Features versus Benefits

Are you a verbal brochure spewing feature after feature? Make more sales, convert more leads and build more relationships by sharing the benefits not  just the features!

No one cares how long your company has been in business. No one cares where you are located, about the history of the company or how long it takes to manufacture a product. No one cares how many countries you are in.

They care about what the product will do for them. That’s it period.

Let’s say for example that you are a distributor for a company like Arbonne (just an example). Truth be told, Arbonne has phenomenal products but what do you think would really convert a prospect to a customer? The year and name of the person who founded Arbonne? Their credentials and the number of products the company has? The list of ingredients? Or a before and after shot of someone who has used the product and taken years off their face? An acne prone teenager with a now clear face? A young child no longer suffering from the irritation of eczema?

I say the latter… the BENEFITS will far outweigh any of the features of the company no matter how great and relevant they are.

The same goes for any business whether it is in direct sales, real estate, or any brick and mortar business.

Show your clients what the product will do for them. Sell them the dream. Show them the feeling. It truly is what they are looking for and what will make the difference between a bored and confused prospect and an excited and future loyal customer, credit card in hand.

And if you are trouble finding the benefits of your offering, maybe it is time you revisit what you are doing /selling.

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P.S … I have no trouble finding and sharing the benefits in what I do. I could share the many features that are truly phenomenal or  I could tell you that it has changed the lives of many former “wanna be solopreneurs”, regular working moms and dads, who have been trying to earn a living online and escape the rat race. For the first time ever people are success with an easy system and living the dream.

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