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Affiliate Marketing – Is it the new Retirement Plan?

Affiliate Marketing – The New Retirement Plan

The state of today’s economy has everybody in a state of uncertainty. Nobody is in a more precarious position than those who are close to retirement age. Day after day more and more people over 50 are losing jobs they have held for 20 years or more. This population has been hit hard. First, the economy tanks and takes their retirement funds along with it. Because the economy has slowed, members of this population are now the first to lose their jobs, as it is more expensive to keep them on compared to a newer employee. To top it all off, these folks can’t find a job because they are competing with 20-somethings who will move back home after university and make less money. This segment of the North American population is in real trouble and is looking for alternative means to make money. Many of them are turning to affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

When you think of affiliate marketing, think of a freelance salesperson. Affiliate marketers promote products and services for other individuals or companies. When someone buys from an affiliate, the affiliate makes a commission. The great thing about affiliate marketing is that there is no physical inventory for the affiliate to maintain. You simply promote the product. The producer of the product handles the distribution. You make the sales and collect the commissions!

What will I promote?

There is no shortage of products to promote on the internet. You can promote anything from books to software, blenders, and even shoes. In order to figure out what to promote, you’ll need to determine your niche and target market. A word of caution – some affiliate products are free, but some of them require you to purchase the product first. Otherwise, choose products you believe in or have used. Your buyers may have questions about the product. You won’t be able to answer them if you’ve never used the product. Maintain your integrity as an affiliate marketer. If your buyers believe you’re merely pushing products, they won’t buy from you.

How much money can I make?

There is money to be made in affiliate marketing. HOWEVER, for most people it’s not going to happen tomorrow. There are a great number of affiliate marketers who make six figures annually (some much more ) promoting products.

With that out of the way, the percentage of commission varies by the product. The industry average for commissions is about 30%. Some products pay a greater percentage and some less. It is your responsibility to do the math to see if the product is worth your time to promote.

How to get started

Getting started in affiliate marketing is EASY! Most people know about promoting products on Amazon, but did you know that companies like Walmart, Target, and Barnes & Noble offer affiliate programs as well? Do you use Internet marketing tools such as a paid memberships or autoresponders? Odds are there is affiliate income available there. One of the best places to find products to promote is on Clickbank.com. For retailers, go to their website and scroll down to the footer. There is usually a link to sign up for their affiliate program!

This economy is forcing people to seek alternative means of making money, especially those in the retirement window.  Don’t wait for a traumatic event to put you in a desperate situation. Go to Clickbank.com  or Amazon.com  to get started on your affiliate marketing journey today!

To your success,


P.S I personally love the Affiliate Marketing model. Why re-invent the wheel when you can choose a product in your niche (something that you know about and are passionate about ) that has already been created and market it. You just collect the commisions.

My choice however is to work with high ticket affiliate products where I collect 100% commissions and am learning cutting edge internet marketing strategies as we go along. Click this link, enter your info and watch the video to learn more.

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Overcoming Paralyzing Fear

Alice Fredenham was faced with paralyzing fear and she overcame! She took the steps necessary and made the decision to share her talent with the world with her chilling performance.

If you are nervous or scared about something in your business, watch this and DO IT ANYWAY!

Phenomenal … and it breaks my heart thinking that she almost didn’t do this because of fear. Fear can be paralyzing. Alice Fredenham could have chosen to let her fear win, sing in the shower, kept her talent to herself but she would have deprived herself of this life changing event and the world of her amazing talents.

Don’t let fear paralyze you. Choose success. Choose freedom. Don’t settle. Dream Big.

To your success,


P.S I found a great technique called EFT that helped me overcome fear. EFT can be used for virtually anything from fear of failure to overcoming any type of stuck points in your life from weight loss to trauma to financial issues. Do yourself a favour and check it out here.



Do Vision Boards Work?

Do Vision Boards Really Work?

I have a vision board. Many people do… but do they work? The vision board concept became super popular after the movie and book The Secret and with the ever growing popularity of the Law of Attraction, however there is a very logical purpose for vision boards that goes hand in hand with creating the successful life and business you desire.

Getting really clear on your goals and desires 

This is an absolute key in achieving any type of success. Millions have attributed their transformations to simply finally getting clear on what they want in life and writing it down. They are often told to reread these goals and make sure they surround themselves with what they wish to achieve.

The Vision Board concept only reinforces this. By getting clear on your goals and desires and writing these on a vision board, adding photos and putting this somewhere you see it over and over again, you are just reinforcing this desire and bringing it closer in your life. It is a visual articulation of your goals and desires and a reminder of the actions you need to take to achieve them.


Every successful entrepreneur will tell you that one of the key components of creating a successful life and business is laser focus. When you are surrounding yourself with your goals and desires, you are also focusing on what you wish to achieve versus what you don’t want. You are also eliminating all the junk and deciding once and for all what your primary focus is and should be.


