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How to Earn 6 Figures Selling T-shirts Online With Print On Demand

Gone are the days of printing thousands of t-shirts and  carrying inventory that doesn’t sell. There’s a new way of trying out your t-shirt selling idea that let’s you be creative and minimizes the risk. No need to carry inventory. No need to spend a lot of upfront capital. No need to quit your job to start the new venture. It’s fairly easy and anyone can do it with some creativity, consistent work and a solid marketing plan. Here are a few general steps and and an overview to get you started on your first campaign and selling t-shirts online:

Find a niche

When you market to everyone, you market to no one. Pick a specific target market. For instance, you may want to market to women who golf or women who run. Perhaps there are some funny t-shirts you can create for pet owners. Inside jokes amongst coffee drinkers, pet owners, runners, cross-fitters and the like make for great gifts. Knowing your market will determine style, design and how you advertise.

Choose a platform

When it comes to selling t-shirts online, there are a ton of great platforms out there that allow you to create a t-shirt, tank top, hoodie.. you name it.  You can design it, set pricing, sell and ship through their platform and they are free to join. They help you set a price that will put you in profit, Some companies have minimums and won’t ship unless you reach those minimums.. Some allow you to sell one-offs . They take their portion and the profit is yours. Some of those platforms include and to name a couple.

Market and sell

Notice how quotes and pictures go viral on Facebook?  Cool t-shirt designs can do the same. There are a variety of ways to market online, from using a Facebook fan page dedicated to your niche and/or placing ads on Facebook, Instagram, twitter or other Social Media platforms. You can also start a niche website, providing valuable content about your niche and advertising the t-shirts to your visitors. 

If you can drive traffic and sales to your products – and can do so in a regular and reliable fashion – then you have a shot at a profitable business.

Research Facebook advertising and retargeting ads as it has been proven to be highly effective for t-shirt and print on demand products when you are trying to reach a targeted audience.

Selling t-shirts and other “print on demand” products is a simple and low cost way to get your start in an online business venture.

8 thoughts on “How to Earn 6 Figures Selling T-shirts Online With Print On Demand

  1. I love the idea of being able to sell t-shirts online, without an inventory that doesn’t sell and without having to quit your job until you’re making a nice profit consistently.

    Sounds like a great way to start a new venture, for anyone looking to leave the 9 to 5 rat race eventually, especially with all the training Chris includes.

    Thanks for sharing Tereza!

  2. Hi Teresa, Selling t-shirts online is a great way to make money online I’ve been doing it for over a year. The training you are giving away is over the top. Totally awesome. Anyone interested in selling t-shirts online should definitely take advantage of this training…

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