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One of my favourite videos | Susan Boyle’s First Audition for Britain’s Got Talent

I’m generally not a fan of dancing cat or talking baby videos but show me a video where someone has, against all odds, found what they are passionate about, shared it with the world and achieved massive success and I will share it with the world.

Check out one of my favourite success story videos. Unemployed 47 year old Susan Boyle,  after having little success in the singing world auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent, shocking the judges and impressing the world:

My wish for you… don’t go to your grave with the  unsung song still in your heart. Your dream and talent may not be to sing like Susan Boyle but whatever it is, live it!

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10 thoughts on “One of my favourite videos | Susan Boyle’s First Audition for Britain’s Got Talent

  1. Amazing video and love what you wrote – it is definitely inspiring to see someone find their passion, share it with the world and reach massive success because of it!

  2. Susan Boyle’s story is one of my favorites. Even after being discovered, she dealt with anxiety and results of instant fame. She is quite a trooper who stepped out of her comfort zone and yet stayed true to herself. Thanks Teresa.

  3. I once heard that the graveyard is the place of the most wealth … It’s the place of unsung songs, unwritten novels, unlived lives … Thank you for posting this! It’s inspirational to be reminded of someone who pushed for their dream and against all odds, didn’t stop going for it. It’s true – what you put out there, think about, dream about, and work towards you will achieve!

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