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Letting Go Of The Past – An important first step to success.

Over the years I have learned some valuable lessons from some amazing mentors and teachers that are instrumental in creating success. I have compiled a list of  21 Steps to Success Guaranteed to Change Your life Forever which you can access here.

The first step, and an extremely important one at that involves Letting Go of the Past.  What I mean by this, is “letting go” of past events, past behaviours, beliefs that may be holding you back. Really let go.  You absolutely need to get past all those events that you might deem to be “Failures”, all those things someone did to you or you believe was done to you.

“Spending today, complaining about yesterday won’t make tomorrow any better.”

I cannot stress the importance of this step enough. Something as simple and non-eventful as a scolding as a child, or something a teacher may have said may be standing between you and your success. It can also be as serious as a traumatic event or a failed business in which case you may need some help getting over it.  It is essential that these issues be addressed if they are troubling you so that you can move forward.

If you are having trouble dealing with this on your own, there are some powerful techniques out there that can help. You can get a coach who specializes in this, investigate EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Faster EFT (there are tons of free videos online that you can find.I highly recommend, Mia Doucet, an EFT practitioner. http://www. miadoucet.com)
And for those of you who  might feel that you have things under control, I highly suggest that you take a look at areas in your life where you may feel stuck and ask yourself why. It is highly likely that some past belief has you stuck that may require a little reflection and self-analysis.Bottom line is, fear, lack of confidence, self sabotage and other limiting beliefs are often a product of something in the past and by eliminating this negative influence, you can be powerful beyond belief.
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7 thoughts on “Letting Go Of The Past – An important first step to success.

  1. this is so true. most people think its the end of the world when its really just the beginning of a new adventure =D

  2. The past should only be something we learn from and never anything we dwell on, as you say it can really limit ourselves to moving forward towards our goals and dreams. Thank you Tereza for sharing your positive insight.

  3. I believe making the best of every business opportunity and increasing productivity is hinged on the ideas you shared here. 2015 could be a year of great accomplishment for anyone just by applying the first principle of “Letting Go” …Old ways of doing things, Old habits and the list goes one. Theses principles are indeed profound.
    I am certainly going to share it with my readers
    Thanks Tereza

  4. Wonderful post Tereza! Letting go of the past is SOOO important and it was definitely a journey for me to do this. I love that you also mention EFT as a way to help with this, as it has helped me as well! It’s a very powerful technique! Awesome post, really enjoyed it! 🙂

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