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Knowledge is Power… or is it?

This is a phrase that that is often misused. I hear people all the time speaking about how Knowledge is Power, selling you the newest and latest, the next workshop or the next course that promises you the world.

I am a huge proponent of constant learning. I think that lack of growth is… to be blunt, like death. We should always be looking to improve ourselves and to learn more but…

The truth is that knowledge can be very powerful … if used.  The problem is that so many of us fall into the trap of wanting to learn new things knowing that it is important to educate ourselves but fail to take into consideration these 3 things.

There are 3 things I recommend to make sure that you are getting the most of the education.

1. Repeat, reread, re-listen to … just keep repeating and getting what you have learned ingrained into  your mind. Don’t think that by going to an event once, you are an expert. Don’t think that by reading a book, you have actually retained that information and are now an expert. You must be constantly going back to the basics until you have mastered it. And then… master it some more.

2. Practice and implement.

Knowing and not doing, is like not knowing.

Remember that. Regardless of how many events you have been to, how many courses you took, how much you ‘know’ about exercise and diet, finance, internet marketing …if you don’t implement what you learn, what’s the point?

3. Share and teach. Once you know your stuff and are using it in your business or life, share it with the world. This is not only a great way to retain the information even more but gives that knowledge purpose and power.

Take this post for example. Truth be told, this is pretty basic and obvious stuff but I am sure it hit home for many. So… if you want to get the most of this post:

Reread the post. Let it sink in. Really learn and understand what I am trying to say here.

Put it to practice. Think about how this information is affecting you in real life. Do you take courses, go to online webinars and not use the information you are being taught. Decide right now that you will implement something you learned. Go re-read a book. Put some knowledge to practice whether it is from this post or something else you learned that you haven’t implemented.

Share this information. I am sure you know someone that falls into this trap. By sharing this information you are not only retaining the information further and growing your expertise in the area but helping someone else.

To your success,

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