Features versus Benefits

Are you a verbal brochure spewing feature after feature? Make more sales, convert more leads and build more relationships by sharing the benefits not  just the features!

No one cares how long your company has been in business. No one cares where you are located, about the history of the company or how long it takes to manufacture a product. No one cares how many countries you are in.

They care about what the product will do for them. That’s it period.

Let’s say for example that you are a distributor for a company like Arbonne (just an example). Truth be told, Arbonne has phenomenal products but what do you think would really convert a prospect to a customer? The year and name of the person who founded Arbonne? Their credentials and the number of products the company has? The list of ingredients? Or a before and after shot of someone who has used the product and taken years off their face? An acne prone teenager with a now clear face? A young child no longer suffering from the irritation of eczema?

I say the latter… the BENEFITS will far outweigh any of the features of the company no matter how great and relevant they are.

The same goes for any business whether it is in direct sales, real estate, or any brick and mortar business.

Show your clients what the product will do for them. Sell them the dream. Show them the feeling. It truly is what they are looking for and what will make the difference between a bored and confused prospect and an excited and future loyal customer, credit card in hand.

And if you are trouble finding the benefits of your offering, maybe it is time you revisit what you are doing /selling.

To your success,


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P.S … I have no trouble finding and sharing the benefits in what I do. I could share the many features that are truly phenomenal or  I could tell you that it has changed the lives of many former “wanna be solopreneurs”, regular working moms and dads, who have been trying to earn a living online and escape the rat race. For the first time ever people are success with an easy system and living the dream.

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EN_MIGRATE · Events January 2014 · Inspiration

What Does Freedom Mean To You?

I just got back from a phenomenal,empowering event in Miami themed Freedom 2014. The event was life-changing and I will post and share more on that later but it did get me thinking about freedom and what it means to me and I wanted to share and hear your thoughts on freedom as well. 

Freedom means living on my terms and not letting my environment, situation, anyone or anything dictate my destiny. It means choice.

Freedom means being ‘unstuck’, fully aware that I can be, do or have anything ! It means letting go of blame and taking full responsibily.

Freedom means being the person God intended me to be and not who society or fear tells me I should be. It means peeling the layers of  “gunk”, and years of limiting beliefs and revealing the real me.

Freedom means financial freedom, as well. Something powerful I heard this weekend was about the fear of money being your master. This is generally said when referring to the wealthy but the truth of the matter is that money is often times the master to the poor. Money tells them what they can and can’t do, where they can and can’t go and how they can live. When we learn to take control of our financial destinies and take responsibility on creating our financial future, this is when money is no longer the master. 

Freedom is when the overworked, overstressed mom or dad or corporate executive realize that they can dream outrageous goals and step outside of the box whether it is escaping the 9-5 to spend more time with family, or earn more income or simply to live their passion.

Here’s to freedom…

and to your success.


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Money Making Ideas

The Power of Live Events

In my journey of improving myself and helping improve the lives of others, there has been a piece of advice that I have received time and time again, that I wholeheartedly believe in and share with others.

Attend as many live events in your industry as humanly possible and it will change your business and your life forever.

Here are some of the reasons why:

Events take you out of your comfort zone.
Events allow you to tap into the power of the mastermind. You have heard the expression “ two heads are better than one”. What about 1000 heads?.. all rooting for your success.
Events are fun. Happiness is essential to success. Enough said.
Learning at a live event is 100 fold better than any e-course or webinar. Stuck in your business? Live events are where you get unstuck.
Potential partners are at live events.
The ‘energy’ at live events cannot help but to inspire, motivate and change your vibration and catapult your success.
One of my first Live Events where I flew out of the country for the first time in 8 years had a dramatic effect on my life ( BE THE CHANGE 2012 ).


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EN_MIGRATE · List Building and Email Marketing · Networking

How To Build Your List Offline

If you have been around Internet marketing, you know that list building is critical to your online success. How many times have you heard it said, ‘the money is in the list’? And because, as Internet Marketers we are so wrapped up in list building online, we often overlook a great source of targeted leads. By doing so, we are leaving money on the table!

Instead of just building your list online, why not build your list OFFLINE?!  Here are some list building ideas that will increase your lead list  faster than you can blink your eyes!

Meetup Groups

Meetup.com is a hotspot for leads for ANY business! Simply go to www.meetup.com to find groups that your target market is using. Before you go to a Meetup, contact the organizer. Tell them who you are, and ask if there is someone in the group that you should know. Your goal is to connect with the right amount of  people, as you will want to meet with them one on one at a later time.

Not only should you attend a Meetup group, but start your own! This alone puts you in a position of authority. Whatever group you start, make it a ‘beginner’ group. A beginner group will draw people to you that want what you have. An expert in your field will not necessarily come to your group. Give free or low-cost classes, and have a sign in sheet and collect business cards. Voila! List building has just happened!

 TIP:  Meetup.com also has a sponsorship feature that allows you to add advertisements to your group. Use that to promote any relevant affiliate offers.

Networking Events

Networking Events don’t get the  recognition they deserve. If you do it right, networking events can be a great source of leads.

For a while I ran a networking group for Moms in business… The one thing I was very much against is the 30 second pitch… Getting in front of the group to introduce yourself and what you do. Trust me, more than likely the people will not remember you and you have failed to do one of the most important things that offline networking should succeed in and that is building a connection and a relationship.

The way my group worked is by acting more like a “Mastermind” group. Business owners would discuss issues in their business and ask for advice. Not only did this allow them to find and provide solutions for the other networkers in the room but true relationships were built. People truly got to know each other and each other’s expertise. You do business with people you know and trust right?

Speaking Engagements

Usually people start running in the other direction when it comes to speaking. There is no better way to have an impact on a large number of targeted people than with speaking engagements. Seek them out!

By overlooking offline list building opportunities, you are cutting out what can be a significant revenue source. You can build a following offline and then invite them to follow you online. Many successful marketers have followed this model and are generating six figures and above. Get out in your community and get connected!

To Your Success,


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