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Walking your way to success

“What does walking have to do with business?” , you may ask. The benefits of walking are more than just physical. Walking benefits my life – physically, mentally, spiritually and professionally.

I make walking a daily part of my life but admittedly there are some days when I skipped it simply because of time. I am constantly reminded that those walks, even though they are a pleasant break in the day are much more than that. They rejuvenate and need to be a regular daily part of my life.

Today when I found myself staring at my computer, stuck and frustrated, rather than waste another moment frustrated in inactivity, or worse – rather than ‘giving up’, I picked up and went for a walk.

Here’s what happened:

I regrouped, got inspired and got unstuck!

I got some well needed exercise, fresh air and sun on a beautiful day.

I took the time to pray and be grateful.

I created 4 blog posts in my head that I proceeded to write as soon as I came in the house for both my blog and some blogs I guest blog for.

I came up with a plan for a video for a sales funnel.

I got clarity, focus and I got excited again.

I made some important decisions.

Who would have thought that my best marketing ideas and decisions were inspired by short walks?


I do have some rules I set for myself during these particular walks:

No phone (unless I am out taking pictures or recording a video)

No kids. This is ‘me’ time (I go on separate family walks with them!)

No negative thinking or telling myself stories and excuses while I walk. I make a conscious effort to change this if I see these things popping into my head!

Walk with your head high, looking far into the distance. (This tip was shared with me and although at the time I was not 100% clear on the reason, it seems to reason that looking up and far away creates different, more ‘positive’ emotions, feelings and energy  than looking down )

Truth be told, you don’t need rules to walk and enjoy walking and to reap the benefits. The movement, the outdoors and the change might just be enough to get you unstuck, inspired and moving forward in your business.

To your success,

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14 thoughts on “Walking your way to success

  1. Hi Tereza, I like it….totally relate to this post. Getting stuck and confuse is part of the journey toward living our dreams. By feeling stuck you went for a walk and came out with great ideas for writing blog post and doing videos for your funnel. Thanks

    1. Thanks FJ. I think there are a lot of things people can do to get unstuck in any area of their life. For me, one of my solutions is movement and getting out in nature. The worst we can do is ignore it and stay stuck.

  2. so inspiring Tereza, I need to take more ‘me’ time… thanks for the reminders.. leaving the phone is hard though as I listen to my Audio books on there…

    1. Don’t worry about the phone… listening to audios and walking is awesome. I listen to audios when I drive so when I walk it’s “quiet, me time” most of the time.. so no distractions. Thanks for your comment.

  3. I love it Tereza! I go for walks for the exact same reason that you listed above.

    I noticed how important it is for you to have the ‘me time’ and find your own energy.

    As tempting as it can be to listen to audios during a walk, it’s often times better to just be present with your own thoughts when you’re decompressing.

    Thank you for sharing!

    -Avram Gonzales

    1. Awesome Avram. Thanks for commenting. When I watch your videos, it reminds me of my field behind my house (especially with the snow!). These walks were a great shift for me… and great exercise too.

  4. Totally agree. you get a renewed sense of your why when you get some exercise. Clears the mind in a good way.

  5. Love this Tereza! I love walking too! It totally clears my head and always gives me a new perspective on whatever may be going on at the time. Your “rules” are great! Important to have me time, especially being a mom of four! Thank you for the words of wisdom today!

  6. This is fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing Tereza! I definitely feel like a little cardio exercising does the trick for me too! It clears my mind and gets me re-focused on what is important! I have found my passion and a lot of it has come through the clear thoughts generated through my cardio workouts! I NOW deliver high quality information to people in an effort to HELP them become the BEST versions of themselves! So as you can see, I can totally relate to your post here!

    Thanks for sharing,
    Jimmylee Velez

  7. Great tips! I am going to put these to work! I love to walk and just think but I don ‘t think I have really blocked the negative thoughts out. That or I always my phone with me. Great post!

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