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Listen to audios regularly

My previous post talked about the important of reading daily to feed the mind. Audios are equally important. It is a daily habit of successful people that doesn’t need to take up a lot of time at all.

Listening to audios regularly is Step 17 in my 21 Steps to Success Guaranteed to Change Your Life Forever.

By listening to quality audios over and over again (preferably in personal development or in an area  you want to excel in), you are feeding your mind. You are learning from leaders and positioning yourself to become an expert. By listening to powerful communicators, you will become powerful.

Imagine for a moment your subconscious  mind controlling your actions and  your decisions.  Often times, even with the best intentions we fail because our subconscious mind’s previously stored beliefs, fears and attitudes are in conflict with what we consciously desire.

Does it not make sense that what you “input” in that subconscious mind should be reflective of the outcome you desire ? If you are consistently reinforcing your mind by listening to audios that input positive, valuable knowledge from people who have achieved what you want to achieve, chances are that this will have an amazing, positive effect on your life and business.

Control the input that goes into your mind and then alter the beliefs and attitudes that may be holding you back.

Listening to audios on a daily basis can be done in your downtime, or when you are doing other activities like bathing, driving, cooking or laundry. In the words of my mentor .. This will affect your thoughts, your words, your  actions, your habits and ultimately your destiny.

Change your input and you will change your outcome.

To your success,

Signature Tereza





P.S  I personally listen to audios every single day… click here and join us in this mastermind designed to reprogram your brain for success.

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21 Day Blogging Challenge · 21 Steps to Success · Personal Development

Why Reading Daily Is So Important

There’s a secret weapon of successful people and it is much simpler and much more available to the average person than you may think. It’s reading.

Leaders are readers.

I’ve listed Reading as Step 16 in the 21 Steps to Success Guaranteed to Change Your Life Forever.

Rene-Descartes-on-readingBy reading daily you are feeding your mind. Reading is an amazing source of wisdom. It is an opportunity to be mentored by great leaders and an opportunity for growth and development. Reading  improves  intelligence, increases and improves our vocabulary and inspires creativity.

Dedicating yourself to learning and development by reading daily helps you to cultivate and develop what God has blessed you with.

Reading daily is a habit of highly successful people, one that I encourage.

My challenge to you… Read daily. Read a quality book every month … finance, health or personal development. Just read.

Here are some suggestions:

The New Psychocybernetics by Maxwell Maltz
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

The Leader Who Had No Title by Robin Sharma 

The Success Principles by Jack Canfield

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

Act Now! A Daily Action Log for Achieving Your Goals in 90 Days.

Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins

The Holy Bible

To your success and outrageous goals,

Signature Tereza





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21 Day Blogging Challenge · 21 Steps to Success · Personal Development

The power of focus

Focus. That’s step 15 in my 21 Steps to Success Guaranteed to Change Your Life Forever.

In business, they tell you to have multiple streams of income and  not to put all your eggs in one basket. What you need to know however,  is that in order have true success in one thing, you need to have laser focus. Perfect this one thing and achieve the success you want first by focusing your attention on this one thing and then move onto the next if you must.

There are a multitude of shiny objects and a multitude of possibilities and opportunities that we are exposed to every day and the temptation to go from one endeavor to another can be very powerful.  I have heard this referred to as “Entrepreneurial ADD” and “Shiny Object Syndrome”.  The key is to stay focused on the opportunity right in front of you and see it through to completion. Distraction and information overload will just make you unproductive.

Tackle one task, one client, one project at a time. You will be much more productive, less stressed and the work will get done.

When you are focused on one definite purpose, you are committed and determined . Your eyes and ears are open for situations, people, opportunities  that will aid you in  the endeavor you are focused on.

Intense focused emotion that is  focused on your chief desire is powerful beyond measure.

I found the following illustration very interesting : Imagine a light bulb in a lighted room. The light bulb will have little effect on you aside from lighting up the room. The light, or particles of light are dispersed across the room you are in. Imagine however, that same light, the same amount of light and wattage, with no more energy… but now the light is not dispersed but condensed like a beam. The light is  focused. The room around you is dark but there is this condensed, focused beam or ‘laser beam of light’ that could potentially start a fire.

