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Listen to audios regularly

My previous post talked about the important of reading daily to feed the mind. Audios are equally important. It is a daily habit of successful people that doesn’t need to take up a lot of time at all.

Listening to audios regularly is Step 17 in my 21 Steps to Success Guaranteed to Change Your Life Forever.

By listening to quality audios over and over again (preferably in personal development or in an area  you want to excel in), you are feeding your mind. You are learning from leaders and positioning yourself to become an expert. By listening to powerful communicators, you will become powerful.

Imagine for a moment your subconscious  mind controlling your actions and  your decisions.  Often times, even with the best intentions we fail because our subconscious mind’s previously stored beliefs, fears and attitudes are in conflict with what we consciously desire.

Does it not make sense that what you “input” in that subconscious mind should be reflective of the outcome you desire ? If you are consistently reinforcing your mind by listening to audios that input positive, valuable knowledge from people who have achieved what you want to achieve, chances are that this will have an amazing, positive effect on your life and business.

Control the input that goes into your mind and then alter the beliefs and attitudes that may be holding you back.

Listening to audios on a daily basis can be done in your downtime, or when you are doing other activities like bathing, driving, cooking or laundry. In the words of my mentor .. This will affect your thoughts, your words, your  actions, your habits and ultimately your destiny.

Change your input and you will change your outcome.

To your success,

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13 thoughts on “Listen to audios regularly

  1. Yes! This is so true. It is garbage in garbage out so you have to feed your mind with GOOD thoughts and ideas. Awesome post!

  2. What is true about listening to the audios of proficient public speakers, you also adapt your manner of speaking with authority, from the sound and attitude you hear.

    1. Yes Suzette,absolutely! I believe that I have become a more effective communicator by listening to great speakers.

  3. Awesome advice Tereza! I love listening to the audio tapes in our Inner Circle product. Some of them I have listened to many times and some I have transcribed into blog posts to help me impress them into my mind.
    Thanks for the reminder!

    1. There are some that are just so good and have had such an impact that I listen to them over and over again too. Thanks Sue.

  4. I’ve been doing this very morning for quite a few months – listening to a podcast or other recording related to putting me in a particular mood and mindset. It works! I’ve noticed a change in my attitude, how I’m responding to others, and more importantly how I’m conducting business with my clients and team. Great post!

  5. I loved this article. You are absolutely right about subconscioius thoughts controlling our behavior- but luckily we can change those thoughts through positive audio. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Great Post Tereza! This is so key for me to listen to audios over and over again. People don’t realize how our subconscious mind takes over with negativity most of the time. Very powerful stuff…thanks

    1. Thanks Adrian. Not a day goes by that I don’t plug into to some audio. Negativity can creep in really quick if we are not careful!

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