop when it comes to local church events. It can be a powerful way to fund-raise and accept donations beyond just local reach.

Tools referenced

I referenced a few tools I use and recommend when you are getting started with your blog, namely a Lead Capture page and an auto-responder. If you are just starting out, adding tools to your blog does not need to be complicated or expensive. You can start with a  free newsletter like Mailchimp (it has its limitations) you can use a relatively inexpensive option but with many more features. The auto-responder I use for most of my lists and email campaigns is Get Response. (tip: Get response also now has unlimited lead pages included in one of their packages). I use MLSP for my Lead Capture page and a built in CRM

Cashing in on your passion

The above examples reference  just some of the ways any business can use a blog. Most recently, I have seen bloggers blogging about their passions… yoga, cross fit, gardening, personal development.. and then they market and sell products that are completely unrelated to their niche. Their reasoning? They blog about something they love and provide such unbelievably great value, regularly and consistently  that they attract tons of traffic . The more eyeballs they have reading their passion based blog leads to a greater number of people viewing the products they are selling. More views… more interest… more leads and sales and happy customers.

Cool way to make a living isn’t it?

To your success,

Signature Tereza




P.S You can learn more about getting more authority, more leads, more sales, and more income with blogging here.


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The key to earning automated income online and it’s not what you think

I believe in people and I believe in people doing amazing wonderful things with their talents, their perseverance and their hard work. If you read my past blogs, you know that I am all about outrageous goals . I am about taking the steps necessary to achieve those outrageous goals. I LOVE people and I love personal development.

…so it might seem a little odd that here I am writing about automated income online.

…but bear with me.

There’s a slight misconception about what an automated internet business really looks like.

First off, there’s a picture in my head that I get (because I have been there) of someone either searching Google for an “automated business” , “ turnkey internet business”, “automated income online” after hearing about success story after success story of people who made it big on the internet by just “clicking on the link”.

the keyI personally couldn’t help but wonder if there was some truth to it and so, yes, I have often “Clicked on the link” in search of freedom. Isn’t that what most of us want when we get into business..  freedom?

The truth is, most of the time, when someone goes to click on a link and buy an automated online business, they are given another link and told to promote and left hung out to dry. And even if you are a go-getter, and try your best there are some missing elements that were implied or promised that just aren’t there. Without those elements it is near impossible to succeed. No personal contact. No training. No real business.

Yet, I personally kept looking and through my failures, my training, my perseverance and belief, I realized some key elements in a home business in the online business area. There are some essential criteria in creating the freedom you are looking for:


Grasp the importance of this and you will achieve amazing results in your business:

I will never forget when I was at an important family event last summer, outdoors, all day without a computer. I remember coming home that evening to an inbox full of new leads and sales.

I wasn’t working but I still had prospects interested in my business and product offerings. I had the ability to make sales even though I was outside away from my desk all day. I had a system in place to take care of the interested prospects for me.

I was collecting emails

The system was presenting the product, making sales and accepting credit cards.

There was a follow up system in place to aid them in the buying decision.

Step by Step Training

While this may not be necessary for the seasoned pro, someone just starting online and checking out an opportunity does not want to have to figure everything out from scratch.

… and they shouldn’t have to. Not in this type of business.

And most importantly… (at least in my mind)……is  the personal touch.

The Personal Touch

What good would McDonald’s, Subway, Tim Hortons etc be to a business owner if the business owner couldn’t contact Customer support or if the franchise was provided with no training?

I truly believe that this is the secret sauce.

I have seen a lot of great systems out there. You can automate your lead capture page, your email follow up, your website presentation. There can be a wonderful, flawless payment system in place for your customers and an automated way of you getting paid too but if you have no one to contact when you are stuck, when you need a hand or perhaps just a little nudge in the right direction… then you can end up right back where you started.

This personal touch goes beyond technical issues and support calls. It’s the live trainings, the live events, the teams that you get to know both online and offline that help you with your outrageous goals.

I remember hearing once that in order for a product or business to be super successful, it needed to either be 1)First of its kind 2) the only one of its kind or 3) have the WOW factor. I believe I have found all three and more.

The online system I plugged into is as automated as it gets without leaving you high and dry. Average people are making their first money online after clicking link after link in other opportunities only to be disappointed.

It has all the elements above and more,  to get you on the right track as well as ongoing training and support in business and personal development. (my kind of company). The WOW factor for me is the personal coaches, available to help you build your business.

They are aligned with my beliefs and have my seal of approval. You can check them out here.

To your success,

Signature Tereza



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21 Day Blogging Challenge

The clear distinction between trying and doing in your small business.

There is a  clear distinction between trying and actually taking action and “doing”  in your small business.

While I have never been a Star Wars fan in the past, I found myself recently watching some clips from “ The Empire Strikes Back” that I believe resonates with a lot of people in life and business.

The famous scene where Luke is corrected by Yoda “ Do or do not, there is no try”

People often ‘try’ in various things they set out to do. They ‘try’ a new diet, ‘try’ a new business, ‘try’ to exercise and that is why people fail.

There is a huge distinction between trying and doing . I was once told of a Tony Robbins event where Tony challenged a woman in the audience when she said she had ‘tried everything”. He instructed her to try to pick up her chair and she proceeded to pick up her chair. He corrected her and told her that no, not to pick up the chair but to “try to pick up the chair”. Confused, it resulted in her picking up the chair and not picking up the chair… until she came to realize the distinction he was making between the act of trying and doing.

‘Try’ is a word we really need to be careful with. Trying is equal to not doing.

