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6 Absolute Musts To Having an UNProductive Day

People often confuse being busy with productivity in business. They also set themselves up for failure when they don’t effectively plan their day or spend time on things that simply put, don’t make them money!

I’ve had many an UNproductive day and wanted to share my expertise in the area. Here are some absolute musts to creating that UNproductive day.

1) Sleep In. Yup – don’t set that alarm for 5am. Don’t spend the time to prepare for your day. Wake up very late and get to work.

2) Skip the exercise. Nothing says pure energy like rolling out of bed and going straight to another chair to sit in front of a computer until it’s time to roll into bed again.

3) Wing it. Go with the flow. Don’t write up that to-do list the night before.  Don’t set goals. Don’t make appointments. I’m sure it will all fall into place.

4) Check that email at least every half hour. While you are at it, has anyone mentioned you on twitter, commented on your status on Facebook or texted you. Check frequently.

5) Work only on  easy “ busy” tasks that you don’t really NEED to do right away to generate revenue.  Do some filing, some more research, answer every phone call. As long as you are busy…right?

6) Work on those impossible tasks that are not your expertise. Why outsource. Save some money. Spend the entire day doing them and then call in the expert to complete the task you couldn’t accomplish. At least you tried!

Here’s to your Unproductive day, or shall we aim for a productive one? You choose!

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