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Master the Basics in Your Home Business

We live in an interesting time. Instant this. Automatic this. Get this widget, that gadget, get into this system, buy this, take this course, install this… and it seems we have forgotten to Master the Basics.

It makes my head spin.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love tools.. I love learning and I suggest that you as an entrepreneur are open to change and learning. But…

Somewhere along the way, I think people get lost in the madness.

We’ve jumped ahead. We look at what everyone else is doing and try to master it all thinking that if you just try this other thing, you will get the success you are looking for.

Problem is, we haven’t taken the time to master and implement the basic concepts and we’re already looking at what else we can do.

Years ago someone introduced me to the concept of mastering the basics – something that is so unbelievably simple but so necessary in order to learn and progress.

Yet, for some reason it is so easy to stray from this. We think we know more and that we are often beyond that so we jump ahead, only to hit a brick wall again. Why is that? It’s a reminder that we need to get back to the basics. When we master the basics, only then should we even contemplate moving forward.

I just learned the same from a Professional in list building …. she reminded me of the importance of taking direction and mastering the basics. There’s a lot of broke marketers out there and it’s because they haven’t taken the freshman/undergrad class yet and they already want to jump to their masters degree.

Remember Karate kid? Wax on, Wax off?

It might seem a little tedious, even boring to practice the same thing over and over again. We all want to get to the bigger more exciting stuff. But none of the bigger and more exciting stuff will work until we have mastered the basics.

Think about it.

In soccer, do players ever stop practicing dribbling and controlling the ball. No. They practice this basic skill over and over again until they master it and then they master it some more.

In arithmetic, do you think the student can move on to algebra and calculus if they haven’t mastered basic multiplication or division?

Ask yourself in whatever you are doing in your home business. Have you taken the time to learn and master the basics? Have you stuck to something, mastered it to the tune of wax on wax off,  long enough to see the method to the madness, before you jump to the next thing?  

If you are marketing a product, are you using one method of marketing consistently for at least 90 days before jumping ship and giving up or trying something new yet again?

I challenge you, if you are stuck and find yourself spinning your wheels and hitting a brick wall.. get back to the basics.

To your success and outrageous goals,

9 thoughts on “Master the Basics in Your Home Business

  1. Great post Tereza! I can definitely relate to wanting to jump in to the “masters” classes, before mastering the basics in your home business. It’s so easy to want to learn it all when you are excited about your new business, but if you don’t master the basics first, it makes growing your business difficult.

  2. awesome post Tereza going back to basics is always good to do no matter what, basics is what taught us simplicity we create confusion and need to step back and go back to simple basics thanks for sharing

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