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Why I decided to market a physical product

Potions, pills and powders … Oh my!

I am blogger, an internet marketer… a network marketer. I am successful Mortgage specialist. So .. what that means is that  I have sold and marketed a variety of products …but  none of them physical products. No potions, pills or powders for me… I always said.

And, the experts told me that digital products were better and truthfully, I do agree that there are tremendous benefits in selling digital products and I continue to market digital products.

It just makes sense.

~ You don’t carry any inventory

~ There are no shipping costs you will incur as a vendor.

~ You won’t get stuck with unsold or expired items.

~ Compensation is very lucrative

~ It’s quick and convenient, downloadable. All sales are done online.

~ Systems and funnels and online sales presentations make sales easy.

BUT recently something changed.

I was actually looking for a physical product for myself, for some pain and sleep issues surrounding fibromyalgia. I had a need and I found someone to fulfill the need. As a marketer, looking at it from the perspective of both a marketer and a CONSUMER, I had a profound realization.

Great businesses succeed because they solve a consumer’s problem.

I had a problem that needed a solution.

I found a quality physical product that would solve the problem.

10 million people in the U.S alone have a similar problem.

So remind me again why selling “a physical product” doesn’t work, as the internet marketing experts say .. and why network marketing with physical products is a bad idea?

For the record, my post isn’t about weight loss products or products to help fibromyalgia . What it is about, is recognizing that  today in this digital online marketing world, there is often a stigma attached to network marketing and selling physical products  – shakes, potions, pills and I wanted to dispel some myths…about the dreaded auto-ship, and about earning any ‘real’ commissions with physical products .

I must admit that I myself had doubts about the ability to earn any real commissions. I struggled with the thought of the auto-ship. I wondered if anyone joined these companies for the products or just for the opportunity.

And then I looked at it from the point of view of a Marketer and a Consumer whose problem was being solved. All of a sudden the auto-ship made more sense. The ability to  help people while earning an income from the millions of people who needed a problem solved seemed easy. AND…

~ You don’t need to carry any inventory

~ There are no shipping costs you will incur as a vendor.

~ You won’t get stuck with unsold or expired items.

~ It’s quick and convenient, (not downloadable but  All sales are done online).

~ Compensation is very lucrative

~ Systems and funnels do exist and combining online with offline makes sales easy.

Sounds just like selling the digital product, doesn`t it?  

Home Parties and Network Marketing

Home parties were just never my thing. I never understood the promise of freedom to moms who had to leave home to attend home parties to sell products.  Where`s the freedom in that?

The industry has  come a long way since just party plans and selling door to door. Selling physical products in Network Marketing or Affiliate marketing is not like it used to be  and they are now combined with systems and pay plans to help the average person succeed.

This  doesn’t mean that digital products or physical products are the only way. Instead of asking the questions digital or physical, high ticket or low ticket… ask yourself this:

Does the company have an actual product or service that has a market value, something you can  use, and get benefit from?

Is this a product you would buy and use the yourself?

Does the product or service fit into what you’re passionate about?

Is the start up cost affordable? (high ticket doesn’t always mean high profit if you aren’t making sales and no one wants to buy)

Does the company offer a way, a plan, a team culture that could help the average person succeed.

Is freedom possible ? ( I am talking more than just compensation plan here…can you do it from home? Will you be on the phone day and night? Do you need to be presenting all the time? Is there some automation or a system to make things easier?)

Will the product be marketable for many years to come?

Because I was able to find a product and company that answered these questions in a way that was in line with what I was looking for, I decided to add a physical product to my inventory of things I promote.

What all these home businesses have in common.

Whether you are an internet marketer, a network marketer selling make up, weight loss products, phone plans or solar panels, there is one thing that all of these home business opportunities have  in common that ushered me into this industry…


It’s not all about the product, service or company (although I know I am partnered with some great ones). The commonality in all these home business opportunities is what you are creating for you, your family and helping other people create. It’s about creating freedom.

This is why I chose the Home Business world as my “niche”.

Not weight loss. Not Facebook marketing courses. Not direct mail. Not this product or that product.

I chose Freedom.

That’s why I cringe when I see home business marketers bashing other marketers. That’s why it pains me when I see home business marketers judge other marketers for the choices they make about what to promote or what company to join.

That’s why I got off my high horse and stopped judging people who promote Free programs too…. because I understand that’s what resonates with them, that’s what they know how to do and that’s the start of their path to freedom.

Because I remember why we are all doing this in the first place.


Here’s to freedom and…

To your success and outrageous goals

P.S.  If you want to check out the Network Marketing program I chose to create great health, and freedom for my family and so many others, click the link below or give me a shout on Facebook. 

8 thoughts on “Why I decided to market a physical product

  1. This is the very same reason I decided to sell a physical product.
    I have not slept better! These products and this system may this company the best!

    1. Completely agree. From someone who does not sleep well and has had issues every morning with pain and energy I am feeling better than I have in years. My husband who does physical work is using it too and feels well rested and ready to take on the world after just a few hours of sleep.

  2. This is such a great post. I have also done digital marketing, but I now do believe in certain physical products. Providing solutions for those who need it is good business.

  3. Tereza, thank you for listing all the questions you should ask yourself before choosing a company which offers physical products and a monthly autoship. Digital and online products are for the mind and physical products help our bodies feel better – we require both as a consumer and as a marketer.

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