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21 Steps To Success Guaranteed to Change Your Life Forever

Over the years I have learned some golden nuggets from coaches, mentors and my favourite books. People like Jack Canfield, Anthony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, to name a few have shared secrets to success that have transformed lives forever. I’ve compiled these 21 Steps To Success that I know if implemented are life-changing!

1.  Let go of your past… really let go. Whatever failures, whatever someone did to you or you believe was done to you…. get over it. Seek help if you need to. The past is just that – it is the past. Someone wise once said:“Spending today, complaining about yesterday won’t make tomorrow any better. I wrote a more detailed blog post about this step here.

2. Realize that you absolutely, truly, without a doubt CAN be, do and have anything you want. Again, really get this. It is so easy to pass this on as a bunch of positive mumbo jumbo but take it for what it really is. When we come to the realization that we are responsible for creating our futures and when we take full responsibility for that, WOW, that’s the tipping point!

Think about it.  Every step from here on depends on you understanding this concept. Your environment, your past, what everyone did to you… has nothing to do with your future. You are not a victim of circumstance. You are 100% responsible for creating the life you want and when you fully realize this, anything is possible.

3. Decide what you want. Get really clear on your goals and desires and write them down. Write them in detail and write them as if you have already achieved them. Choose what you really truly desire and not what you think you can achieve. General Wesley Clark, previously the Head of NATO said: “It doesn’t take any more time or effort to dream a big dream than it takes to dream a small dream.”

4. Read your goals twice a day. I recommend first thing in the morning and before you go to bed. Another idea: record yourself reading your goals as if you have already achieved them and listen to the recording  at least once a day. Read more about this here.

5. Take 5 action steps, however small or big every day towards achieving those goals.

6. Create a vision board.

7. Eliminate negative thinking.

8. Change your environment. The 5 people you spend the most time with have a direct influence to what you will attract in your life. Choose those friends wisely.

9. Dream build. Aside from the vision board, do things every day that bring you in physical proximity to what it is you want to achieve. If it is a home you want to buy, go see it, take a picture of yourself in front of it. If it is a car, go to the dealership. If it is speaking in front of a group, inspiring people… stand behind the podium or on the stage or write the speech you intend to say!

10. Prosper where you are planted. Don’t discard those big goals or dreams but wherever you are now in your career and business, wake up every day and make it the best day ever. I used to think that by doing this you are accepting where you are and not working towards your real goals and dreams but what you are really doing is choosing positivity, happiness and gratitude for what you have. When you do that, you will only attract more of the same. Choosing to feel stuck, depressed and upset with where you are in life will only get  you more of the same.

11. Visualize – Experts say that a solid minute of visualization with no interruptions is the equivalent of hours upon hours of action and work. Visualization increases your belief level. This may be the hardest concept to grasp but it is important to realize that BELIEF and mindset is 98% responsible for your success. Yes, action is absolutely necessary but it is just the icing on the cake. The bulk of the recipe is pure belief and VISUALiZING is key.

12. Wake up early. Don’t use time as an excuse. This is something that really separates the successful from the unsuccessful. While the rest of the world is sleeping, the successful people are awake, taking care of the steps outlined here!

13. Be happy. Be happy. Be happy.

14. Be grateful.

15. Focus. In business, they tell you to have multiple streams of income, not to put all your eggs in one basket but what you need to know is that in order have true success in one thing, you need to have laser focus. Perfect it and achieve the success you want first by focusing your attention on this one thing and then move onto the next.

16. Read books. Feed your mind!

17. Listen to audios.

18. Go to live events with like-minded people. This is a game changer. Trust me.

19. Be teachable.  Listen to mentors and coaches.

20. Measure success… as important as it is to write the goals down, chart the successes.

21. Never ever give up.

Thanks for stopping by! There is much more to come. I will be providing a video series on these 21 steps and going into detail with each step as well.

To your success,

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10 thoughts on “21 Steps To Success Guaranteed to Change Your Life Forever

  1. Great set of steps. I would say they would help you reach success because they will firstly help you define what success means for you. Great set of steps which, while many may seem commonsense, are often neglected for the sake of expedience. The old case of doing what is urgent rather than what is important. Thanks for sharing.

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