When I was trying to wake up at 5:30am, I did just that- I tried. .. and ended up pressing the snooze button more times than not.

Ask yourself, do you find yourself ‘trying’ or are you actually ‘doing’?

Here’s what you need to do:

Take the word try completely out of your vocabulary. It’s a wimpy word that means you are not committing.

Decide with conviction that you will do and not try, with respect to what is required for you to succeed in your endeavours. Decide on the outcome and proceed to take action.

Do or do not. There is no try.

To your success,

Signature Tereza




P.S I am putting together a team of 15 people this month of do-ers, (not tryers) …of people who wish to finally break free.  Make a decision to join me today because I am taking the first 15 people who will have personal access to me.

Join me today.

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21 Day Blogging Challenge

Feeling stuck? How to get unstuck in life and your business

” Stuck ” is not a place where you want to be. Those of you who know my story know that I was stuck for a very long time.

I was not happy with where I was and felt like I was spinning my wheels. I couldn’t figure out this internet marketing thing and I wouldn’t take the steps to get out of where I was.

And then, I got “unstuck”. I took the necessary action to get out of my situation, I made a decision to move forward and things began to change.

I wish I could tell you there’s one magic formula that will get you out of the rut forever and ever and you will never have any problems again but unfortunately there is a high likelihood that you may get stuck again, at a particular income level, at a particular point in your business or you may simply find yourself unhappy, questioning where you are in life and not knowing what step to take next to get out of it. The key is how you react to this and choosing to get out of this state quickly.

– Ask yourself and be honest with yourself about why you are feeling stuck. Is it fear? Is it self-sabotage ? Maybe something you are doing is not in line with your vision and just doesn’t feel right. The awareness of what it is that is holding you back opens the door to possible solutions.

– Sometimes it is as simple as taking a walk, getting out into nature, taking a day off away from whatever or wherever you are feeling stuck to clear your head. Sitting at your desk or at home brooding over problems is not where you want your focus to be. Clearing your head and changing your environment can sometimes make the world of difference in any situation.

– Take action. Being stuck sometimes requires a decision and taking some sort of action. Sometimes that feeling of uncertainty and not knowing which way to turn requires you to choose and take action. While I am not suggesting you make a careless or reckless decision in business or life, taking a calculated risk and just “doing it” versus not doing anything at all may be just what you need to get you out of your rut.

– Seek help or advice. A mentor or friend can offer an outside perspective. That perspective may be the nudge you need.

– Read my posts and follow my 21 Steps To Success Guaranteed to Change Your Life Forever – Following them daily can help keep you unstuck!

Get unstuck and be unstoppable!

To your success,

Signature Tereza




P.S Click here to see the system that is helping people world-wide get unstuck and become unstoppable  in home business.

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21 Day Blogging Challenge

5 Quick things to do to promote your business in 15 minutes or less

Too busy? Can’t find the time to promote your business. Here are a few quick and easy things you can do every day to promote your business in no time at all.

1) Write a quick blog post. Quantity doesn’t always mean quality.It is very possible to provide a short, effective,  quality blog post.  Be quick and to the point, provide value and have a call to action.

2) Update your status on Facebook and comment on a few posts. In other words, get out there. You don’t need to sell stuff all the time. Be relevant and provide value. You are building your brand by being visible and interacting. You are building your brand, building relationships and attracting a following of like minded individuals.

3) Get onto a forum and provide value. Answer a few questions and position yourself as an expert. (Most forums have a spot specific to promoting your business, as well so you can copy and paste a ready-made business promo while you are in there too).

4) Send an email to your email list. Maybe it is just sharing the blog post you just created or reminding them of an upcoming webinar or event. Give, give give. It only take a few moments.

5) Login to Hootesuite or one of your favourite Social Media tools. Schedule a few posts for the week. Retweet or reply to a few of your favourite posts while you are in there. It only take a few minutes but makes the world of difference.

To your success,

Signature Tereza




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21 Day Blogging Challenge · Personal Development · Small business tips

Are you creating and providing enough value in your business?

Do you think that $100,000/month is out of your reach. Is it  too much for you to earn in your business?

What about a million a month?  Too outrageous?

A concept was presented to me recently that you may have heard a million times before but my hope is that you will really let this sink in, especially if you are struggling to get clients and make money. Perhaps your ideas about the amount of money you think is possible for you to earn may change.

Your earnings are directly related to the amount of value your business provides.

The more value you provide, the more money you will make.

In the Direct Sales/Network Marketing industry, this is especially true as you are not only able to provide value to your clients  but also build a team and teach them to provide value to others as well. Pretty powerful.

Deliver value to the marketplace. That’s it period.

Don’t just try to sell. It won’t work unless the product you are selling provides value.  It definitely won’t work if you don’t BELIEVE the product or service provides value. BUT your business will explode if YOU yourself provide incredible value that exceeds your customer’s expectations.

Before anyone even buys, you should be giving away lessons and value.

If you are selling a healthy skin care line, TEACH your prospects about skin, about parabens. Perhaps give them tips on taking care of their skin or healthy diet tips for their skin.

If you are selling them personal development products, share your knowledge, share what YOU have learned from your products. Make videos sharing tips that can help them in their personal growth.

Once you really grasp that you as a business owner have the power and ability to increase your income by providing incredible value to your prospects on a daily basis, those outrageous monthly goals are not so outrageous. The “Buy now” button is not making you money. That sales presentation is not increasing your earnings. That automated sales funnel is not making you rich. YOU and the value you provide on a daily basis can make you rich.

To your success,

Signature Tereza






Looking for a laptop lifestyle- (1)