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Why a Vision Board Needs to Be a Part of Your Success Plan

Vision boards did gain popularity after the movie and book The Secret and with the growing popularity of the Law of Attraction, however it is much more than just a passing trend. There is some rationale behind the creation of vision boards that goes hand in hand with creating the successful life and business you desire which is why I have listed it as my 6th Step in my 21 Steps to success guaranteed to change your life forever.

Vision boards help you get crystal clear on your goals and desires

Millions have attributed their transformations to simply getting clear on what they want in life and writing it down. They are often coached to surround themselves with what they wish to achieve.

The Vision Board concept reinforces this. By getting clear on your goals and desires and displaying these on a vision board, adding photos and keeping it in constant view, you are reinforcing this desire and bringing it closer in your life. It is a visual articulation of your goals and desires and a reminder of the actions you need to take to achieve them.


Every successful entrepreneur will tell you that one of the key factors in creating a successful life and business is laser focus. When you are surrounding yourself with your goals and desires, you are also focusing on what you wish to achieve versus what you don’t want. You are also eliminating all the junk and deciding once and for all what your primary focus is and should be.


Many successful entrepreneurs will tell you that 98% of what is needed for success is related to mindset and action or activity is just 2%. Photos, words on a vision board bring out feelings and if properly done, these are positive emotions that increase your belief and keep mindset in check to achieve success. The key here is to believe you can create what’s on your vision board and to keep the focus on the positive. Constantly viewing an overdraft bank balance or late bills is not something that would evoke a positive mental response.

Does it work? 

Why not try it and see? Successful Serial Entrepreneur and Law of Attraction expert John Assaraf tells his story of how he created a Vision Board in 1995. Years later, he found a photo of a dream home that he put away in a box. The photo was the exact home he had just bought.

.. and it is simple. With google images, pinterest and online magazines, in minutes you can find and print images of exactly what you want to create in your life. If however, you need some help and want a complete guide, John Assaraf offers his Complete Vision Board Kit here.

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22 thoughts on “Why a Vision Board Needs to Be a Part of Your Success Plan

  1. Being successful in anything takes hard work and dedication and Consistency, and if you just get your mind right, everything else will follow.

    Awesome post.

  2. Hmmm… Have to make that happen! Haven’t really ever thought of doing that. My wife and daughter made one for her 1st grade show and tell on the fridge right now!

  3. Great blog.
    Vision board is a great motivational tool.
    Believe in your dreams, and they will come true.

  4. Great post Tereza! I l love vision boards and have done a few myself over the years. I just started a new one for 2015. Time to add to it! Appreciate the inspiration!

  5. Tereza – Thank you. A vision board has been in the back of my mind, but I never take the time to do it. This is the push I needed.

  6. Awesome post!! thank you so much for sharing this.. I def need to create my vision board. To ensure I remain focused.. Appreciate you Tereza 🙂

  7. Tereza Kumric, this was a fantastic article of the benefits of Vision Boards. I have watched The Secret numerous times and know the John Assaraf Vision Board Story well. Great job.

  8. Love your post and the vision board!! You have a lot of important pieces on there!! Great tips too thank you 🙂

  9. YES to vision boards…I am a vision board creator and I use them in the therapy I do as a counselor/hypnotherapist. Great to see you pushing them too! Amazing things happen with them!

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