The Secret.. is you.

Kung Fu Panda is one of my kids’ favourite movies and as far as I am concerned they can watch it all they want. I have personally found that there are some great take-aways and lessons from this movie – reminders that I use in my business, specifically in the area of personal responsibility and looking inside yourself. 

Often times in business and in life, when things don’t quite go our way, when we are “stuck” or looking for a solution to take us to the next level, we tend to look for those solutions outside of ourselves. We tend to go from training to training, coach to coach, opportunity to opportunity looking for the “secret’ that will change everything.

I love the scene in Kung fu Panda where Po after earning the right to the Secret Scroll that is supposed to contain the “secret” to limitless power feels defeated as the scroll in fact contained “nothing”. His “father” sees his pain and decides to tell him about the Secret Ingredient to his secret ingredient soup – nothing! He further explains that in order for something to be special, you need to believe it is special. Po re-opens the scroll with his reflection staring back at him.

There is no secret ingredient. I remind myself this all the time. Everything you search for is within you. Reach inside, don’t give up, be consistent in your efforts. The power is in you.

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