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The Importance Of Having Systems In Place in your home business

Grasp the importance of this and you will achieve extraordinary results in your business:

Have a marketing system in place that will work for you even when you are not working.

I remember being at  a very important family and cultural event celebrating  St. Anthony. I have been going to this celebration/pilgramage for as long as I can remember (since I was a young child) and have never missed it except when I was out of the country once or twice. Bottom line is… it’s important to me and it is the day that no email is checked and no business phone calls returned.

Interestingly though, I still had prospects interested in my business and product offerings and made sales even though I was  nowhere near my computer and did not pick up the phone. The reason –   I had a system in place to take care of these interested prospects for me.

…Collecting leads

….Presenting my product offering/converting sales and accepting credit cards

….Following up with my leads to aid them in the buying decision

… and making the Sale for me!

We can’t be everywhere and working all the time. The whole point for me is having more time freedom with my family and loved ones. 

No matter what business you are in, if you are online and want to maximize your profitability you should be doing the following to automate your business as much as possible:

  • Create a compelling lead capture page
  • Have a way of presenting your product to your prospects and a way to convert them to sales even when you are not available.
  • Have a means of following up with these prospects automatically via an autoresponder.  

Note that this does not need to replace personal interaction. If you love being on the phone all day and presenting and if it is working for you, go ahead but add this element and automate your business online and you just found a way to make money while you sleep. 

To your success, 

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