Compare now this laser beam of light to your intensity of  emotion towards your chief  business aim or  your “laser-beam” of focus on your goals and desires and just imagine how powerful that can be!

Stay focused.

To your success and outrageous goals,

Signature Tereza





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21 Steps to Success · Personal Development

The Power of Gratitude in Creating Success

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. ~ Melody Beattie

Be grateful. That’s Step 14 of my 21 Steps to Success Guaranteed to Change Your Life Forever.

This is such a powerful step and so simple. This one step if implemented and made part of your daily routine can contribute massively to your success.

How exactly does gratitude contribute to business success?

Studies have shown that grateful people are happier, healthier, more optimistic, positive. An attitude of gratitude contributes to feelings of well-being and contributes to greater success at work.

The universal law of attraction suggests that you get more of what you focus on. Why then focus on what you lack? Does it not make more sense to focus on the good and what we have rather than what we don’t have. Expressing gratitude daily for everything we have experienced and have will attract more ! Gratitude shifts your focus from lack to abundance.

Grateful people see potential and opportunity.

Gratitude blocks negative emotions.

Gratitude is contagious. When you express gratitude, you encourage others to do the same. The recipient is grateful and feels empowered as well,  and so grows the positive ball of energy in your circles.

When appreciation is shown to your teams, your employees,  and your business partners, they reciprocate with more of the same behaviour that resulted in the gratitude in the first place.

Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” ~William Arthur Ward

While these “lovey-dovey” emotions may not be traditional in the business world, it is important to note that studies have shown that the attitudal factors like  gratitude have more to do with success than skills and numbers.

Practice gratitude every day!

To your success and outrageous goals,

Signature Tereza





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21 Day Blogging Challenge · 21 Steps to Success · Personal Development

Be happy | It’s your key to success

Be happy. Be happy. Be happy. This is Step 13 of my 21 Steps To Success Guaranteed to Change Your Life Forever.

Can being “happy” truly help you with your success?

Studies have shown that happiness is paramount to good health, a healthy immune system and healthy marriages Happiness is contagious. People who are happier, sleep better, have healthier appetites, and exercise more . Happy people are more productive and successful. Happiness is linked to living a longer, more fulfilled life.

“Happiness is Good Medicine. Happiness is native to the human mind and it’s physical machine. We think better, perform better, feel better and are healthier when we are happy. Even our physical sense organs work better.”

~ Excerpt from The new Psycho-cybernetics

Does it not make sense then to make happiness a part of your life?

 Happiness is now

I received some valuable advice at a critical time in my life about happiness that became a way of life for me:

“Don’t wait for something to make you happy. Be happy first and that ‘something’ WILL happen”, I was told.

Successful people aren’t happy. Happy people are successful.

Happiness is NOW. It isn’t a destination. It shouldn’t be somewhere you are trying to get or something you are constantly trying to achieve. When you choose to be happy now and when you choose to develop a habit of being happy, you are choosing a more fulfilled life NOW  instead of waiting for some accomplishment or ideal conditions to make you happy.

This philosophy I’ve adopted may seem hard to live by when illness, death and/or financial worries hit, and understandably so but understanding how this emotion/ state of mind can effect you is intrinsically important in living life to the fullest.

We can manage to be happier even in circumstances that may not be ideal. Don’t let “outward conditions’ effect your happiness.

 Fact versus opinion

When things get tough, consider this;  our opinion  or our own interpretation of of the situation is not fact and often misguides our emotional state.  For example when financial pressure or debt arises, it may be one’s opinion that it is a ‘catastrophe and that life is not worth living’. The fact is that, yes,  the debt is there, however it is merely an opinion that this is a catastrophe and life is not worth living.  Next time you find yourself in a situation where you begin to think that you are doomed or things are doom and gloom, think again… is it fact or is it an opinion… then change it.

