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How to Earn 6 Figures Selling T-shirts Online With Print On Demand

Gone are the days of printing thousands of t-shirts and  carrying inventory that doesn’t sell. There’s a new way of trying out your t-shirt selling idea that let’s you be creative and minimizes the risk. No need to carry inventory. No need to spend a lot of upfront capital. No need to quit your job to start the new venture. It’s fairly easy and anyone can do it. Here are a few general steps and and an overview to get you started on your first campaign and selling t-shirts online:

Find a niche Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 4.04.00 PM

When you market to everyone, you market to no one. Pick a specific target market. For instance, you may want to market to women who golf or women who run. Perhaps there are some funny t-shirts you can create for pet owners. Inside jokes amongst coffee drinkers, pet owners, runners, cross-fitters and the like make for great gifts. Knowing your market will determine style, design and how you advertise.

Choose a platform

When it comes to selling t-shirts online, there are a ton of great platforms out there that allow you to create a t-shirt, tank top, hoodie.. you name it.  You can design it, set pricing, sell and ship through their platform and they are free to join. They help you set a price that will put you in profit, Some companies have minimums and won’t ship unless you reach those minimums.. Some allow you to sell one-offs . They take their portion and the profit is yours. Some of those platforms include and to name a couple.

Market and sell

Notice how quotes and pictures go viral on Facebook?  Cool t-shirt designs can do the same. There are a variety of ways to market online, from using a Facebook fan page dedicated to your niche and/or placing ads on Facebook, twitter or other Social Media platforms. You can also start a niche website, providing valuable content about your niche and advertising the t-shirts to your visitors. 

Selling t-shirts and other “print on demand” products is a simple and low cost way to get your start in an online business venture.

One of my online mentors, Chris Record has a phenomenal free training where he walks you through some of the details above and shows you how you can potentially earn 6 figures selling t-shirts online.

You can catch the free training here.  All you need to do is  register your free membership (no credit card required) and go to the Free training tab. There you will see over 22 training videos to get your t-shirt business or any business growing including:

Training such as…

1) [CASE STUDY] Student Makes $35.5K with Shopify in 12 Days! ( I personally made a sale within 24 hours of implementing this training!)

2) How to Get Facebook Video Views for $0.01 or Less Each!

3) 7 Steps to Triple Your Facebook Engagement

4) FB Marketing Hacks

5) [Step By Step Tutorial] How To Set Up & Run FB Lead Ads To Build Your Email List

6) How to Make 6-Figures Online With Print on Demand Products (selling t-shirts online)

7) How To CONVERT Sales Through Email Marketing

8) HOW TO Create Resources Out of Thin Air & Raise Money For Your Business

9) Tips to Overcome The Sales Objections Everyone Faces

10) How To Make 5 Figures Per Month Online With Client Work From Small Business Owners

11) How to Index and Rank Your Blog Post in Under 60 Seconds

12) How To 10X Your Business To 6 Figures Per Month! (2.5 Hour Pure Value Training!)

13) How To Leverage FB Ads To Build For An Offline Event [STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL]

14) Advanced Shopify Training

15) Beginners Guide To Print On Demand Selling

16) How To go From 5 To 6 To 7 Figures Per Year In Affiliate Marketing Commissions

17) FSL Method – Find, List, Sell Shopify System + Product Research Training

18) Facebook Advertising Tips Masterclass

19) Instagram For Beginners (Step-By-Step Training!)

20) How To Sell Products On Shopify

21) Affiliate Marketing 101, The Value Of A Lead, Creating Bonus Sites &

22) Launching Products

Caution: this could keep you busy and thriving in your business for a while!

To your success and outrageous goals,

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8 thoughts on “How to Earn 6 Figures Selling T-shirts Online With Print On Demand

  1. I love the idea of being able to sell t-shirts online, without an inventory that doesn’t sell and without having to quit your job until you’re making a nice profit consistently.

    Sounds like a great way to start a new venture, for anyone looking to leave the 9 to 5 rat race eventually, especially with all the training Chris includes.

    Thanks for sharing Tereza!

  2. Hi Teresa, Selling t-shirts online is a great way to make money online I’ve been doing it for over a year. The training you are giving away is over the top. Totally awesome. Anyone interested in selling t-shirts online should definitely take advantage of this training…

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