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Combining Value and Leverage in Your Life

Years ago someone shared with me a valuable tip about creating and providing value. It was so obvious, but so often neglected. I wrote about it in my previous blog post here. 

Your earnings are directly related to the amount of value your business provides, I was told.

There are many ways employees and entrepreneurs can provide more value:

They can increase their value by educating themselves, learning more skills and thus being more valuable simply because their skillset has improved and are able to offer their employer or customers more.

They can always work harder and longer. They can put in more hours, show up early and work late… There is nothing wrong with this by the way. Working hard, putting in long hours is the way a lot of people make a living and are able to pay their bills, put the kids through school, save for retirement and live very fulfilling lives. …

It has it’s limitations, however.

The problem with the latter,  is that many people are already working as much as they can work. They simply can’t give any more of their time but have hit a ceiling in their income. There’s nothing more to give.

That’s where leverage comes in.

Combining value and the power of leverage in your life can not only increase your income but your time freedom too.

Business owners know about leverage. They know that when they increase their productivity with employees, with more tools or machinery, they are leveraging these tools to create more without sacrificing more time. They know the importance of having the means of  scaling their production, distribution and their customer base via tools, employees, teams, the internet, automated systems.

Real Estate brokerages, insurance brokerages and mortgage brokerages use leverage by hiring agents. They generate income from the efforts of the agents, while the agents bring in the customers and build the brand.

Network Marketers build teams. They continue to provide value to the customers but by building and training their teams, they increase the value they are bringing to the world, without compromising their time freedom.

Franchises are another way that businesses can grow by leveraging systems that have been created to save them time, both on the learning curve of running a new business as well as the time frame it would normally take to build a new brand and customer base.

BUT Here is my favourite example of combining leverage and value …

Internet Marketers, bloggers and digital franchise owners understand the power of combining value and leverage very well. Constantly providing value, via trainings, blog posts, youtube videos but leveraging the internet ( so that their content is available 24-7) as well as systems  (lead capture pages, sales videos working day and night, and often coaches and sales teams working on their behalf).

The result is more than just increased earnings. The result is a message, a product a vision that needs to be seen, heard and utilized reaching more people with less effort.

Here are some of the ways I create value and use leverage to increase my reach:

  • I blog. I write content and I leverage the internet so that my content is available anytime, anywhere there is an internet connection.
  • I use automation. Auto-responders and software help me get my message out.
  • I use Social Media and leverage the power of my connections, my friends and the ability for my content to go viral.
  • I outsource things that aren’t my strength or do not produce income for me. Not only does this speed things up for me but it allows me to focus on productive activities that don’t take up too much of my time.
  • I use systems. My business has a system in place that I did not create. It’s filled with valuable trainings. Coaches speak to new members and prospective clients. Payment processing is in place. The system works for me while I sleep. The system allows me to spend my time, blogging, creating videos and my free time with my family while it works for me.

Ask yourself if there are ways you leverage your efforts and the value you bring to the world. How can you scale things so that your efforts are more productive and profitable without compromising your time. How can you reach more people? How can you stop trading hours for dollars?

To your success and outrageous goals,

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6 thoughts on “Combining Value and Leverage in Your Life

  1. Leverage is so important, not only in business but in life.

    Learning how to gain it and use it will greatly benefit anyone.

    Thanks for sharing this post!

  2. Excellent, excellent point you make about leveraging your business. Comes a point where there is no more time left — and there are some things that we just do over and over that can be automated. This blog hit home. Thanks Tereza.

  3. Napoleon Hill laid down the groundwork in the “Law of Success”, but I think Jim Rohn said it best. We get paid to bring value to the market place. Profits and ideas are more than time spend on the job doing a task. People forget that Henry Ford was just a machinist until he had an idea.

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