Choose happiness….



To your success and outrageous goals,

Signature Tereza





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21 Day Blogging Challenge · 21 Steps to Success · Personal Development

Why successful people wake up early

Step 12 of my 21 Steps to Success Guaranteed to Change Your Life Forever  involves working when the rest of the world is sleeping. Wake up early!

Don’t use time as an excuse. This is something that really separates the successful from the unsuccessful. While the rest of the world is sleeping, the successful people are awake, taking care of the things they need to take care of to achieve and maintain success and to take care of  many of the steps in my 21 Steps.

Why wake up early?

The hours between 5am -8am are the hours when you are most energized and when there are the least number of distractions.

Waking up just 1 hour earlier every day, gives you 15 whole days of extra productive time in a year!

Morning is the best time to exercise and set yourself up for an energy filled, focused and productive day.

Morning is when your competition is up – the movers and the shakers. Give them a run for their money!

Early risers are more organized. They use this time to plan, read, pray, mediate.

Breakfast is more feasible when you wake up early and we all know how important a good breakfast is .

Take Small Steps

It may take time but you can take small steps, 15 minutes a day earlier until you are up an hour earlier a day.


When you go to bed in the evening, visualize yourself getting up at the hour you intend to. It is amazing how this works. I wrote an interesting post on this here.

I challenge you… wake up early. Make it a habit. Try it for a month. Time is precious

 “There will be plenty of time to sleep when you are dead.”  ~ Benjamin Franklin

To your success and all your outrageous goals,
 Signature Tereza

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21 Day Blogging Challenge

Visualize Your Way to Success

Visualization  is Step 11 of my 21 Steps To Success Guaranteed To Change Your Life Forever.

Experts will agree  that a solid minute of visualization with no interruptions is the equivalent of hours upon hours of action and work. Visualization increases your belief  level. This may be the hardest concept to grasp but it is important to realize that BELIEF and mindset is 98% responsible for your success. Yes, action is absolutely necessary but it is just the icing on the cake. A huge part of the recipe is pure belief and VISUALIZING is key.

Science has shown that your brain cannot tell the difference between a visualized image and reality.  Why is it important to visualize?  The power lies in the fact that as we regularly visualize our desired goals with intention, and begin to believe that it is possible, we become more determined to take the action required to achieve our goals.

Your subconscious will react to the images you create in your mind, even if those images do not reflect your current reality or not.

All successful people use it consciously or unconsciously, attracting the success they want into their life, by visualizing their goals as already accomplished. Sports stars use it to visualize the win, the goal, the perfect shot, the gold medal. Golf pro, Jack  Nicklaus practiced his shots in his head. Michael Jordan,  and Wayne Gretzky are known to have used visualization to achieve success in their sports.

Jack Canfield used visualization to create a 100k income when he had never earned more than $8000.

The mind is really so incredible. Before I won my first Mr. Universe title, I walked around the tournament like I owned it. I had won it so many times in my mind, the title was already mine. Then when I moved on to the movies I used the same technique. I visualized daily being a successful actor and earning big money.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Some tips on Visualization:

– Take at least 30 seconds to 5 minutes alone to visualize (You can do this anywhere, especially when you get really good at it)

– Immerse yourself using all your senses. See it, feel it, hear it, smell it.. taste it. Feel it as if it were really happening.

– Don’t watch yourself doing the activity in your vision, rather the visualization should come from your perspective.

– Imagine every detail, every step.

– Practice daily

Projecting your mind into a successful situation is the most powerful means to achieve goals.” – Estee Lauder

To your success and all your outrageous goals,

Signature Tereza





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21 Steps to Success · Personal Development

Prosper Where You are Planted

Prosper where you are planted. Step 10 of my 21 Steps To Success Guaranteed to Change Your Life Forever is often misunderstood but easier than you think. When you grasp this concept, there’s no telling what you can accomplish.

Don’t discard those big goals or dreams but don’t live your “now” in misery and “waiting”. Wherever you are now in your career and business, wake up every day and make it the best day ever and deliver your best to the world . You heard me. If you hate your job now, learn to love it and do it better than anyone else!