Many successful entrepreneurs will tell you that 98% of what is needed for success is related to mindset and action or activity is just 2%. Photos, words on a vision board elicit emotions and if properly done, these are positive emotions that increase your belief and keep mindset in check to achieve success.The key here is to believe that it is possible and to keep the focus on the positive. Constantly viewing a negative balance in the bank account, outstanding bills etc. is not something that would elicit a positive mental response.

Does it work? 

Successful Serial Entrepreneur and Law of Attraction expert John Assaraf tells his story of how he created a Vision Board in 1995. Years later, he found a photo of a dream home that he put away in a box. The photo was the exact home he had just bought.

Creating a Vision Board does not need to be complicated. In the advent of google images, in minutes you can find and print images of exactly what you want to create in your life. If however, you need some help and want a complete guide, John Assaraf offers his Complete Vision Board Kit here.

Members in my team are using the concepts I mentioned here and creating massive success. My business goes beyond being a business in a box, or helping existing business owners create massive online success . It  provides personal development training and teaches you about the 98% mindset concept so you too can achieve massive results. Don’t forget to check it out here.

To your success,

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3 Habits of Happiness via Robin Sharma Leadership Expert

Leadership Expert Robin Sharma provides us his tips on creating habits of happiness.

Reblogged From 3 Habits of Happiness via Leadership Expert Robin Sharma

Great video by Robin Sharma. Check it out below. Do these every day and you will certainly lead a happier life:

Happiness is key. Master this and master success and  prosperity  in your business and life.

Robin Sharma, by the way is a phenomenal speaker and leadership expert. Be sure to check him out at robinsharma.com . I am currently reading his book, The Leader Who Had No Title. He overdelivers on his blog. I highly recommend checking out his videos, his blog and picking up one of his books for that edge on success in life and business.



Thanks for stopping by. I love what I do .. Learn what I do here. Click on the link, enter your info, listen to the video and join me and my team.


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3 Ways to Find Your Target Market on Facebook

There are almost a billion users on Facebook.

It could be a country of its own!

With almost a billion users, there is really no way you can run out of people to talk to. You certainly don’t want to talk to ALL of them. The problem at hand is how to find the right people to talk to. You could try to go through a billion people one by one, but you’ll probably die before you get to them all. Wouldn’t it be better to spend your time connecting with people you WANT to talk to? Wouldn’t it be better to know how to find your target market? I’m going to share a few methods that will help you find targeted people to connect with, so you can generate more leads and make more money using Facebook.

Where is your target market getting their information?

Who is a thought leader or trendsetter in your industry?

If you train people on real estate investing, your target market is probably on Donald Trump’s fan page. If you are a cosmetics consultant, your target market may be on Kim Kardashian’s page. The reason this works is that thought leaders and trendsetters have a huge following. These leaders aren’t going to connect with an individual. There is only one-way communication happening here. You will fill that void. You are offering a personal connection to the value they are trying to obtain by ‘hanging out’ with these celebrities.

Join targeted groups

There are thousands and thousands of groups on Facebook. You need to find the ones your target market is active in. There are some do’s and don’ts though. Here are some things to keep in mind:
* Make sure the group is active
* Join groups that have at least 500 people
* Share valuable content
* Comment on other group member updates
* Share other group members’ content
* Don’t spam the group with an opportunity
* Don’t spam other people’s walls

By consistently interacting with a group, you will generate leads for your business. Pay attention when someone asks a question. Provide an answer – whether it’s with content you’ve created, or content created by someone else. You will establish yourself as an authority figure by providing valuable content to the group.


I know that sounds kind of sneaky, but this really is a cool tool. Simply go to the search box and type in a topic of conversation. If you get a list of options, click ‘All Results’ at the bottom of the dropdown. At that point, you should get a list that looks like this:

Choose the option for ‘Public Posts’. Anybody who posted about the topic you chose will show up in your results. You can look through the profiles, and choose who you want to connect with. 

Here’s an extra tip: You don’t want to send a friend request here. You want to send a direct message asking them to connect. You might say something like, “Hey John, I see you’re a football fan. So am I. [Find something in common] Who’s your favorite team?” At some point, you send a message that says, “Let’s be Facebook friends. If you’re OK with that, send a friend request.” 

By doing this, you are allowing your prospect to request being friends with you, and you’re not requesting a friend you don’t know. This keeps you out of trouble with Facebook!

Using either of these methods consistently will generate leads for your business. You can implement these methods in as little as 15-20 minutes per day. If you want to start increasing leads for your business, implement one of these methods today!   

P.S If you are looking for cutting edge Facebook strategies, check out Jessica Higdon’s Facebook scripts and tips here.