Blogging | An easy way to share your passion and make money on-line too

I love what I do… Today I am helping a close family friend set up a blog. She will be blogging about something she is very passionate about and sharing it with the world and I have the privilege of helping her do it… how cool is that?

Why should you blog for your business?

Blogging is essentially a “web log”. It’s like an on-line journal. It is not static like a website. Every time you update your blog, you are creating one more indexed page on your site and an opportunity for google and other search engines to see that your website is in fact active. This in turn is one more opportunity for your blog to appear in search engines, creating more traffic, more visitors to your site, more leads and more sales.

Blogging allows the average business to build a relationship with their potential customer and differentiate themselves from their competitor. Take an average pizzeria for instance. They could advertise, use flyers or rely on walk-in customers OR they could add a blog, increase their local reach. This could potentially allow them to differentiate themselves from their competitors and create a following of loyal customers. It gives them a personality. It strengthens their brand.

This is true for any industry and any type of business! Whether you are a network marketer, a mortgage broker or real estate agent, a blog is an essential tool. It’s your on-line real estate.

Blogging allows the average person to take a passion and make a profitable business from it. They could write about their passion and monetize in numerous ways.. their own product offering, affiliate products, coaching about their passion… The sky is the limit.

It’s not all about the money either


ChangingTheWorld… and for those that simply want to reach out to the world and share their passions, a blog might be just what’s needed.

It’s for the pastor that wants to share his insights with the world, the mother that cured her child through natural means, the artist that wants the world to see his or her work, the addict who is recovering and helping others get the help they need…

By sharing their knowledge, their lives and the lessons they have learned on a blog, they are in fact changing the world… one story at a time.

In this sometimes over-complicated on-line world, blogging is simple, easy, does not take take a lot of time and is affordable. It truly allows the average person to have a voice.

Today, I have the privilege of helping people use that voice. Happy blogging!

To your success,

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21 Day Blogging Challenge

The clear distinction between trying and doing in your small business.

There is a  clear distinction between trying and actually taking action and “doing”  in your small business.

While I have never been a Star Wars fan in the past, I found myself recently watching some clips from “ The Empire Strikes Back” that I believe resonates with a lot of people in life and business.

The famous scene where Luke is corrected by Yoda “ Do or do not, there is no try”

People often ‘try’ in various things they set out to do. They ‘try’ a new diet, ‘try’ a new business, ‘try’ to exercise and that is why people fail.

There is a huge distinction between trying and doing . I was once told of a Tony Robbins event where Tony challenged a woman in the audience when she said she had ‘tried everything”. He instructed her to try to pick up her chair and she proceeded to pick up her chair. He corrected her and told her that no, not to pick up the chair but to “try to pick up the chair”. Confused, it resulted in her picking up the chair and not picking up the chair… until she came to realize the distinction he was making between the act of trying and doing.

‘Try’ is a word we really need to be careful with. Trying is equal to not doing.

When I was trying to wake up at 5:30am, I did just that- I tried. .. and ended up pressing the snooze button more times than not.

Ask yourself, do you find yourself ‘trying’ or are you actually ‘doing’?

Here’s what you need to do:

Take the word try completely out of your vocabulary. It’s a wimpy word that means you are not committing.

Decide with conviction that you will do and not try, with respect to what is required for you to succeed in your endeavours. Decide on the outcome and proceed to take action.

Do or do not. There is no try.

To your success,

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21 Day Blogging Challenge

Feeling stuck? How to get unstuck in life and your business

” Stuck ” is not a place where you want to be. Those of you who know my story know that I was stuck for a very long time.

I was not happy with where I was and felt like I was spinning my wheels. I couldn’t figure out this internet marketing thing and I wouldn’t take the steps to get out of where I was.

And then, I got “unstuck”. I took the necessary action to get out of my situation, I made a decision to move forward and things began to change.

I wish I could tell you there’s one magic formula that will get you out of the rut forever and ever and you will never have any problems again but unfortunately there is a high likelihood that you may get stuck again, at a particular income level, at a particular point in your business or you may simply find yourself unhappy, questioning where you are in life and not knowing what step to take next to get out of it. The key is how you react to this and choosing to get out of this state quickly.

– Ask yourself and be honest with yourself about why you are feeling stuck. Is it fear? Is it self-sabotage ? Maybe something you are doing is not in line with your vision and just doesn’t feel right. The awareness of what it is that is holding you back opens the door to possible solutions.

– Sometimes it is as simple as taking a walk, getting out into nature, taking a day off away from whatever or wherever you are feeling stuck to clear your head. Sitting at your desk or at home brooding over problems is not where you want your focus to be. Clearing your head and changing your environment can sometimes make the world of difference in any situation.

