Why Seasons Are Critical for Home Business Owners

If you are reading this in the summer months, you are just in time!  Summer is the most important time for your business and the reason is linked to the natural ebb and flow of sales and … human nature.

Look at the retail space… in the heart of the summer … in July… fall merchandise is coming out soon. I haven’t even been to the beach yet  and the boots and fall jackets are out on the shelves. School has just ended but back to school supplies are on the shelves.

Why is this?

Part of the reason  is linked to an innate “survival’ instinct… the need for people to prepare for the future.  Look back to the time of cavemen. They had to be very aware of climates and plan their lives, hunting seasons, shelter around the seasons. 

Today, summer traditionally is a time of rest for those in an employee mindset but for business owners, especially in the home business / direct sales arena, things are very different. You need to be preparing for September. You want to be set up for success. 

There are critical windows of time where individuals are looking for what you have to offer. … September to Christmas is one of those critical windows…. You want to be prepared for this. Here’s why:

Kids go back to school. People want to change. They are looking for something.

If you, as a home business owner are not prepared for this fall, you will lose momentum going into the fall… and then going into New Year. This is because, business runs in 90 day cycles. Whatever you are experiencing right now is a direct result of what you did 90 days ago.

Business building suggestions for the summer months:

Be everywhere

Think about it, most of your competition is on the beach. If you are all over social media, all over their inbox… who are they going to remember in September?

Build your list

If there was ever a time to really concentrate on building your list, it is now. (although I personally believe you should be doing this ALL the time).

If you are taking the time to provide value, via blog, or  social media…

If you are taking time  to build your list now

If you are taking the time now to  Capture an audience, Collect leads, and Communicate to them (See my post on this here)  , then Closing when your prospect is ready in the fall, will be a piece of cake!

Sharpen your axe

sharpenSummer is the time to sharpen the axe.

Educate yourself. Become a professional in the game. Attend trainings and apply your knowledge.

Sharpen that axe so that when the times comes in the fall, you are prepared and ready in just a few swings to achieve your goals.

( I am personally part of a Facebook Summer School group, learning from a leader in the home business industry. Comment below or send me a message if you want free access)

The bottom line is: Create the momentum NOW so that in September you are ready to move. Be prepared for the fall buying cycle.

When you move before the average person, you are setting yourself up for success.

In the words of my mentor: People are moving – you need to move before them.When everyone is zigging, you zag.

To your success and outrageous goals,

Signature Tereza



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