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Prosper Where You are Planted

Prosper where you are planted. Step 10 of my 21 Steps To Success Guaranteed to Change Your Life Forever is often misunderstood but easier than you think. When you grasp this concept, there’s no telling what you can accomplish.

Don’t discard those big goals or dreams but don’t live your “now” in misery and “waiting”. Wherever you are now in your career and business, wake up every day and make it the best day ever and deliver your best to the world . You heard me. If you hate your job now, learn to love it and do it better than anyone else!

I used to think that by doing this you are accepting where you are and not working towards your real goals and dreams but what you are really doing is choosing positivity, happiness and gratitude for what you have. You are providing value to your current employer, your colleagues, and being true to you. When you do that, you will only attract more of the same.

Choosing to feel stuck, depressed and upset with where you are in life and to not deliver your very best  will only get  you more of the same.

From my previous post True Power is within your reach:

Make your choice to, every day, wherever you are and in whatever you do, to be excellent. That’s a power you have within you that no one can take away. Go at your job as if you are President of the world even if you bake cakes for a living. You are President of your world. Don’t ever forget that.”

Use your gifts now, wherever you are.

To your success,

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