I used to think that by doing this you are accepting where you are and not working towards your real goals and dreams but what you are really doing is choosing positivity, happiness and gratitude for what you have. You are providing value to your current employer, your colleagues, and being true to you. When you do that, you will only attract more of the same.

Choosing to feel stuck, depressed and upset with where you are in life and to not deliver your very best  will only get  you more of the same.

From my previous post True Power is within your reach:

Make your choice to, every day, wherever you are and in whatever you do, to be excellent. That’s a power you have within you that no one can take away. Go at your job as if you are President of the world even if you bake cakes for a living. You are President of your world. Don’t ever forget that.”

Use your gifts now, wherever you are.

To your success,

Signature Tereza





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21 Steps to Success · Personal Development

The Power of Dream Building

Dream build. This is Step 9 of my 21 Steps to Success Guaranteed To Change Your Life Forever and it is one of my favourite steps. (It’s a lot of fun!)

Aside from the vision board, do things every day that bring you in physical proximity to what it is you want to achieve. If it is a home you want to buy, go see it, take a picture of yourself in front of it. Go to an Open-House and visit the rooms imagining yourself living in it.

If it is a car you want, go to the dealership. Sit in the car, take it for a test drive, feel the material, ask about the pricing and the payment plan.

Do you want to speak in front of groups and inspire crowds of people? Stand behind the podium or on the stage or write the speech you intend to say!

Go to travel agencies to look at brochures and ask for pricing and dates, even if that trip you are dreaming of may not appear to be something you can do right now.

Try on that watch and the jewellery.

Do internet research on the charities you want to support financially or the college or university you dream of attending or visit them personally.

Look for the slip covers for the yacht even if you don’t have the yacht yet?

The trick is to make it as real as possible, to evoke the feeling of having already achieved these dreams, to feel the emotions associated with living in your dream home, owning the car, standing in front of the crowd … and it will bring you closer to your goals and dreams.

It’s fun. Try it!

To your success and all those outrageous goals!

Signature Tereza




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21 Day Blogging Challenge · 21 Steps to Success · Personal Development

Change and Manage Your Environment for Success

Whether we like it or not, we are greatly affected by our environment.

Step 8 of the 21 Steps to Success Guaranteed to Change Your Life involves changing your environment.

Let me start first by talking about the importance of the company you keep. Personal development expert Jim Rohn once said, ” You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”. Does it not make sense then to choose those people wisely?

Those closest to us or those we choose to keep company with, affect our decisions, our confidence level, and our way of thinking. If success is the chosen path, then you want to make sure you are surrounding yourself with positive, successful people who motivate and inspire you.

Now, I am personally not suggesting that if your loved ones don’t fit the bill that you separate yourself from them. What I do suggest however is that you find people, events, mentors who motivate and inspire and make sure that you make that a huge part of your life. Join a mastermind event. Choose not to go out for drinks after work with the co-workers that complain and complain rather with those with dreams, who choose to see the gold in situations. Why not choose to go places where people will educate and mentor you rather than bring you down and crush your dreams?

… and regarding those people that you might not want to or be able to eliminate from your life,

be it a loved one or someone in the next cubicle…

when they are complaining about their taxes,

the government,

their cubicle,

their boss,

why not YOU be the one that chooses not to complain, to shed positive light on the conversation and teach and mentor them when you can? Your positive ball of energy may just overpower the negativity!

Some other ways you can change your environment:

De-clutter . Cluttered, disorganized spaces hinder success. The emotions created mirror the environment.

Surround yourself with motivational visualization tools like a Vision Board (See my previous post here)

When you are feeling stuck, change your environment and spend some time in nature. This simple change and act of disconnecting even if for a short period of time can free your  mind, release negative emotions that you may be feeling and re-energize you.

Take some time immediately to take a look at your environment. Be honest about where you can make some positive changes.

To your success and outrageous goals,

Signature Tereza




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