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Measure your Success and Know the Score

Are you tracking where you are and where you want to be?

Know the score. Know your numbers. That’s Step 20 of my 21 Steps to Success Guaranteed To Change Your Life Forever.

As an entrepreneur with outrageous goals, I want to make sure that you are not only writing those outrageous goals down but measuring and mapping your success. Creating a visual representation of your personal progress is imperative in moving forward in your business.

My suggestion is to write out your 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and 12 month goals. (you can break it down to monthly goals if it it makes more sense to your business)

Then chart where you are at 3 months, 6 months etc.

One of the main reasons for doing this is to quantify and assess what is working and what is not. As you progress, you will not only see where you are but know when you need to alter your methods, scale up when something is working or perhaps adjust your goals

The goals don’t need to be just financial goals. You can (and should) track goals and progress in other areas like the number of new clients, new leads, visitors to your sites.

Watching your own success and seeing that you are moving closer to your desired end result also creates confidence . Confidence creates action, action creates success habits, which create successes (results) which builds more confidence… and the cycle repeats itself.  This momentum cycle is a cycle you want to be in!

Knowing the score involves things like knowing how much one additional client is worth to you in revenue for the year or how much retaining that one client for a course of 3 years is worth in revenue. What activities would you focus on if retaining your clients was responsible for the majority of your income ?

measure-success-300x168Imagine for a moment you are playing a game or sport. Would you go about the game/ sport ‘hoping” that by the end of the game, you would have enough points to win the game or would you focus on the activities that were working on getting you the most points? Would you keep your strongest players on the bench and the weakest on the field?

Knowing the score, who’s on the team, how the points are tabulated and where you are in the game allows you to position yourself yourself to win!

To your success and outrageous goals,

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5 thoughts on “Measure your Success and Know the Score

  1. Excellent recommendations. Always necessary to measure and track. Also, writing the goals down helps with clarity and focus. Thanks Tereza.

  2. Thank you Tereza for breaking it down. You have to know for sure what is your goal and keep working toward it. When you don’t know what do you want to achieve, there is a big chance, you will never be where you want to.

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