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What is Inner Power?

Inner power – another buzz word that’s going around these days like… transformation. Those of you who know me know that I don’t take those words lightly. Recently, I have been around some pretty powerful women entrepreneurs that don’t take it lightly either.

What is Inner Power really?

I believe that we were all born with amazing gifts and talents. Growing up, we, especially women often have big dreams that are often suppressed because of … well … life. Life happens. The good, the bad and the ugly creates experiences that often lead to fear, anxiety and hopelessness… or sometimes we are just a little stuck and know there is something more for us. But it does not need to end right there.

I believe that by facing our fears and taking the time for personal development and growth, we have the ability to find out who we are, what makes us tick, our value, our gifts. It is these events and experiences in life whether they are bad or good, whether they are empowering, educational or even traumatizing that shape us.

The key however is getting in touch with that God-given power inside of us that is there for a reason. It’s realizing our value, our gifts and realizing who we are meant to be. And while it may seem cliche, overcoming adversities does make us stronger and gives us an undeniable, amazing power … the power to help others in similar situations overcome adversities.

I want to tell you a story….

It’s a story about a women who never dreamed she would be able to influence other people. In fact, she was a college drop-out living in the basement of a bar. Layla found her inner power.She went on to become a mom, a mentor, an internet marketer… a Superwoman. Layla went on to make 7 figures and inspire women all around the world. I stood in an audience and watched Layla inspire and motivate entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

Now that’s power.

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6 thoughts on “What is Inner Power?

  1. We are all born with this inner power which over the years gets some suppressed when Life happens to us. I believe that facing our fears and striving to overcome the challenges in life is what makes us stronger instead of sitting on a pity potty and complaining about life. You have to believe in yourself and in your abilities that you are awesome and born to be rich. Thanks for sharing this awesome post.

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