– Take action. Being stuck sometimes requires a decision and taking some sort of action. Sometimes that feeling of uncertainty and not knowing which way to turn requires you to choose and take action. While I am not suggesting you make a careless or reckless decision in business or life, taking a calculated risk and just “doing it” versus not doing anything at all may be just what you need to get you out of your rut.

– Seek help or advice. A mentor or friend can offer an outside perspective. That perspective may be the nudge you need.

– Read my posts and follow my 21 Steps To Success Guaranteed to Change Your Life Forever – Following them daily can help keep you unstuck!

Get unstuck and be unstoppable!

To your success,

Signature Tereza




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21 Day Blogging Challenge

5 Quick things to do to promote your business in 15 minutes or less

Too busy? Can’t find the time to promote your business. Here are a few quick and easy things you can do every day to promote your business in no time at all.

1) Write a quick blog post. Quantity doesn’t always mean quality.It is very possible to provide a short, effective,  quality blog post.  Be quick and to the point, provide value and have a call to action.

2) Update your status on Facebook and comment on a few posts. In other words, get out there. You don’t need to sell stuff all the time. Be relevant and provide value. You are building your brand by being visible and interacting. You are building your brand, building relationships and attracting a following of like minded individuals.

3) Get onto a forum and provide value. Answer a few questions and position yourself as an expert. (Most forums have a spot specific to promoting your business, as well so you can copy and paste a ready-made business promo while you are in there too).

4) Send an email to your email list. Maybe it is just sharing the blog post you just created or reminding them of an upcoming webinar or event. Give, give give. It only take a few moments.

5) Login to Hootesuite or one of your favourite Social Media tools. Schedule a few posts for the week. Retweet or reply to a few of your favourite posts while you are in there. It only take a few minutes but makes the world of difference.

To your success,

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Inspiration · Personal Development

Walking your way to success

“What does walking have to do with business?” , you may ask. The benefits of walking are more than just physical. Walking benefits my life – physically, mentally, spiritually and professionally.

I make walking a daily part of my life but admittedly there are some days when I skipped it simply because of time. I am constantly reminded that those walks, even though they are a pleasant break in the day are much more than that. They rejuvenate and need to be a regular daily part of my life.

Today when I found myself staring at my computer, stuck and frustrated, rather than waste another moment frustrated in inactivity, or worse – rather than ‘giving up’, I picked up and went for a walk.

Here’s what happened:

I regrouped, got inspired and got unstuck!

I got some well needed exercise, fresh air and sun on a beautiful day.

I took the time to pray and be grateful.

I created 4 blog posts in my head that I proceeded to write as soon as I came in the house for both my blog and some blogs I guest blog for.

I came up with a plan for a video for a sales funnel.

I got clarity, focus and I got excited again.

I made some important decisions.

Who would have thought that my best marketing ideas and decisions were inspired by short walks?


I do have some rules I set for myself during these particular walks:

No phone (unless I am out taking pictures or recording a video)

No kids. This is ‘me’ time (I go on separate family walks with them!)

No negative thinking or telling myself stories and excuses while I walk. I make a conscious effort to change this if I see these things popping into my head!

Walk with your head high, looking far into the distance. (This tip was shared with me and although at the time I was not 100% clear on the reason, it seems to reason that looking up and far away creates different, more ‘positive’ emotions, feelings and energy  than looking down )

Truth be told, you don’t need rules to walk and enjoy walking and to reap the benefits. The movement, the outdoors and the change might just be enough to get you unstuck, inspired and moving forward in your business.


To your success,

Signature Tereza




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Personal Development · Productivity

6 Absolute Musts To Having an UNProductive Day

People often confuse being busy with productivity in business. They also set themselves up for failure when they don’t effectively plan their day or spend time on things that simply put, don’t make them money!

I’ve had many an UNproductive day and wanted to share my expertise in the area. Here are some absolute musts to creating that UNproductive day.

1) Sleep In. Yup – don’t set that alarm for 5am. Don’t spend the time to prepare for your day. Wake up very late and get to work.

2) Skip the exercise. Nothing says pure energy like rolling out of bed and going straight to another chair to sit in front of a computer until it’s time to roll into bed again.

3) Wing it. Go with the flow. Don’t write up that to-do list the night before.  Don’t set goals. Don’t make appointments. I’m sure it will all fall into place.

4) Check that email at least every half hour. While you are at it, has anyone mentioned you on twitter, commented on your status on Facebook or texted you. Check frequently.

5) Work only on  easy “ busy” tasks that you don’t really NEED to do right away to generate revenue.  Do some filing, some more research, answer every phone call. As long as you are busy…right?

