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What Those FREE Trainings Are Really Costing You

First off, to be clear, I am a huge fan of constant learning, attending events and  training webinars. I love free trainings and give away tons of free training too ( Check it out on my free training tab on this site). But I find a lot of people attending these trainings falling into a trap, one that is unhealthy for their business and their personal growth.

It’s o.k to attend trainings … In fact,  I highly recommend it. But your motive behind attending the training will have an enormous effect on whether or not they will be beneficial to you. If you are attending yet another webinar and not having any success, it may be time to do some self reflection to see what is really going on.

Here are some things to consider and ask yourself before you attend your next training:

Are you looking for a magic pill?

Is this your 4th webinar this month on Instagram, yet you haven’t consistently implemented anything from the first three trainings? Are you looking for the magic button you press and leads and sales pour in? 

Truth is, there is no magic pill. You need to go through the process and you need to do the work. Try it, master a skill. Stick to the method for at least 90 days before you add anything new.

You don’t need to know everything.

You really don’t. You can be a leader without having all the answers. It’s much better to be great at one thing and sharing that knowledge with the world rather than trying to perfect everything but never really doing anything with the knowledge you acquired.

Truth is, that one thing you learned can really help someone if you use the skill.

Are you procrastinating?

Are you not willing to take action on that which you already know ? Perhaps it is out of fear . Perhaps it is because of lack of confidence or unwillingness to get out of your comfort zone, using more training as an excuse not to implement what you already know.

If that’s the case, it is time to get unstuck and take some action to get out of this cycle. Start small but take some action on something you have learned in your training rather than becoming an expert at attending training.

There is nothing that activity can’t solve.

Does that mean you need to  skip the next training? Absolutely not! Whatever it is you are mastering in your home business, learn everything you can about it, but implement your learning.

Stop looking for that magic pill, don’t think you need to know everything about everything and stop procrastinating.

It’s costing you. It’s costing the people that need your expertise.

There are people waiting for you to step up. There’s someone out there waiting for you to write that email, make that video or write the blog post just like someone needed to read this blog post. They want to hear from you! Go show them what ‘ya got!

To your success and outrageous goals,

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11 thoughts on “What Those FREE Trainings Are Really Costing You

  1. What you say is so true, Tereza. We can so easily become perennial students and never actualize anything which paralyzes our business. It’s a real comfortable place to be — continually learning and not doing. You make a great point here.

  2. A lot of people are ‘addicted’ to learning. Society has ‘engraved’ the idea of getting educated and some folks are left stuck on this cycle. Unfortunately theory is not true learning. The ONLY way to learn this stuff is by doing! Thank you Tereza…Great points!

  3. What a great point – its All very well Watching these Amazing webinars… however YES we need to take Action – I tend to kills two birds with one stone… Listening as I do something else.. Walk as Im listening 🙂 thanks Tereza

  4. Great points, Tereza! So many of us keep learning and think we are “working,” but we’re really not. The idea of learning one skill and sticking to it for 90 days is priceless! Great post!

  5. Great post Tereza! It is so true, if you are going through training’s you need to put in to practice what you learned. If you are just getting the knowledge and not applying it you will not get anywhere. Thanks for sharing.

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