Top Recommended Work From Home Opportunities

So here I am on a Sunday afternoon, thinking about this home-business journey, and the amazing feats of some amazing fellow entrepreneurs who have built businesses from the ground up. 

I’m thinking of all the moms (and dad’s) who have started businesses from their kitchen tables and gone on to make hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions! 

I’m thinking of how we are in an amazing era where anything is possible, where moms and dad’s alike are become CEO’s of their lives, regardless of whether they stay at home or just want to supplement their income.- Regardless of  whether they are labourers, CEO’s or even doctors. Anyone and everyone in this era and age of the internet and social media has possibilities. 

And I wholeheartedly support these work from home families, internet marketers and fellow entrepreneurs. 

So, I have put together this list of recommended home businesses and products sold by my fellow entrepreneurs because not only do I wish to help those who wish to change their lives and get started in a home business of their own, but when I have a choice to buy a product from a random store or from a fellow-entrepreneur, I choose to help my fellow online business owners and home business entrepreneurs. 

But as happy as I am for all the success I see, it saddens me when people see all of this…. They want it. They are curious. They NEED a change. … but  year after year they continue on the sidelines watching . For them I have put together this list, including my top recommended opportunity in hopes that something resonates with them and helps them take action. 
The possibilities are endless. 

So here we go, my top recommended products and home business opportunities, in no particular order.

Magic Weight Loss Coffee

Niche: Health and Wellness, weight loss.

So, who would have thought that a product as simple as coffee can have such a huge impact on so many people? I stumbled upon this coffee when I was specifically looking for coffee related products (What they have is much more than coffee though!)  I remembered a friend of mine mentioning it so I contacted my friend…

The information I found was amazing. The success stories from people who had amazing results from using the products coupled with the success stories of people who had decided to promote the business makes this a no-brainer.  And guess what… ? I too am a success story. After just 10 days, I lost 10 lbs, I am full of energy and have no cravings!

I will get into their company and products in more detail in a future post but here’s just a brief  overview to start:

Although there are many wellness products here, the company’s signature product is coffee that helps you lose weight . Yup, a coffee that has proven to help people lose weight within days of starting. The coffee crushes cravings, increases energy, metabolizes fat to enery, helps regulate blood sugar, improves mood and focus and boost circulation and Oxygen delivery.

Watch my interview here sharing my results with the coffee.

The results people have been seeing is amazing. Send me a message on Facebook  and I can get you on our 6 day Challenge to try the coffee. Think you would be interested in promoting  a weight loss coffee? You can take a free tour here.


Niche:  Skin care and nutrition
Arbonne products consist of safe and pure, vegan ingredients. They have a skincare line, a nutrition and weight loss line 

I am not a distributor of this product but I am a dedicated consumer. I wish I had before and after pictures because how these products improved the skin on my face immensely. I won’t put anything else on my face. 

If you are interested in these products or the opportunity to earn income from this, you can contact Kina Orsanic Peric on Facebook. at https://www.facebook.com/kina.orsanicperic

Online Wellness Shopping Club

Niche: Health and Wellness,

This Shopping Club has over 400 products ranging from dishwasher detergent to moisturizers to vitamins and pharmacy products. The products are environmentally friendly, safter for your home and of the highest quality. 

What I love about companies such as these  is that it is very customer centric. The products are products that people will buy and use regardless of the business opportunity. But isn’t it great that if you buy and love the products, you can share them and earn an income too. If you are interested in checking out this company and it’s products, contact me on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/tereza.s.kumric

My #1 favourite home business

Impact Mailing Club

I have been scouring the internet for quite a while looking for additional OFFLINE ways to market my businesses. I looked at billboards, post cards… you name it.

My main focus was researching Direct Mail and guess what?

Direct Mail works!!

Direct mail’s average household response rate is 5.1% (compared to 0.6% for email, 0.6% for paid search, and 0.4% for social media) .

Now, I gotta admit … when you search some of this stuff you come across a lot of hype – systems designed with no real product showing flashy pictures of $1000’s in cash being received in the mail.

The truth?

Those things fade.

I personally market things that help people – whether it is life-changing health products or digital products and I was looking for a system that would help me help people.

A system that would let me help my fellow home-bizzers and reach people who needed, wanted and can have life-changing results.

So, imagine this..

Imagine that you don’t spend money advertising but EARN money from advertising?

Imagine that the people you are reaching offline are people who are buyers who have already spent $500 or more on a home business in the past. (now that’s targeting!!)

Imagine putting your product in front of thousands offline and making cash from your efforts.

This is a no brainer.

Can you stick a stamp on an envelope? Of course you can!

You can earn unlimited commissions as a reseller of our Lead Membership program all while advertising your product ! The more postcards or letters you mail, the larger reach you have and the more money you can make when someone signs up for a membership !

Message me for details on Facebook at www.facebook.com/tereza.s.kumric!

(This is a HUGE deal!)

Quite often, in the home business industry you  are promised support and mentorship  but when you decide to join an opportunity you are kind of left to figure it all out on your own.

The team I am with is nothing like that. Once you decide to join you are welcomed and supported and mentored not just by your sponsor but by the whole team. We edify each other and celebrate each others success…

It is impossible not to win when you have a complete team of amazing individuals dedicated to everyone winning.

If you want to learn more about this business, send me a friend request and asked me about it! You can get the blueprint here

To your success and outrageous goals,

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