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The importance of reading and reviewing your written goals every day

Writing down your goals and getting clear on your vision is extremely important as I outlined in my last post , Getting clear on what you want. It is not uncommon however, although having the best intentions of accomplishing and working towards those goals, that you get sidetracked.

Step 4 in my 21 Steps to Success Guaranteed to Change Your Life Forever addresses the importance of repetition, specifically re-reading your goals every day. I recommend reading the goals you have written (in the present tense as if you have already achieved them), twice daily, in the morning and before you go to bed. If possible, you can also record yourself reading it and play back the recording twice daily. By doing so, you are accomplishing several things:

Programming your goals deep into your subconscious mind

Creating laser focus on that which you wish to achieve

It serves as a reminder of exactly what you want to achieve. Surprisingly, people do forget about what they set out to do. At a point when they are motivated and inspired, they set incredible goals only to let them fall by the wayside when they return to their regular activities. Remind yourself daily by re-reading your goals.

Create momentum – As you read your goals daily, you will be motivated and inspired to take action. Action and positive energy, leads to more action, leads to new habits and leads to success.

Strengthen your belief in achieving your goals. (See my post on Step 2, belief is KEY!)

Repeating and re-reading your goals also allows you to measure your progress and course correct if necessary.

This simple act of repeating to yourself your desired outcome, every day is powerful beyond measure. It is simple and often neglected due to expedience but commit to it and the results will be magical.

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One thought on “The importance of reading and reviewing your written goals every day

  1. Thanks Terra, I get to do some training with young people and they say, “you covered this yesterday about character” I usually say ok, but at the end of the session I ask them about what is character and I get ah, ah, ah,. The mind needs repetition so it can latch on to the positive thoughts and remove the negative. Thanks again Terra, Uriyah!!

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