The Power of 5 – 5 small action steps equal huge results

So I know I talk a lot about outrageous goals and big dreams and admittedly, trying to achieve huge goals can be a bit overwhelming…. So overwhelming in fact that many feel stuck, trying to do everything and anything,  or worse… doing nothing because they don’t know where to start.

Indecision, overwhelm,  and the common ailments ‘analysis paralysis’ and ‘excusitis’ can quickly  take over and even the most hard working, ambitious entrepreneur can be tempted to quit.

Truth is, it isn’t necessary to do everything and everything. It’s the small, consistent, daily activity that counts.

A colleague of mind recently shared the analogy of the lumberjack with a thick tree to cut down. By sharpening his axe and taking just 5 swings every day, no matter how huge the tree was, it would eventually come down.

Such is true for your business and personal goals as well.  Five daily action steps is all you need to get closer and closer to your goal. Provided they are productive actions, these small, consistent activities every day WILL help you ‘knock down that tree’,  launch that product, hit an income goal  or whatever it is you wish to achieve.

Can’t do 5? Start with 3 and build the activity up … just do something.

There’s nothing that activity won’t solve.

To your success,

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