Overcoming Paralyzing Fear

Alice Fredenham was faced with paralyzing fear and she overcame! She took the steps necessary and made the decision to share her talent with the world with her chilling performance.

If you are nervous or scared about something in your business, watch this and DO IT ANYWAY!

Phenomenal … and it breaks my heart thinking that she almost didn’t do this because of fear. Fear can be paralyzing. Alice Fredenham could have chosen to let her fear win, sing in the shower, kept her talent to herself but she would have deprived herself of this life changing event and the world of her amazing talents.

Don’t let fear paralyze you. Choose success. Choose freedom. Don’t settle. Dream Big.

To your success,


P.S I found a great technique called EFT that helped me overcome fear. EFT can be used for virtually anything from fear of failure to overcoming any type of stuck points in your life from weight loss to trauma to financial issues. Do yourself a favour and check it out here.


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