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Over-complicating your online business

It can be so overwhelming starting online. Where do I market? How do I market? Who do I market to? What’s HTML? Do I need to know HTML? Lead capture – what’s that?

I think we overcomplicate things really. It does not need to be difficult and it is not. It isn’t “get rich quick” …but,  leveraging the internet for any business can be extremely lucartive and speed things up considerably as you have the ability to reach more people, in less time, and often when you sleep!

Here are a few tips and tricks:

– Find one marketing technique to drive traffic that you do well, master it and do it regularly. Don’t try to do everything at once. If you are great at Social Media, stick to it and only add another marketing/advertising method once you have mastered or automated that. If paid ads are your thing, do that.

– Don’t overcomplicate a website or blog. Unless, you are in the business of web development or web design, don’t re-invent the wheel. Find something that is either ready to go (like my blog. This is the system and blogging platform I use.) or outsource. Outsourcing is the more expensive route but ask yourself this – Am I in the business of X (selling widgets, marketing digital products etc) or am I a web designer/developer? Focus on what makes you money and what your business is and leave the technical stuff to the techies.

– Don’t forget to capture leads and have an automated way to correspond with your list and a way to connect with them personally as well.

In my business, when someone enters their information, they are directed to a presentation and have the option to join my team right away. I am set up so I make sales while I sleep. If they don’t join, they are on my list and I can continue to provide them value and build a relationship with them.

Again, this does not need to be overcomplicated. If you are new and just looking for something to do online, you can join a business opportunity that has this already in place or have it set up for a minimal cost. Once set up, the formula is easy:

Drive trafic  > Capture leads > Get Sales and build relationships/customers

Keep it simple. The point is leveraging the internet to live a better life and help with your success, not to overburden and stress yourself out.

To your success and outrageous goals,

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P.S. Not all home businesses involve recruiting and building teams. If you have not had success with that model and that’s of no interest to you, click on the Orange image below and learn about the e-commerce business I started that had me making sales in 24 hours with no recruiting!

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