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Be happy | It’s your key to success

Be happy. Be happy. Be happy. This is Step 13 of my 21 Steps To Success Guaranteed to Change Your Life Forever.

Can being “happy” truly help you with your success?

Studies have shown that happiness is paramount to good health, a healthy immune system and healthy marriages Happiness is contagious. People who are happier, sleep better, have healthier appetites, and exercise more . Happy people are more productive and successful. Happiness is linked to living a longer, more fulfilled life.

“Happiness is Good Medicine. Happiness is native to the human mind and it’s physical machine. We think better, perform better, feel better and are healthier when we are happy. Even our physical sense organs work better.”

~ Excerpt from The new Psycho-cybernetics

Does it not make sense then to make happiness a part of your life?

 Happiness is now

I received some valuable advice at a critical time in my life about happiness that became a way of life for me:

“Don’t wait for something to make you happy. Be happy first and that ‘something’ WILL happen”, I was told.

Successful people aren’t happy. Happy people are successful.

Happiness is NOW. It isn’t a destination. It shouldn’t be somewhere you are trying to get or something you are constantly trying to achieve. When you choose to be happy now and when you choose to develop a habit of being happy, you are choosing a more fulfilled life NOW  instead of waiting for some accomplishment or ideal conditions to make you happy.

This philosophy I’ve adopted may seem hard to live by when illness,  and/or financial worries hit, and understandably so BUT  understanding how this emotion/ state of mind can effect you is intrinsically important in living life to the fullest.

We can manage to be happier even in circumstances that may not be ideal. Don’t let “outward conditions affect your happiness.

 Fact versus opinion

When things get tough, consider this;  our opinion  or our own interpretation of of the situation is not fact and often misguides our emotional state.  For example when financial pressure or debt arises, it may be one’s opinion that it is a ‘catastrophe and that life is not worth living’. The fact is that, yes,  the debt is there, however it is merely an opinion that this is a catastrophe and life is not worth living.  Next time you find yourself in a situation where you begin to think that you are doomed or things are doom and gloom, think again… is it fact or is it an opinion… then change it.

Choose happiness….


To your success and outrageous goals,

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  1. hi Tereza. love when people write about happinesss. I to made apost on that subject. thank for the inspiration and yes agree what we eat have alot to do with our balance and out capibility to learn.

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