About Tereza

I had huge dreams as a kid. I was always a big dreamer. In fact, I got called on it as a child- almost got me in trouble too! The teacher pointed out to my mother that I often looked as if I was day dreaming during class …but saved by good grades, my “zoning out” wasn’t discouraged.

Fast forward to adulthood, I did what was expected… I got good grades, got a job and worked. Worked hard.

Soon, though, I was working so hard that I was stressed, overwhelmed, my family felt it, my health was affected by it and with not much too show for it. I was stuck. Stuck building someone elses dream.

It was the realization that by doing this, by living small and mediocre, by putting dreams on hold for other people’s idea of success, I was teaching my 4 kids to do the same. Something had to give.

To say that I had an epiphany and changed everything overnight would be a lie but in an instant I did make a decision and turned to the internet.

Wow, there’s a lot out there isn’t there?… promising the sun, moon and stars.

I made some mistakes on my new venture… expensive ones.

… and then it dawned on me.

It wasn’t the opportunity, the idea or the business that was responsibble for the success. There are some great ideas, some great opportunities for us dreamers, movers and shakers.  You may be part of an amazing one already.

Hype wasn’t going to make you successful on the internet.

Entrepreneurship and lasting success online, leveraging this wonderful tool called the internet, involved developing as a leader,  getting back to the basics and providing some sort of value.

In my world, people are dreaming again.

Ordinary people, experts and novices alike get an honest shot at achieving financial freedom without breaking the bank.

Kids are getting their moms and dads back.

People are living passionate successful lives.

People are dreaming again.

Care to join me on this journey?

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To your success and outrageous goals,