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Lessons from US Open Tennis Championships 2014

I watched exciting tennis finals today as Marin Cilic defeated  Kei Nishikori.  Being of Croatian heritage myself, Marin Cilic’s win held a special place in my heart, Marin being the first Croatian to win a U.S Open.

Dedicated to personal development , I am generally very impressed by athletes who dedicate their lives to peak performance. They train relentlessly day in and day out, mastering plays through practice and repetition. You don’t just hit aces just like that, it takes practice and mistakes and more practice. The skill on that court was impressive to say the least. Hats off to both of them.

“For all the other players working hard, this is a big sign, a big hope,” Cilic said, “that if you’re working hard, things are going to pay off.”

After the game as I listened to interviews, it was not surprising what Marin Cilic said to reporterss with respect to the advice and encouragement he received from his coach, Goran Ivanisevic. He said (paraphrased a little) that Goran encouraged him to “believe” that he could win. He also emphasized the joy in tennis and always having fun.

I take this as a reminder of the importance of mindset in anyone’s journey to success. Belief and passion are instrumental when working towards achieving any goal. Not to take away from hard work and dedication or mastering skills, the missing ingredient, however is often mindset.  It is the mindset, the belief, the joy and passion that creates laser focus and results. It fuels courage and determination and erases fear.  It’s the difference between a superbly played game & loss, or a Grand Slam Title.

“What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”~ Napoleon Hill

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