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Are you stuck in training mode in your business?

This is an all too familiar place to be especially in the home business arena.While I am a huge advocate of constant learning, listening to audios and personal development, failing to take action on money producing activities in your business and “training” all the time is a recipe for staying broke.

“Knowing and not doing, is like not knowing.”

Ask yourself why you are really still training and failing to take action.

Here are some common reasons  below– do they sound familiar?


-Lack of time

-Information overload – not sure where to start

-Fear of taking action and failing

-Waiting for that golden nugget or “secret”.

If you are truly committed to those outrageous goals and dreams, you will find the time. Join the 5-a.mers! Turn off the t.v. Be honest with yourself about your productive time on Social Media (it can be a real time sucker!)  Divide your time between training and income producing activities. Make time for both. Training alone won’t take you to the next level.


Just do it!

I “get” information overload.. I’ve been there. I’ve been  afraid of whether or not I will do the right task. I;ve asked myself “Where do I start?”.

Truth is, it can be so overwhelming but not starting at all will just keep you where you are. Do something.. anything that will move you forward. You can always tweak and course correct as you learn more. Better done than perfect.

There is no” secret “. The secret is you. Believe in you and take action today!




To your success,

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17 thoughts on “Are you stuck in training mode in your business?

  1. This is a very important topic to address Tereza, particularly in our industry.
    It is astounding when you discover how many people purchase products and then take no action. Action is always the key! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ohhh – It is so easy to get stuck in that Training Mode! … I love what you say “Knowing and not doing, is like not knowing.” So true .. And I have to be careful of this reason – “-Waiting for that golden nugget or secret” – Thinking if I get on enough trainings the “secret” will be revealed to me … You just revealed the “secret” right here – we need to implement what we learn! Thanks for sharing …

  3. Awesome post Tereza!
    It’s amazing how so…many
    people get stuck in training
    mode and never take action.
    It’s action time!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love this Tereza! How fitting that I was JUST talking about this with my team last Wednesday on our team call! I told them that self development is AWESOME, but it means NOTHING if they don’t USE IT! YOu can be the smartest person in the world, but it means JACK if it isn’t put in to action! It’s like going to college to be a lawyer… all that time, schooling, etc. but if you get the degree/graduate and then do nothing with it, WHAT WAS THE POINT?!?! Awesome post! Keep up the great content Tereza! 🙂

  5. Too many people get stuck in training mode. Great blog. Of course my motto, “learn, do, teach” I think if you have your goal to blog and your blog is about teaching, you are always learning, doing, then teaching. Enjoyed your blog today.

  6. Fantastic message Tereza. It’s common to feel overwhelmed or that “I have to get it perfect”, etc. We just need to DO. Learn a bit. Then DO. Then learn a bit more. Then DO. Over time, we can achieve mastery that way. But we never implement, well…I loved this “Join the 5-a.mers!”

    1. Glad you liked it Matt. Well said… DO, Learn a bit. Then DO. That is key. I love learning but what’s the point if you don’t use that knowledge right? Thank you for your comment.

  7. What a great post and we always need reminders of this! I use to be one of those that was stuck in training mode and I think I used it as an excuse to ‘not to’ have to actually go our there and do it. Thankfully I woke up and my whole world changed! Netty and Sam Estes

  8. Love the post Tereza. It is so easy to get stuff in training mode. Then coming up with all kinds of excuses why you are not moving forward. Love the learn, do , teach idea –do and teach as you are learning. Got to take action!

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