6) Work on those impossible tasks that are not your expertise. Why outsource. Save some money. Spend the entire day doing them and then call in the expert to complete the task you couldn’t accomplish. At least you tried!

Here’s to your Unproductive day, or shall we aim for a productive one? You choose!

To your success,


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Personal Development · Productivity

Are you stuck in training mode in your business?

This is an all too familiar place to be especially in the home business arena.While I am a huge advocate of constant learning, listening to audios and personal development, failing to take action on money producing activities in your business and “training” all the time is a recipe for staying broke.

“Knowing and not doing, is like not knowing.”

Ask yourself why you are really still training and failing to take action.

Here are some common reasons  below– do they sound familiar?


-Lack of time

-Information overload – not sure where to start

-Fear of taking action and failing

-Waiting for that golden nugget or “secret”.

If you are truly committed to those outrageous goals and dreams, you will find the time. Join the 5-a.mers! Turn off the t.v. Be honest with yourself about your productive time on Social Media (it can be a real time sucker!)  Divide your time between training and income producing activities. Make time for both. Training alone won’t take you to the next level.


Just do it!

I “get” information overload.. I’ve been there. I’ve been  afraid of whether or not I will do the right task. I;ve asked myself “Where do I start?”.

Truth is, it can be so overwhelming but not starting at all will just keep you where you are. Do something.. anything that will move you forward. You can always tweak and course correct as you learn more. Better done than perfect.

There is no” secret “. The secret is you. Believe in you and take action today!




To your success,

Signature Tereza





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21 Day Blogging Challenge · Personal Development · Small business tips

Are you creating and providing enough value in your business?

Do you think that $100,000/month is out of your reach. Is it  too much for you to earn in your business?

What about a million a month?  Too outrageous?

A concept was presented to me recently that you may have heard a million times before but my hope is that you will really let this sink in, especially if you are struggling to get clients and make money. Perhaps your ideas about the amount of money you think is possible for you to earn may change.

Your earnings are directly related to the amount of value your business provides.

The more value you provide, the more money you will make.

In the Direct Sales/Network Marketing industry, this is especially true as you are not only able to provide value to your clients  but also build a team and teach them to provide value to others as well. Pretty powerful.

Deliver value to the marketplace. That’s it period.

Don’t just try to sell. It won’t work unless the product you are selling provides value.  It definitely won’t work if you don’t BELIEVE the product or service provides value. BUT your business will explode if YOU yourself provide incredible value that exceeds your customer’s expectations.

Before anyone even buys, you should be giving away lessons and value.

If you are selling a healthy skin care line, TEACH your prospects about skin, about parabens. Perhaps give them tips on taking care of their skin or healthy diet tips for their skin.

If you are selling them personal development products, share your knowledge, share what YOU have learned from your products. Make videos sharing tips that can help them in their personal growth.

Once you really grasp that you as a business owner have the power and ability to increase your income by providing incredible value to your prospects on a daily basis, those outrageous monthly goals are not so outrageous. The “Buy now” button is not making you money. That sales presentation is not increasing your earnings. That automated sales funnel is not making you rich. YOU and the value you provide on a daily basis can make you rich.

To your success,

Signature Tereza






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Personal Development · Small business tips

Embracing Change in your business

Some say change has the ability to bring your business to a screeching halt while others say change is always good for business.

Truth is, change will happen whether you like it or not and the best thing we can do is embrace it:

Be prepared for it. Know that at any time, things can and will change that will need you to be prepared to ‘roll with the punches’. Run your business in a way that if changes do happen, you are prepared to do what’s necessary to adapt.

Allow it to happen. Don’t deny or ignore. Accepting what’s changed and that you need to adapt either with government regulations, compensation plans, technology or any influencing body will help you deal with it more efficiently.

Look for the gold. Ask yourself, “Where’s the opportunity here.? How can this be good for me, my family and those I serve?”

When mortgage rules changed in Canada, approvals became increasingly difficult for mortgage brokers and agents alike. By accepting these changes, educating ourselves and being able to prepare and edcuate clients for their upcoming mortgages  we were able to continue as a leading mortgage brokerage. Change was inevitable – we had no control over it but we could prepare our clients for larger downpayments, improved credit scores, decreased debts.

Not only did that differentiate us in the industry and provide an opportunity for growth but allowed people who thought their dreams of home ownership were over an opportunity to prepare themselves and ultimately buy their dream home.

Are you stuck because something has changed in your industry and you don’t know what to do? Perhaps you are doing the same things over and over again without any success and you NEED to change your strategy or daily activity for new results. Take a moment and analyze the situation. Don’t see change as the enemy. It may be as simple as a few small tweaks in your daily activity that could make the world of difference.

“Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future”

John F. Kennedy

To your success,

Signature Tereza




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