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Are you creating and providing enough value in your business?

Do you think that $100,000/month is out of your reach. Is it  too much for you to earn in your business?

What about a million a month?  Too outrageous?

A concept was presented to me recently that you may have heard a million times before but my hope is that you will really let this sink in, especially if you are struggling to get clients and make money. Perhaps your ideas about the amount of money you think is possible for you to earn may change.

Your earnings are directly related to the amount of value your business provides.

The more value you provide, the more money you will make.

In the Direct Sales/Network Marketing industry, this is especially true as you are not only able to provide value to your clients  but also build a team and teach them to provide value to others as well. Pretty powerful.

Deliver value to the marketplace. That’s it period.

Don’t just try to sell. It won’t work unless the product you are selling provides value.  It definitely won’t work if you don’t BELIEVE the product or service provides value. BUT your business will explode if YOU yourself provide incredible value that exceeds your customer’s expectations.

Before anyone even buys, you should be giving away lessons and value.

If you are selling a healthy skin care line, TEACH your prospects about skin, about parabens. Perhaps give them tips on taking care of their skin or healthy diet tips for their skin.

If you are selling them personal development products, share your knowledge, share what YOU have learned from your products. Make videos sharing tips that can help them in their personal growth.

Once you really grasp that you as a business owner have the power and ability to increase your income by providing incredible value to your prospects on a daily basis, those outrageous monthly goals are not so outrageous. The “Buy now” button is not making you money. That sales presentation is not increasing your earnings. That automated sales funnel is not making you rich. YOU and the value you provide on a daily basis can make you rich.

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11 thoughts on “Are you creating and providing enough value in your business?

  1. Tereza, great content, I am the first to admit that I send not enough value to my lists, thank for sharing this

    1. We could all use a reminder now and again, including myself. Glad you liked the post. Thank you!

  2. You always get back more of what you give away freely. Giving value is super important for building a business. Great post.

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